The Wrath of Cain

by hosted


The Wrath of Cain

by Ramsay Duff



You start your adventure with only a sword and 4 to 9 gold pieces (roll a dice and add three). This adventure is unusual in that you begin with no provisions, and recieve none later on. This may sound rather harsh but oppurtunities to regain stamina will rise as the adventure progresses. If told something is 1-6 or 2-12 roll one or two dice respectively to determine the number.

In addition to skill, stamina and luck, you must record transformation points for reasons you will soon learn. It is also advisable to record any mutations you undergo during the adventure. So far, little may make sense, however all will soon become clear in a quest for your immortal soul. May the luck of all gods go with you!

Ranged Weapons:
In this adventure you may use range weapons. Before combat with a foe who’s skill isn’t higher than yours, you may test your skill. If successful, subtract however much stamina the projectile takes.

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It seemed an idea which could not possibly have any punishment. Youwere two years younger back then, living a temporary retirement from your adventures in the village of Anvil, spending some of the wealth from a recent incident in which you single-handedly saved the city of Salamonis from a rather unpleasant zombie plague.

But that was all memory and reputation now. Now life was easy. On recollection, perhaps it was a little too easy. After a while, village life grew dull, perhaps that’s why when the band of pilgrims arrived at the loca tavern, you saw a new oppurtunity for roaming Allansia once more.

Their leader was a Priest named Jonarra. Saint Jonarra to some, and you had to admit that he was worthy of this title. It wasn’t just his kindness and compassion, both of which he possessed in huge amounts. It was his bravery that trully struck you. Throughout the continent he’d preached against and fought against evil. Together, you tore through the followers of Chaos and, more often, the undead. You ranged from the frozen Icefinger Montains to the humid jungles of Arantis, encountering a myriad of different races.

Then you made a huge mistake.

Port Blacksand had always seemed too diabolical a place even for the pilgrims, yet recently its evil ruler, Lord Asrel, had been bedridden, and his steward seemed a little more welcoming to pilgrims, and so yor band headed through the maw like gates of the city of the damned.

Within hours, Jonarra had gained quite an audience. Though many looked ready to murder your comradesfor a scrap of wood, your hand remained on your sword hilt, and even here, your zombie slaying feats were known.

As Jonarra’s words rang out, you noticed a member in the crowd who, even in this hellhole, looked villanous. Unnaturally white, and entirely hairless, the gaunt man hardly looked alive at all. He glowered at Jonarra for a long time, then a spindly hand entered his robe. Warily, you stepped forward...

In a split second a bottle sailed from his hand, soaring towards you. As it struck the ground a wave of flame swept from it, engulfing a dozen members of the crowd and in moments incenerating your fellow pilgrims. As it washed towards you grimaced, preparing for death...yet the flames were

“Rather a grisly end, is it not, my friend.” Sneered a voice behind you. Turning from the frozen flame to see a shadowy cowled figure radiating an aura of pure evil so strong it was almost touchable. You stared at the inferno fearfully, “Y...Yes.” you stammered,
“Not at all desirable.”
“No hope of punishing the man who massacred all these innocents, all your friends.” You stare at the cowl, catching a glint of red from within. “What are you?” you breathe,
“A friend.” He chuckles for a moment, “ A friend with an offer, quite literally the offer of your life.” You feel realisation dawning
“I can live?”
“Punish the perpetrator, even better, I don’t offer a measly few years, I offer immortality, I just ask for one small fee.” He chuckles again, “Your soul.”

He must have had some strange influence, some hideous hypnosis, without thinking, you agree to the terms, realisation of the fee only then dawning. “No!” you howl “NO”” as his laughter fills the world and the flames engulf you...

Now Turn Over


You wake to find yourself on the hard bed of a local inn, scanning your surroundings you spot a pair of eyes watching you from a corner. With a cry you grab your sword from a beside table, only to pause when you recognise the person, “Jonarra!” you exclaim, leaping up, “You’re alive, was that terrible explosion just a dream?” Jonarra’s face becomes sombre, “No,” he breathes, “You and I alone survived. I managed to cast a magical shield around myself, but I didn’t have the time for the others. They were all killed.” He pauses, “Except you.” You search yourself for burns, but are completely healthy. “It would appear...” mumbles the priest suspiciously “to be a miracle...but...I checked something while you slept. Look at this.” He hands you a mirror. Fearfully you raise it to your face, wondering what you will see.

You cry out, the entire room is reflected, every detail except for you. You drop the mirror, “What...What the...” you shriek
“You have no soul.” Jonarra explains, “Did you see anything unusual before you passed out?” You stammer the story of the cowled figure and Jonarra groans. “No! That figure was Cain.”
“You are a near immortal being with no soul. There’s a name for that. Vampire. Cain is an Elder Vampire...worshipped as the god of vampires... and your soul now belongs to him. Soon you too shall be one of the undead.” His face keeps a hint of hope, though. “Unless you reclaim your soul, unless you slay Cain.” You feel a glimmer of hope yourself. However suddenly you feel a change coming over you. Turn to 2


Gain 3 transformation points. Your mutation into a creature of the night is underway, yet there may yet be assets. Choose two of the following mutations:

Animal Agility: Your change has gifted with superhuman instincts and speed. Add 1 to your current and initial skill. You may also re-roll failed Test your skill rolls

Regeneration: Your wounds seal up within moments of being inflicted. After a battle you regain half the stamina you lost (round fractions up) and any damge outside of combat is halfed ( rounding fractios up).

