Welcome to Blackheart Asylum

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Welcome to Blackheart Asylum

Interactive Fiction Gamebook by Julius Lee

An interactive gamebook, is literally a book that allows you to play the role of a certain character. Similar to a video game, you will decide what your character will do in the setting. The goal of a gamebook is to find the single way, in which you defeat the antagonist or solve a particular problem.

In this book, referred to as “AEGIS” (taken from the name of Zeus’ shield), you play as an agent of a secret organization dedicated to eliminate any forms of hidden Aegis-related events happening on Earth.

In this fictional universe, Aegis refers to the “other world,” one of the thousand worlds in the universe’s various dimensions. The world of Aegis is somewhat reminiscent of fantasy and horror settings. Humans, monsters, and other sentient races inhabit the massive world.

In 1960 when a Demonspawn managed to transport itself from Aegis to Earth using a ‘portal,’ it massacred over 40 people in a small village. It was then that portals were invented and that Aegisean and Earth decided that it would now be illegal for any being to travel to the other planet. Most Aegiseans and humans are unaware of this, however.

But once in a while, there are Aegiseans with shady motives that wish to come over to Earth to wreak havoc. When they pass from Aegis to Earth, that’s when YOU come in.

It is the year 2300 Anno Domini. Your job is to secretly either eliminate or retrieve any supernatural creatures that have come from Aegis. And all you need is a pencil, eraser, and a die to begin your mission.


How to Play

The following are rules for statistics, engaging in combat, and other game mechanisms. You are strongly advised to familiarize yourself with the following set of rules. At the end of every paragraph, you will be given a choice. For example, at the end of a paragraph, it might say:

Do you wish to stay at the bar (entry 100) or move to somewhere else? (entry 67)

If you choose to stay at the bar, turn to the entry (paragraph) labeled 100. If you wish to move somewhere else, turn to the entry labeled 67.

Located directly below is your Record Sheet. This is used to list any weapons and equipment you have and also to keep track of your current statistics.

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Record Sheet:

AP: d6+2

LH: Anti-Aegisean Revolver

S1: Magical Potion (+3 HP)
S2: Cellphone


Record of Enemies Fought:

-Roll one die. Add 20 to the number rolled. That is your HP. (Minimum 21, maximum 26)

-Roll one die again and add four to that. Whatever the number is, that is your SP. (Minimum 5, maximum 7)

HP stands for Hit Points and explains how much damage you can take before succumbing to zero, death. AP stands for Attack Points and defines how much damage you can deal to enemies. As you can see, it says d6+2. That means one dice+2. So if you rolled a 4, you have to add 2 to that. SP stands for Special Points which are used to use Special Skills.

Note: Assuming your AP is d6+2 and you receive a weapon that gives you +2 AP, the result of your new AP will be d6+4

The next three show how many weapons or equipment you are holding. LH stands for left hand, and RH stands for right hand. EX stands for extra. Let’s assume that you receive three Magical Swords and you equip them. Remember that you can only hold two Magical Swords and they will go into the LH and RH sections. The EX slot can only be used for items such as helmet’s or breastplates etc. When you discover a new weapon, the book will tell you which slot it takes up. As you can see, you currently have a revolver. Some weapons will have a bracket next to them (E.G. +2) which shows that when equipped, you get +2 AP.

The last three stand for Sachet 1 to Sachet 6. This is a magical zero-space compartment in your thigh where you will store any items that you are not wielding. Using the example above, I can wield two Magical Swords, but I must store the third one in one of the slots in my sachet. If you have more that 6 items, you will have to discard one of them by crossing it out of the Sachet List. As you can see, you have a Magical Potion which restores 3 HP, and a Cellphone, which grants a secure line to HQ.

You may not switch weapons from your Sachet when engaged in combat but are allowed to use any items in the Sachet in exchange for your turn. If you have too many items in your Sachet, you may discard any at any time including during battle.

SS stands for Special Skills. Special Skills require SP to use and can be helpful in your adventures. More on this later. And finally, the Record of Enemies Fought section is used to record the statistics of any creatures you encounter.

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Engaged in Combat

Like humans, there are the good Aegiseans. And the bad ones. Not everyone will willingly submit to return to Aegis and some just have none too many brain cells at all so you will be engaged in combat frequently.

When you encounter a creature of any sort, there will be a list which shows the enemy’s HP and AP. When you encounter an enemy, YOU always start the battle. Now, when you encounter an enemy, the enemy’s information will be listed like this:

DRAGON- A fierce flying creature.

AP: d6+3
HR: 4

Now, it will show the creature’s name and the italic writing next to the name is a description. Listed below are the HP, its AP and its Hit Rate. On your turn, roll one die. This is referred to as the Hit Rate Roll.