Vicious Bite: Your canines are far longer and sharper, allowing you to savage enemies before combat. Before combat with enemies whose skill is lower than or equal to yours, you may subtract 1-6 (roll a dice) stamina points from them. When facing multiple opponents you may only bite one.

Talons: Your nails have hardened into claws, when fighting unarmed you suffer no penalty but if fighting while armed add 1 to your enemies stamina loss.

Sickly pallor: Your appearance is deeply disturbing. Anyone fighting you subtracts one from their skill.

Wings!: You may sprout batlike wings at will. The benefits will be great later on?

On seeing these changes, Jonarra briefly prays before continuing “Cain’s followers operate in cities across Allansia, some even in the Old World. If you gain their trust you may be able to finally destroy his monstrous empire. I believe Blacksand’s vampires are connected to the old Chapel of the Forgotten, yet the living cannot enter and survive, only the undead, such as you.” He takes your sword from you and gives you another “This is forged from blessed silver, only swords such as this can injure vampires.” He also gives you twenty five gold pieces.
You plan to infiltrate the Chapel at sundown. Until then you may:
Search the markets for additional equipment (Turn to 4)
Research Cain at a local library (Turn to 3)
Lie low until sundown and then head for the Chapel (Turn to 8)


Blacksand’s library is almost deserted. You browse through the books and learn that the earliest record of Cain is one and a half millennia old, and that he burnt his heart to ash to destroy his one weakness. Apparently were a priest to bless the ash he would become mortal again. You also learn that Port Blacksand is his western capital (The East one is somewhere in the Old World, whilst the South one is in Rimon). Finally, you find a note lying in Historia Vampiris, ‘Kralgar, the password has changed, it is now “42 Agglax”’ make a note of this password. Finally, you read a spell to counter all known necromantic spells, the words ‘Firrel, Farrel, Forrel.’ Leaving the library, you see sunset approaching, to head for the market turn to 4. To wait for sunset and head for the Chapel turn to 8.


The markets of Blacksand are unafraid to sell wares considered illegal elsewhere. You find several items which may help on your quest:
Crossbow 5 gold pieces
Silver crossbow bolts 2 gold pieces
Grapple and rope 2 gold pieces
Crucifix 3 gold pieces
Holy Water 8 gold pieces
Wooden stake 5 gold pieces

Crossbows and holy water are ranged weapons, silver bolts take 3 stamina points, holy water takes 1-6. The stake affects vampires but, being a clumsy weapon, the wielder removes 2 from his attack strength. Once you’ve bought your items, turn to 5.


Passing a shop labeled ‘Ye items for slaying of creatures most darke’ you see a hand beckon from within. You may be able to purchase useful items here. To enter, turn to 6. To continue along turn to 7.


You enter the shop, finding a gloomy, dusty room inhabited by a man bent over, rummaging in a box. You approach him. “I see you’ve bought a few items of use against vampires.” He whispers, you stand next to him, “I have an item of great use here.” He slowly pulls out a rusty knife and turns to face you. You recoil, his face is green with decay and long dead. Supernatural fires blaze in his eyes. He is an undead revenant, employed by the vampires to lure vampire slyers to their doom. This was all a ploy! He lunges at you?

REVENANT: Skill: 8 Stamina: 10

If you slay this unholy horror, you search the shop. Three of the revenant’s victims lie in the back room. You scavenge a silver throwing knife from one. In the revenant’s pocket is a letter reading ‘Malbris, the password’s been changed, it’s no longer Varcolac, it’s?’ however the last fragment is missing. Make a note of this password and leave the shop, turn to 7.


You may now go to a local library (turn to 3) Or wait until sunset and head for the Chapel (turn to 8)


Like a monstrous blood orange, sunset blossoms. Inch by inch, however, it is consumed by the sea. Finally, darkness reigns. You creep through the shadows for the Chapel of the Forgotten. Vampirism is slowly taking hold now. Each time your transformation points are a multiple of three (except for three) You may further mutate, so must turn to 49. For now, however, you are still mostly human. Strangely, you seem to blend better with the darkness now, easily avoiding the city’s less scrupulous citizens. Finally, you reach the crumbling chapel. From within, the eerie light of candles flickers. The Cityfolk seem to give the chapel a wide berth, but you know that no matter how terrifying a place it is, the alternative is infinitely more terrible. You search for a postern of some kind, but the only entrance is the main door. If you have the Wings ability turn to 9. Otherwise, there’s no choice but the main entrance, Turn to 10.


Unfurling your wings, you soar up to the stained glass window. Squatting on the ledge you watch. Within the chapel, half a dozen or so people are standing near an idol of a cowled figure of Cain. A woman is placing something under the idol’s feet, it looks like a pouch of some kind of powder. They even worship him! You also spot a sentry squatting behind one pew; note the word ‘sentry’ on your adventure sheet. Do you now wish to descend to the door and enter (turn to 10) or continue watching (turn to 11)? Alternatively you could fly to the steeple and seek access there (turn to 13).


Slowly you open the door, sword drawn. You see a small ante-chamber. A towering, broad shouldered man dressed as a nobleman . His hair and beard are blacker than the night, as are his eyes. He wields a massive sword in one hand and when he grins, his teeth are long and razor sharp. “A word of advice, mortal,” he snarls, “Leave.” Fighting down you fear, you attack.

VAMPIRE GUARDIAN: Skill: 10 Stamina: 12

Before you begin, he will attempt to bite you, so unless you have the Vicious Bite ability, lose 1-6 stamina points and gain a point of transformation. If you have Vicious Bite then your bites cancel each other out. Also Sickly Pallor does not affect him. If you kill him turn to 13.


You squat and watch, horrified as one of the vampires produces a chalice and a human heart! Squeezing the heart, he fills the chalice with blood and passes it to the others. Suddenly something sharp hits you, lose 1 stamina point. Turning, you see a bat the size of a dog with glowing red eyes. This giant Vampire Bat guards its masters, and now seeks to feed?

GIANT VAMPIRE BAT: Skill: 6 Stamina: 6

If you lose a combat round, add 1 to your transformation score. If you slay it, you may try the steeple (Turn to 12) or the door (Turn to 11).


Entering via an open window, you find the belfry pitch black. Using your increasingly strong nocturnal vision, you spot a skeleton clutching the bell rope. Around its neck hangs a crucifix, which you may take. Descending the stairs you spot a guardian in the ante-chamber. Unnoticed, you make a surprise attack, Test your Luck, if you arelucky, you pierce his heart and he dies, turn to 14.
If you are unlucky, he notices you at the last moment and moves, so that while, grievous, his wound is not fatal, resolve the fight.

VAMPIRE GUARDIAN: Skill:8 Stamina:8

The Sickly Pallor ability doesn’t affect him. If you defeat him turn to 13.


You pierce the vampire’s heart and with a moan he explodes into dust. Feeling you’ve come some way in avenging your companions, you approach the inner door. As you touch the handle the fibers of the wood shift into a face, “Good evening.” It booms, “To enter, say the password!” If you know the password, you’ll know the number in it. Turn to this number. Otherwise, turn to 14


“Intruder!” bellows the door and a wave of lightning shoots from the door handle. You burn and burn and burn. Suddenly it stops. You are in a?a hand? You look up. “Your soul is mine.” Breathes Cain?


“Very well, you are either a member of Cain’s children or if not, you are wise enough to join. Enter.” The door says, and opens. You gaze into the chapel. Around a massive idol of Cain in place of an altar stand seven vampires. Black candles line the pews and as you watch you see them feasting on a hapless young woman. Feeling hatred rising in your chest, yet knowing that there’s nothing you can do for the woman, you approach. If you have the word sentry on your adventure sheet turn to 16, otherwise, keep reading.

As you walk towards the undead fiends, you sense danger. Suddenly a howling vampire leaps from behind a pew, as he lands on you, and more importantly, on your sword, he buries his fangs in you, lose 4 stamina points and gain a transformation point. Pulling your sword from your diminutive foe, you prepare to fight:

VAMPIRE: Skill:8 Stamina: 7

Whilst you fight, the vampires merely watch the spectacle. If you win turn to 18.


Remembering the sentry, you sneak up to him and plunge your blade into him. As he decays in seconds, he screams out, alerting his brethren. Turn to 18.


Turn to 14.


Noticing the vampires watching you, you nervously sheathe your sword, “I am?an ally.” You say. You recognize the vampire who killed your friends glowering from the band, “An ally?” he snarls, “An ally? This warrior is an ally of our enemy Jonarra! He foiled the zombie invasion we funded! He just killed Khairan and Yverwan! He is not our ally!”
“Silence, Maikrat.” States an almost impossibly beautiful woman, clearly the leader, says, turning to a horribly decayed vampire, “Mammon, is he human?” the vampire sniffs the air and you wait with baited breath, trying to show your mutations to them. “I?yes.” Mammon finally says, uncertainly. The woman smiles, “Then I imagine you wish to join our little coven.” You nod,
“Excellent, to learn our passwords and kill two of us, you are clearly both wise and powerful. You are welcome among us.” You warily ask, motioning to the idol, if they’ve ever met Cain. “Why yes.” Says the woman, “Father, no, god of all vampires. I am in fact one of his three generals. One for each capital city. I have been gathering our allies across northern Allansia. Two thousand by me alone.” Two thousand “What are you gathering them for?” you ask, she smiles,
“Don’t you know what Cain is planning?” You know what she is going to say?
“Invasion.” You try to act happy at this, invasion? Two thousand vampires, not to mention their mindless zombie servants, who are far more numerous, perhaps thirty thousand zombies, and then the inhabitants of South Allansia and the Old World. You feel dizzy with the scope of the horror. “When does this happen?” you ask
“Cain needs a second in command. He is choosing one.”
“One of his generals?”
“No?anyone worthy.” A plan begins forming in your mind,
“Even me? How can I prove myself worthy?”
“You must best one of his foes?” She stares at you “What ambition you have. There is one competitor to Cain, the Necromancer Krilkis. He also seeks domination. He resides in a Mansion in the village of Nostrenwell, to the east?slay him tomorrow and I shall summon Cain to meet you.” Hope fills you “Anyway, I, Isrolia, must now hunt. Until tomorrow, my friend.” She says, transforming into a bat and leaving. You head back to the inn. Turn to 19.


Returning to the inn, flush with success, you greet Jonnara. You pause on seeing his face, which is contorted in pure horror. “You?you were followed!” he screams. Turning, you see two vampires. They know you are allied to Jonnara! They cannot tell the others! Mammon attacks Jonnara whilst a spindly, tall vampire attacks you

VAMPIRE: Skill: 9 Stamina:12

This vampire is so fast that you count as fighting two people at once. For each second wound you suffer gain one Transformation point. If you win turn to 20.


Panting, you turn to Jonarra In time to see him plunge a stake into his foe. Though injuredin several places, he looks reasonably well. “Excellent. So, what have you learned?” he asks. You tell him of the evening you’ve had. He appears overjoyed, “Then we may yet have hope of slaying Cain!” He produces a bottle of wine, “We can research this Krilkis fellow tomorrow, for tonight I think celebrations are in order!”