If your Hit Rate Roll is higher or equal to the Hit Rate, your attack struck the enemy. If your Hit Rate Roll is successful, you must roll another die. Add that die to your AP. This is referred to as the Attack Roll.

Now roll a Hit Rate Roll for your enemy. If it is successful, roll an Attack Roll for it. Now compare yours and your enemy’s Attack Rolls. Whose is higher? If yours is a 5 and he’s is a 3, you win this round. When you win a round, subtract your enemy’s Attack Roll from yours. So subtract his Attack Roll from yours (which means 5-3=2)

The balance, which is 2, is now subtracted from your opponent’s HP.

Assuming that your Hit Rate Roll is unsuccessful and that your opponent’s was, your opponent subtracts his AP from your HP. If both Attack Rolls are the same, nobody does any damage and you start all over again. Once you pull an enemy’s HP to 0, you win the encounter.

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Example of an encounter:

DRAGON- A fierce flying creature.

HP: 10
AP: d6+3
HR: 4


HP: 25
AP: d6+4

1: You roll a die. It is a four. Since it is equal to your enemy’s HR, you score.

2: Once your Hit Rate Roll is successful, you can roll an Attack Roll. Let’s assume you rolled a 3.

Now your AP says ‘d6+4,’ so add 3+4. The answer is 7. (please tell me you know this)

3: Now, we have to repeat Step 1 for your enemy. If he rolled a 3, he would have missed and you would have subtracted 7 from his HP, reducing it to 3.

If he rolled a 5, you would have to roll an Attack Roll for him. Let’s assume it’s a 2. So add 2 with 3, which equal 5.

4: Whose is higher? Yours, which is seven, so subtract 7 by 5. (7-5=2) Then subtract 2 by his HP, (10-2=8)

5: Repeats steps 1-4 again until either one of your HP’s has been reduced to 0, or death.

Also, recording an enemy’s stats in the Record of Enemies Fought section of the Record Sheet is a good idea in case that part involves page-turning or to cross out the enemy’s HP every turn.

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Special Skills

Special Skills can be used at anytime. They are magical and normal skills that grant you some form of advantage. Each Special Skill has a SP COST. You deduct a Special Skill’s SP Cost from your SP to use its effect.

For example, if I had 6 SP. I could use HEALING twice. If I had 12 SP, I could use Healing thrice. You may select 6 from this list and write them down in your Record Sheet to keep track of their costs and effects.

Roll a die. Add that number to your current HP.
If you wish to select this SS, write Healing (Roll die to get plus HP) on your Record Sheet.

Your opponent misses his/her next attack.
If you wish to select this SS, write Agility (Opponent miss) on your Record Sheet.

Use only when fighting. Roll one die, add 4 to that, and deduct that number from your HP and you may proceed as though you have defeated the creature.
If you wish to select this SS, write Escape (d6+4 minus your HP and skip battle) on your Record Sheet.

Use only when fighting. When used, your opponent misses two turns.
If you wish to select this SS, write Spellbinding (Opponent miss 2 turns, Battle only) on your Record Sheet.

Use only when fighting. You gain +2 AP this turn.
If you wish to select this SS, write Ammo (+2 AP, Battle only) on your Record Sheet.

Use only when fighting. Add +1 to your Hit Rate Roll
If you wish to select this SS, write Accuracy (+1 HR Roll, Battle only) on your Record Sheet.

You may only use this once in your whole adventure. Assuming that you needed a “Magic Sword” to avoid a flying dragon and reducing your HP by 5, you can use Substitution to gain a Magic Sword.
If you wish to select this SS, write Substitution (Reduce HP by 5 to receive item, once in whole game) on your Record Sheet.

Whenever you have beaten a monster in combat and are given the option of searching the body, you may use this Skill which enables you to eat non-human flesh, granting you +5 HP.
If you wish to select this SS, write Stomach (When asked to search body, +5 HP) on your Record Sheet.

If you have selected a path which leads to either instant death or a battle or situation you wish to avoid, you may use this Skill to return to the entry that you were at before.
If you wish to select this SS, write Return (Back to previous entry) on your Record Sheet.

Used only in battle. If an opponent dealt damage to you, you can subtract a certain amount of your SP to minimize the damage in addition to this Skill’s SP Cost. For example, if an opponent dealt 5 damage, you can subtract 3 SP (to activate this SS) and an additional 4 to reduce the 5 damage to 1 damage only.
If you wish to select this SS, write Armor (Subtract SP to reduce damage) on your Record Sheet.

If an entry tells you to roll a die, you may use this SS to automatically roll an even number.
If you wish to select this SS, write Charm (Automatic roll even) on your Record Sheet.

You may reduce one turn’s damage to 0.
If you wish to select this SS, write Acrobat (One turn 0 damage) on your Record Sheet.

Roll a die. If it is an even number, you may increase the damage you deal by 3.
If you wish to select this SS, write Rage (Roll die, even number +2 damage) on your Record Sheet.