You wake the next morning, with the sun high in the sky. You feel well rested, so regain 6 stamina points. Jonarra enters the room with several dusty tomes, telling you that he’s found Krilkis’s tower. Examining the maps, you are pleased to see Nostrenwell lies six miles to the east. Jonarra tells you that in the meantime he may pray to a god or spirit of your choice for aid. He tells you that he can think of three possible deities who may help, do you choose
Rakrael, spirit of healing, (Turn to 21)?
The angel Vivnekris, slayer of the undead (Turn to 22)?
Or Wyvva, spirit of prophecy (Turn to 23)?


Jonarra lights two incense burners and spends several hours meditating on the floor of the room. His breathing slows to only once or twice a minute. Finally his eyes open, the irises golden, and speaks. “I greet you, oh noble warrior.” Booms avoice so deep that the floorboards vibrate, “I am Rakrael, lord of healing. I can see the blight of the vampire god in your veins. It grows stronger, yet you fear it. I shall ease your ailments.” Golden light pours from Jonarra’s eyes, swirling you. You feel injuries melting away, regain 1-6 stamina points (roll a dice) and lose three transformation points. Though renewed, you know that, until you reclaim your soul, the vampirism will remain in you. As you watch, the golden light fades, and Jonarra blinks, his eyes normal once more. “So, how was that?” he asks, “How much have you healed?” you tell him that, though you have gained time, you still have to slay Cain. Looking out the window, you see sunset nearing. Together, you set off for Nostrenwell. Turn to 24.


Drawing a runed dagger, Jonarra begins souting a series of rites. You watch as the knife glows and the room darkens. A cloud of shadowy smoke gathers between you, coalescing into a humanoid form, ashen grey, with fiery eyes. Unfolding his wings, Vivnekris glances around the room, “Why am I here?” he snarls.
“Oh, most illustrious angel,” intones Jonarra, “This noble slayer of fiends seeks aid in battling the vampire Cain.” Vivneckris stares at you thoughtfully.
“Unsure, I am, of you.” He breathes, “Are you?” his eyes flare, “Liar! You are like Cain, blood-drinker! I have only one thing which I am imperiled to do to you!” he draws a blade and points it at you, “I curse you, night-fiend!” there is the sound of thunder fills your ears. Lose 8 stamina points, 2 skill points and 2 luck points. As you stagger back, you realize that a little of your vampirism has been lifted by the curse, lose 1 transformation point. With an enraged cry, the angel vanishes in a flash. You stare at Jonarra, “I’m sorry.” Says Jonarra, “It seems he didn’t particularly like you.” He offers you a drink. Looking out of the window, you see night approaching, together, you set off for Nostrenwell. Turn to 24.


Casting open his arms, Jonarra prays silently for some time. A fog fills the room. “I am Wyvva, holder of the future, sister of History, holder of the past, and Now, keeper of the present. What knowledge do you seek?” a female voice declares. “I wish to know of slaying the vampire Cain.” You ask. Silence reigns, then a cowled figure emerges from the mist, Cain! You draw your blade and slash out, but it simply passes through him. He stands before you, gradually, other vampires form from the mist, Lady Isrolia, Maikrat, and dozens more. “The scales of time are turning in favour of evil, yet they may yet be changed. Cain is invulnerable, immortal, a god. Yet even gods may be overcome, Cain has a single window. Amidst a thousand possibilities, a single strand of fate remains for the forces of light.” You clear your throat,
“What is his weakness?” you ask, yet you feel Wyvva’s presence fading, “What is his weakness?”
“I?cannot tell you.” She says sorrowfully, “The future is uncertain, yet the present is?you may learn of the present?” A male voice sounds, far off,
“The present belongs to Cain?yet the?may change the?you are the instrument of light?may come to?must?cannot?could?a single strike?Ashes?The feet of the idol?Cain grows strong?” The mist fades, leaving you wondering about what you have been told. Outside, the sun is setting. Together you and Jonarra head for Nostrenwell, turn to 24.


As the sky darkens, rumbles of thunder fill the sky. Jonarra buys two horses near the city gate and you head east together. As you enter the countryside, the clouds erupt, drenching you both. Progressing through the deluge, spy Nostrenwell ahead. No smoke rises from the chimneys, no light shines in the windows. And rising from the village like some hideous growth squats the black Mansion of Krilkis. Fighting down fear, you enter the village. The place is deserted. No life in the houses. It is a ghost town. Cautiously, you approach the huge building. As you reach the sodden town square, growls sound from a nearby house. You unsheathe your blade as half a dozen shambling, decaying villagers emerge, groaning. From horseback, you are able to cut down two of the zombies, before they attack. Of the other four, two attack each of you.


Since you’re on horseback add 2 to your attack strength. If you slay the zombies turn to 25.


Having slain the guards, you approach the mansion. Suddenly, hoofbeats ring out. Readying for combat, you see two horsemen gallop into the square. They appear to be human, and seeing the dead zombies lying around you, one smiles, “Good evening, my friends. I can see that we are on the same side. I am Sir Martez of Chalice, and this is my companion, Turnman. We are members of the league of Nightslayers, sworn to destroy evil. I can see from these zombies that you share our aims.” He says. Jonarra looks surprised , you have both heard of Martez, he is a good man, but both arrogant and na├»ve. Despite this, any ally is welcome. “Good evening, Sir Martez, I am Jonarra.” Jonarra introduces, before telling them your name, you tell them that you seek to slay Krilkis, offering an allegiance. “Fantastic.” Martez tells you, “we have been watching Krilkis for three years, we believe he’s building a zombie army from the villagers of Nostrenwell and the nearby villages. He aims to conquer Port Blacksand. Yet we are too few for a direct assault.” You stare at the mansion. A direct entrance would be foolhardy, since it is likely to be heavily guarded. Instead, you see entry either above or below as ideal. If you have either the Wings special ability or a rope and grapple, and wish to use them turn to 26. If you don’t you may either try climbing to a first floor window (turn to 27) or a small window to the basement (Turn to 62)


Ascending through the rain (if using wings, you are careful to remain out of the Nightslayers’ view) you reach a rotting window ledge. Opening the window , you retrieve a curtain up which your comrades can climb and enter the room. The room, once a bedroom, now contains a bed, a pentagram and a bizarre creature, a zombie with an extra pair of arms stitched on and a row of metal fangs, lunging for you!

MUTANT ZOMBIE: Skill: 8 Stamina: 6

After two attack rounds Martez arrives and slays the monstrosity. You go onto the landing, spying an awesome sight?Turn to 28


Handholds are hard to find, even when you find them, they are slippery with rain. Test your skill three times, if unsuccessful, lose 2 dice worth of damage (2-12 stamina points), you may either keep attempting this or may then instead use the basement window (turn to 62).

If you succeed, you reach a window and haul yourself in. Throwing a rope lying nearby down to your comrades, you survey the room. There is a large box in the centre. As you watch, it flies open and a flock of zombie crows flies out to attack their intruder. Fight them as one creature:

ZOMBIE CROWS: Skill: 6 Stamina: 14

For every second hit you suffer, gain a transformation point. If you survive. Your companions arrive and together you go onto the landing?to see an amazing sight?turn to 28.


The room onto which you are gazing takes up almost the entire ground floor, and contains at least three hundred zombies. They stand motionless. Some have been augmented, sporting extra limbs and heads, or consisting of several bodies mixed to form one huge beast. “Those were the villagers.” Breathes Turnman. You can see an entrance to a basement below. To attack the zombies turn to 31. To search the first floor turn to 29. To search the tower turn to 30.


The majority of rooms are either empty or contain some dormant form of monstrosity, yet you find several items of interest. Three iron throwing knives, some wine and preserved food, by eating them you regain 4 stamina points, you also find a seemingly empty glass phial. If you ever wish to open it turn to 60. However your searching disturbs four slumbering zombies, fight one.

ZOMBIE: Skill: 7 Stamina: 8

If you survive, you see your companions have also bested their foes, though Turnman’s arm has been clawed somewhat. You may now either search the tower (turn to 30) or attack the zombie army (turn to 31)


The tower is populated by a cluster of giant zombie bats, which attack on sight, you must fight two.

Skill / Stamina

If you slay them, you may continue into the tower. You see a huge pentagram on the floor, with a shadowy shape in the centre, “Master.” A grating voice says, “What do you wish of me?” this spirit, conjured long ago in the tower, believes you to be Krilkis. In combat, you may command it to fight on your behalf. It will fight one enemy for you. Its skill is 9 and its stamina is 10. If it loses, you must finish the combat. It will not fight vampires or Krilkis himself. Pleased with, but finding the tower empty you may now either search the first floor (if you haven’t already)(turn to 29) or attack the zombie army (turn to 31)


You realize that Krilkis is not in the higher levels of the house. You must fight your way into the basement if you are to vanquish him. There are seemingly three ways to attack. Having been asked by Martez to take command, will you tell your companions to:
Attack with ranged weapons first, before charging (Turn to 33)
Sever the chandelier above the zombies to crush some (Turn to 34)
Simply charge into battle (Turn to 32)


With a cry of battle, you race down the stairs, cutting a swathe through your foes. Together you fight like lions, yet for each zombie you slay, a dozen take its place. Eventually, Turnman is brought down, followed by Martez. Back to back with Jonarra, you finally fall?


Use ranged weapons as normal, holy water counts as hitting 10 zombies if it hits. From your vantage point, every hit kills. Martez hits 2-12 foes (roll 2 dice) with his crossbow. If the final number you and Martez hit is twenty or more turn to 35. If not turn to 32.


The chandelier crushes dozens of zombies and smashes a gaping hole in the floor. At least fifty zombies are slain. Overjoyed, you attack. Turn to 35.


The four of you strike the zombies like a scythe into wheat. As you progress, however, the zombies counterattack. Test your skill, if you are unsuccessful, lose 1-6 stamina points. As you battle on you come face to face with two huge zombies, each consisting of several people stitched together. Fight one at a time?

Skill: / Stamina:


If you survive, you spy a path to the basement, yet as you near, Krilkis’s second in command, a mutated zombie-human hybrid pulling his blade from Turnman’s throat and begins marshalling his forces. Slay him to force the zombies into disarray.

GRALGAK THE MUTANT: Skill: 11 Stamina: 8

If you kill him, turn to 36.


As Gralgak collapses the zombies fall back, allowing you access to the basement. The shadowy room contains another two hundred zombies, however, racing past them , you come face to face with Krilkis. He is an ancient man, with a filthy beard, an imposing nose and a pair of truly malicious eyes. He is sitting at a table with several wights, revenants and wraiths. Upon the table lies a rotten corpse, upon which he is conducting some grisly experiment. “So, you have finally reached me. I must confess I am impressed. However it was all for naught. Die!” a bolt of darkness shots from his hand. If the word Firrel Farrel Forrel mean anything to you turn to 37. Otherwise, you and your friends are now zombies in his sway, warriors in his war with Cain?