You may have a +2 AP bonus only when you have no weapons equipped.
If you wish to select this SS, write Martial Arts (+2 AP when no weapon equipped) on your Record Sheet.

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Mission Assignment

You take a deep breath and open the door. You step in. The smell of warm, roasted coffee seeps into your nostrils and your stomach grumbles. In the room, only a small lamp provides illumination. An authentic Persian rug lies on the parquet floor before you and a wooden desk is placed at the end of the room.

Sitting on the desk is a man, rubbing his spindly fingers along the cushioned chair. He smiles for a millisecond and then his face turns into what resembles a mannequin. He begins stroking his tuxedo. He is the Director of all Aegis-related events.

He hands you a file, “Blackheart Asylum, on a man-made island a few miles off the coast of Ireland. The world’s most psychotic criminals who have been deemed insane and have escaped death row live there. Built over 50 years ago, this place is literally a living fortress of madness.”

He chuckles at his metaphor, “It’s in bad condition and the guards only work there for the high pay. Hygiene conditions do not even exist and the director of the asylum hasn’t contacted the mainland for over 3 years. The last boat that went there to check on it never came back.” He taps his glasses, “Coincidence? I don’t think so. The boat wreck landed on shore a few months ago. Bite marks determine a Dæmon attack.”

“We’ve made a fake ID for you and you will go undercover as a serial killer who received severe brain damage which results in you murdering people.” You raise an eyebrow. “Your new identity is Jane Brown and you have killed 19 people to date, clear?” You reply clear and pick up the file. “Your mission is to find out why criminals are being transported there and what does that have to do with Aegis. Another thing to note is that there will be people there to help you. Many good Aegiseans have been imprisoned there too. You will be sent tomorrow morning and will be given one day to find out what’s going on. If you have not figured out by then, we’ll be sending in a group of helicopters.”

That was yesterday. Today, you are in an enforcement cage on a speedboat heading to Blackheart Asylum. Your hands are sore from the heavy manacles and sweating from the itchy orange uniform. The guards aren’t much better but they are, however, enjoying the nice breeze. You are about to cry out a rather informal word when the Asylum approaches in the horizon.

“Welcome to Blackheart Asylum,” one guard announces with a grin. You stare gaping at it for a while. The massive Victorian-style building is huge. Around it are stony brick walls. The building is so old; the whole thing is literally a grayish black. Crows fly around the area as statues of gargoyles hang from the ridges, seemingly ready to fly and grab someone’s head for a snack. One tower stands high above everything else.

Your hands naturally touch the anti-Aegisean revolver that has been magically stored in your thigh. This is going to be one particularly long mission. ‘Just think of the money you’ll get after this,” you tell yourself.

Begin on entry 1.


Your Adventure Starts here

You suddenly feel seasick as two guards grab you and bring you to a dark and dingy room. They lock your manacles to a silver pole using a pair of shiny chains. You recognize the chain metal. Dragonfire chain, metal scorched by the fire of dragons and unbreakable. That proves that the Asylum has some secrets.

The guards tell you to wait here for awhile. You look around. Nothing but a fireplace and an old, dusty, bookshelf. But perhaps the shelf will provide you with some insight. Will you do as you’re told (turn to entry 54), attempt to slip off the chains and search the bookcase? (turn to entry 21) Or glance at the sheet of paper on top of the fireplace? (entry 405)


You attempt to slide away but the (rather keen, you note) guard notices. He lunges for you at entry 81.


The door is turned open and inside you can see a hall of prison cells. A single lightbulb hands and illuminates the room, giving it a somewhat ghostly presence. In each of these cells are men and women of different sizes and races, but all in the same condition, injured and tortured, with the scars and bruises to prove. You hide behind a column and luckily no one notices you. The moment the guard sets foot in the room, everyone stays quiet.

No one makes a move. No one says a word. A monotonous silence ensues and all is motionless. A few struggle to the corner of their cells as the guard trudges in, clearly happy by the display of fear and respect. He mutters to no one in particular, “That’s what I like, respect, unlike the Dæmona, who do not give anyâ?¦”

Dæmona, a slang term for the Dæmons. The highest class of the Dark Forces in Aegis. The commanders and the kings of the nation of death. So this Blackheart Asylum must be led by some form of Dæmon. As thoughts fill your mind, you don’t notice the guard staring at your cocked head with a raised eyebrow. You gulp as he looks at the orange uniform.

“I’m sure you’ve seen this before,” he cackles as he morphs into a BASILISK.

The prisoners stare in shock as you withdraw your anti-Aegisean revolver. ‘The first inmate of this Blackheart Asylum to have fought back’ you tell yourself.

BASILISK LV 1- The first stage of Basiliskian evolution, the LV 1 version is roughly a humanoid-shaped lizard with a crest on its head. Basilisks are known for their unique ability to pass through substance.