Remembering the counter-spell, you scream the words and the bolt fades away. Krilkis realizes magic alone is no use and orders his followers to attack. Jonarra and Martez hold them off. Now is your chance at last. You attack Krilkis.

KRILKIS: Skill:7 Stamina:4

If you finally slay the zombie-lord, turn to 38.


As Krilkis falls, the spell animating the zombies is broken and they once again become lifeless bodies. The wights and revenants, seeing themselves alone, flee, leaving you alone with Jonarra and Martez. You cheer and whoop, slapping each others backs. At last, your meeting with Cain is assured! Leaving the house, you start a fire so that no trace of Krilkis’s evil survives. Hastening to the door, you find your horses waiting, however as you mount them, you hear a voice. Turning, you see a batlike figure approaching. Warning Jonarra and Martez to stay hidden, you hail it as it transforms into the vampiress Isrolia. Following her in humanoid form are her four surviving kin. “Ah,” she says, seeing flames engulfing the house, “This is most impressive. You have single-handedly slain Cain’s greatest competitor in Allansia. At last we may begin our war.” You ask her when you will meet Cain. “Come to the chapel tomorrow night.” She replies, “Lord Cain will be there.” And with that, she morphs back into a bat and flutters away. The other four, Maikrat, a short, grimy looking woman, an imposing nobleman, and a horribly decayed yellowish vampire, look at you, all but Maikrat appear impressed, but Maikrat’s hateful glare freezes your heart?then they are leaving. As they depart, you turn back to Jonarra and Martez. “Success!” cheers Jonarra. Martez nods,
“I shall contact my league at once. This is a chance we have not hoped for in decades! If you wish, we will aid you against Cain’s comrades.” You tell him that that would be welcome. Returning to the inn, you try to regain your strength for the coming trials. Regain 10 stamina points.

Awakening the next morning, you find sunlight streaming in from the window?and scream in agony as your skin is burnt by it. You realize that your path to becoming a creature of the night is almost complete, gain 1-6 transformation points. Looking at your bed you are horrified to realize that, despite the ample sunlight, you cast no shadow. Jonarra enters and sees this. “Ah, not good.” He gasps. He tells you that Martez has called the head of his order, and that a band of Nightslayers is waiting in a nearby room. Following him, you enter a shadowy room, containing twenty or so men lounging on chairs and cushions. At a table sit Martez and an old, grim faced man, who greets you, “Good morning, I am Sir Dragan, head of the Nightslayers. According to Martez you have infiltrated Port Blacksand’s Vampire circle.” You tell him that you have,
“Excellent. If, as you say, Cain will be at the chapel tonight, we may be able to finally kill him.” Jonnara interrupts,
“I’m sorry. The Chapel of the Forgotten is protected, any but for my friend here who try to enter will die.” Dragan looks annoyed, and leafs through a book on the table. “Oh?yes, you’re right. A golden candle projects an aura of death over the chapel?if you destroy it, we can attack, however.” As the day progresses, you receive a magical orb. You are told it will allow you to contact them once the candle is destroyed. That evening, with an anxious heart, your warband sets up in a tavern next to the chapel. Alone, you approach it. At last, Cain is near. You enter the ante-chamber, finding it empty. You slowly open the door into the chapel?turn to 39.


The chapel is seething. At least fifty vampires are there as you enter. Some stare as you enter, your reputation has preceded you. Isrolia greets you, “Well, my friend, you are early. Though many of Lord Cain’s entourage are here, he himself is not.” She offers you a goblet of blood, which you hold and try to ignore, despite a strange, growing desire to drink. A large fire burns before the idol swirling bizarre colours. You search the room for the golden candle. It burns on a nearby window ledge. You must wait?on cue, the fire before the idol flares. The candles flicker and a cloud of black smoke emerges, forming into a cowled figure, hovering, insubstantial, trailing black smoke. An aura of terror fills the chapel, even Isrolia seems afraid. Cain’s very presence increases your changes, gain 1-6 mutation points. “Good evening, my loyal devotees.” He sneers in his sickly sweet voice. “I hear that the last steps to my invasion have been taken. That pitiful mortal Krilkis has finally been cut down, and in doing so, his killer has earned their place as my commander. Whilst I lead my legions across Allansia, they shall lead my followers into the western Old World. Where is my commander?” a circle clears around you and, from the recesses of his hood, red eyes blaze, piercing into your being. “You?” he says and you sense recognition. You must be quick! Tensing, you clutch the orb and prepare to destroy the candle? Test your luck. If you are lucky turn to 41, otherwise turn to 40.


“What are you holding?” Isroolia asks, she glances at the orb and her eyes flare, “Traitor!” she screams. You must be quick! You charge forward, but three vampires block your path. If you win a single combat round, you count as having passed them.


If you pass them, you strike down the candle. Turn to 43.


Continuing to chat with Isrolia you approach the candle. A hint of suspicion flickers across her face. You prepare? SLASH! The candle disintegrates. “Traitor!” Howls Isrolia. But it is too late for her to stop you, via the orb, your allies know they can enter safely now. Turn to 43.


“Forty two Agglax.” You reply.
“Correct!” declares the door, then it pauses, “Though I must confess, I do not recognize your face?tell me, what was the password before that?” you complain that you are only supposed to know the current one, “Fair enough, you may or may not know, but you may or not be an intruder. Was the password Varcolac or Isolde?” If you think Varcolac turn to 15, if you think Isolde turn to 17.


The doors fly open and a volley of silver tipped projectiles shreds into a row of vampires. Charging in, the Nightslayers attack. Battle rages. You try to join your comrades, but a vampire leaps onto you, resolve your combat.

VAMPIRE WARRIOR: Skill: 8 Stamina: 14

Each hit from this vampires jagged claws inflicts 3 stamina points, rather than the usual 2. If you win turn to 44.


You reach the Nightslayers. As you watch, Cain floats towards you, tearing down Nightslayers like a whirlwind. You must fight. To determine your foe, roll a dice. On 1 or 2 turn to 45. On 3 or 4 turn to 46. On 5 or 6 turn to 47.


A huge red bestial fiend lunges at you.

WILD VAMPIRE: Skill: 9 Stamina 12

Each time you lose a round, roll a die and consult the chart.

1 or 2 Fist blow, lose 2 stamina points
3 Claws, lose 3 stamina points
4 Poisoned tongue, lose 4 stamina points and 1 skill point
5 Bite, lose 5 stamina points, 1 skill point and gain one transformation point.
6 Frenzy, lose 2-12 stamina points, 1 skill point, gain 2 change points and subtract one from the vampire’s skill and 1-6 from his stamina.

If you win, turn to 48.


You find yourself in combat with the nobleman from Isrolia’s coven.
VAMPIRE: Skill: 9 Stamina: 10

If you slay him turn to 48.


You lunge at a foe, your blade clashing with his

VAMPIRE: Skill:8 Stamina: 8

If you win turn to 48.


The Nightslayers now outnumber the vampires, who are falling back. Maikrat, however, has grown to almost nine feet tall and is tearing through the Nightslayers. At last, vengeance for the death of the pilgrims! You, Jonarra and Martez charge him simultaneously.

MAIKRAT: Skill:14 Stamina: 22

The profiles of your friends are as follows:

JONNARA: Skill:9 Stamina: 18

MARTEZ Skill:11 Stamina: 12

If one of your friends’ stamina is reduced to 4 or less, they back out of combat. Maikrat battles you simultaneously, to see which of you he attacks roll a dice. 1 or 2 means he attacks Martez, 3 or 4 means Jonnara and 5 or 6 means you. Being freakishly strong, Maikrat’s blows inflict 4 stamina points of damage and one transformation point. If you manage to slay the fiend, turn to 50.


As your mutation continues, you warp further. Choose one mutation you don’t yet have.

Animal Agility: Your change has gifted with superhuman instincts and speed. Add 1 to your current and initial skill. You may also re-roll failed Test your skill rolls

Regeneration: Your wounds seal up within moments of being inflicted. After a battle you regain half the stamina you lost (round fractions up) and any damge outside of combat is halfed ( rounding fractios up).

Vicious Bite: Your canines are far longer and sharper, allowing you to savage enemies before combat. Before combat with enemies whose skill is lower than or equal to yours, you may subtract 1-6 (roll a dice) stamina points from them. When facing multiple opponents you may only bite one.

Talons: Your nails have hardened into claws, when fighting unarmed you suffer no penalty but if fighting while armed add 1 to your enemies stamina loss.

Sickly pallor: Your appearance is deeply disturbing. Anyone fighting you subtracts one from their skill.

Wings!: You may sprout batlike wings at will. The benefits will be great later on?

If you already have all of these abilities then you are now more vampire than human! Gain this ability:

The Thirst: You may renew yourself on your enemies’ blood. For each enemy you slay, gain half of their stamina (rounding fractions down). Now return to your entry.


At Maikrat’s death, several vampires turn to flee. Cain immediately strikes them down. Vampires are pulling back to the idol. Victory seems near. Then Cain once again attacks, slaughtering many Nightslayers. You charge him, your blade tearing ito him, to no avail. Laughing manically, Cain throws you against the idol, “Fool!” he cackles, “I am immortal, I am a god! My legions shall devour Titan! Your soul is mine!” You shudder as his eyes blaze horribly. He prepares to feast on you. Do you know his weakness? If so turn to 51. Otherwise, he wins and soon all Titan will quake before the vampire-god?


You remember that blessing the ashes of his heart may weaken him. They are nearby, you sense them with your vampiric senses, but where. You recall the hints you’ve had?where do you think they are?

The Idol’s head? Turn to 52.
The Idol’s feet? Turn to 53
The Idol’s heart? Turn to 54
The fire? Turn to 55.


You scrabble at the head, screaming with desperation. He looms behind you. You feel twin pricks on your neck?your soul is his?


Beneath the feet lies a tiny pouch of ash. With a cheer you hurl it to Jonnara. “Bless it!” you howl before defending yourself from Cain’s onslaught. Suddenly Cain falls to the ground. His cowl falls back, revealing a malignant face of an old man. His eyes, however, are still aflame. “My heart!” he screams. “Kill him.” His vampire servants close in. If you have an empty glass bottle turn to 56. Otherwise, Cain’s servants will feast on you?


You search for the heart, but you are wrong?you are lifted by your foe and devoured?


Ignoring the burns you receive, you search the fire. Seconds pass, then you are devoured?


You remember the bottle. Having nothing to lose you hurl it at them. Fortune smiles on you. That bottle contained Krilkis’s reanimation plague. As it shatters, the dead rise to battle the undead. Now you are face to face with Cain “Alas. Let us us fight as equals then.” He snarls and attacks. He attacks and finally you battle your greatest foe.

CAIN: Skill:16 Stamina: 28

Sickly pallor and Vicious Bite do not affect Cain. His might allows each blow he inflicts to cause 4 stamina points’ loss and three transformation points’ gain. Each crucifix you have reduces his skill by two. If you reduce his stamina to 4 or less turn at once to 57.


With a mighty blow, you knock the vampire-god to the ground and prepare to pierce his heart. He howls, “No, no, Don’t kill me! I’ll give you back your soul!” He raises his hands and a silvery mist drifts down your throat. You feel the return of your soul and the disappearance of your mutations. Your curse is lifted! Cain is now pleading pathetically, “There, you have your soul?you can have my army! Whatever you want! Please, let me live!” You consider. If you release him turn to 58. If you kill him all the same turn to 59.


You lower your blade. “Thank you.” He sobs, rising, turning to the battle, you order him to call his troops off your companions?suddenly his fangs are in your neck. You were deceived! Your soul is yours again, but you and soon all of Titan are now in the sway of Cain.


Ignoring his pleas, you pierce his chest. He screams an unearthly shriek as he explodes into a cloud of shadows, which dissipate. At last Cain is dead! Turn to 61.


You open the bottle and notice a fine vapour emerge. It wafts into your nostrils and you retch, agony racking your lungs. Your nearby companions share your pain as you collapse, hacking up blood. This was Krilkis’s plague, designed to create zombies of the dead. Ordinarily, the living would be unharmed, but in this case, you are too close, the virus too concentrated. You sink into a deep coma. When you rise, only one fragment of thought remains?flesh!


Victory! Not only have you reclaimed your soul, banished your vampirism and avenged your friends, you have just saved all of Titan! Turning with a cheer of joy, you see Isrolia alone, fleeing before your zombies. Jonnara, Matez and Dragan have also survived, though the other Nightslayers lie dead. You briefly wonder about Cain’s empire. Will it fall or will some other vampire take control. You dismiss your fears, no replacement could be on par with Cain. You push the idol over, shattering the horrific image forever, and return to the inn.

It is only the next morning that Jonnara enters your room. He brings ill news. The ashes are too light. He suspects that three separate pouches of ash were made, one for each of Cain’s capitals. Isrolia must be planning to reclaim the other two and revive Cain. You know that following last night’s battle, the vampire world must be in turmoil. Her progress will be slow. You spend the day recuperating in the tavern, however, the next day the four of you set off for Rimon to catch Isrolia or find the ashes. Congratulations for your success so far. Good luck and happy adventuring!

BIOGRAPHY: Krilkis was aged ninety one here. Following discovery of his powers aged fourteen he began raiding Nostrenwell’s cemetery, raising a warband of zombies. Hiding his horde in a nearby cave, he aimed to rule his village, and with time Allansia. Aged twenty, however, his plans were discovered by local sheperds seeking shelter in the cave. On learning of his plans, the villagers banished him, destroying all but a few zombies. Wandering Allansia, little is known of the next decade. He entered the caverns of the Snow Witch, Firetop Mountain, the temple of Leesha and the Dragon’s labrynth beneath Darkwood forest, seeking followers. Finally, aged thirty, he took a new band of zombies, revenants and other fiends to Zengis, where he once dominated the sewers, turning is local goblins into more zombies and swelling his forces on the cemetry’s dead. Believing the crime to be from the goblins, Zengis recruited three hundred warriors to purge the sewers. In the ensuing battle, Krilkis slaughtered his foes, however his army was shrunk and Zengis’s army was preparing an attack. Fleeing with his forces, Krilkis, now thirty eight, set off on a search for knowledge. Little is known?again he is believed to have entered Firetop mountain and the Snow Witch’s caves. Seeking tuition from the Necromancer Lagrash, who had been residing in Darkwood Forest, he learned much before slaying him and stealing his army. Seeking revenge, now aged almost sixty, he slaughtered Nostrenwell’s people to the last man, before leaving Allansia for five years. Travelling the Old World and Khul. Returning with terrible new power, he began invading the Icefinger Mountains, destroying the local villages and dwarf holds, he forged a small kingdom. Now, he traveled to Fang, joining Deathtrap Dungeon’s agents, learing off his fellow trialmasters before returning to his kingdom.
Soon, however, nearby towns allied against his expanding empire, waging war with him. Finally, kingdom destroyed, aged seventy five, he sought refuge in Port Blacksand. Here, as he built yet another army, he attracted the attention of the local vampires. After a long turf war with them, he fled to Nostrenwell, slaying those now living there. The lone survivor was Gralgak. Together with Gralgak as a general and a revenant named Degrash, he waged war with the vampires for many years, until a group of adventurers finally slew him.

Rumours still abound. Some say his spirit survives, possessing Degrash, wandering Allansai, half crazed. Others say that he haunts Nostrenweel, killing new visitors. There are even tales of his resurrection having taken place, via a raise dead spell or some other vile means.


Worming your way into the slimy entrance, you realize this is in fact a drain for water from the house. Holding your breath, you continue into the murky water, pushing down. Entering a small, hollow area large enough to accommodate three or four people, you realize that even this entrance is guarded. A bloated corpse containing a cannibalistic spirit, a Wight, sees you as a delicious meal, and attacks.

WIGHT: Skill: 8 Stamina: 8

Lose two points from your attack strength, since you are underwater, and if you can’t slay the wight in as many turns as you have skill points, you drown in this far from ideal grave. If you win, you, swim to the grille in the roof and enter a small room containing a stair well ascending to the first floor. From here you can see the main room, and an amazing spectacle?turn to 28.