HP: 4
AP: d6+2
HR: 2

When you defeat this reptile, turn to entry 22.


You fall on your knees the moment your feet touch the other end and you let out a sigh of relief. Wiping your brow with a handkerchief, you pull yourself up. As you walk further into the distance, you see more torches hanging on the wall. But these are blue, not red.

Ghost Fire, you tell yourself. Which means that many people have died here. Suddenly, you arrive in a huge cavern lit by ghost fire torches. But what shocks you are the UNDEAD, picking at the cavern’s walls and digging out Dark Crystals. The UNDEAD don’t seemed perturbed by your appearance but you are greatly disturbed by the digging of Dark Crystals.

The most destructive and disastrous form of Magic Crystals of Aegis, Dark Crystals are usually used for a power source for dark arts such as necromancy, chimera fusion, or granting someone the power of darkness. What could this be fore? You stare as the UNDEAD gather the crystals and place them in a mine cart heading north.

Will you ask one of them where the cart goes (entry 27)
Or will you attempt to analyze the Dark Crystals? (entry 256)


You silently tiptoe to the armory and then turn right to the east. Suddenly, you see a strange goat-like creature clinging onto a column. Its skin is a dark shade of grey and its blood red eyes glow in the dim light. It is a PUCA, a shape-shifter. It gives you a grunt as if beckoning you to follow and turns to a corridor leading down to the south. Will you follow the Puca (entry 58) or ignore it and keep moving forward? (entry 23)


Ahead, you see a door leading to a room. On the door is a symbol of a crescent. There is no handle. Pressing your ear softly against the door, you hear nothing. Pressing lightly, you judge that it is locked. Will you attempt to barge through it (entry 26) or go back to the T-junction and head north? (entry 87)


The ENCHANTED ARMOR notices you and draws its double-edged sword. Prepare for combat.

ENCHANTED ARMOR- Mages are known to cast roughly-sentient spirits onto suits of armor and give them simple tasks. (Sort of like an AI)

HP: 7
AP: d6+4
HR: 3

When you defeat the armor, turn to entry 84.


You smash the lock apart and open the heavy door with all your might. Inside, in the damp and wet room, there is no one but a bearded man huddling to a corner of the room. You recognize a foul smell and realize that the wet liquid was saliva. The man was salivating profusely and his eyes glare at you. You attempt to communicate with him but all he whispers is, “I’m hungry.”

And he lunges for you! Lose 1 HP for the bite as you push the man off and draw your weapon.

CANNIBAL- An ordinary human who turned mad and too hungry in these walls.

HP: 4
AP: d6+5
HR: 2

When you kill the man, turn to entry 201.


You decide to go east. Looking around sneakily for guards, you encounter no one. You are surprised at the flaming torches. It all seems too medieval. “All the more to add to the dungeon factor” you add grimly. As if angered by your comment, the sickly green moss on the floor comes to life! It forms into a whip-like structure and raises itself high into the air. Do you have the AGILITY Special Skill? If so, turn to entry 43. If not, turn to entry 97.


You turn left and turn right towards the north. You have to find the reason and what Aegiseans have to do with this. You finally arrive at a dead end with a door to the north labeled, “QUICK DISPOSAL,” and a door to the east labeled “ABOMINATIONS.” Will you enter the QUICK DISPOSAL door (entry 200), the ABOMINATIONS door (entry 96) or go back to the junction and turn east instead to entry 32?


The moment your left foot touches the egg, it shatters into pieces, and giant snakes appear from the milky yolk of the egg. They entwine themselves over your body like steel chains and dig their venomous fangs into your teeth. You howl as their venom seeps through your arteries. Your muscles tense at the grip of the serpents. You fall into the pit, where more snakes await your delicious flesh.


You place your hand on your thigh and magically summon the revolver into your hand. You grip it tightly and check it. Fully loaded. Aiming the gun at the lock, you fire. Roll a die. If it is an odd number, turn to entry 73. If it is an even number, turn to entry 95.


You look at the shell as it shatters and pieces of white, fishy meat slide out. All of a sudden, you suddenly feel like eating crab. You may decide to eat some crab meat and gain +4 HP.

You continue trudging, feeling just a little upset that the mission is still going. You wish that you had some way of contacting HQ but you know that nobody can be too sure with magic. You gaze into the faraway distance and your heart leaps as you see a set of NORMAL steps heading up to a cavern. ‘Perhaps there IS another way,’ you tell yourself. You climb up the stairs to entry 4.


The Orcinians lead you to a river inside a cavern. There, you quickly finish them off with three quick slices. Their dead bodies fall onto the rocky floor. Now, you sit and contemplate your next move when a boat suddenly appears. Will you take the boat (entry 299) or jump into the river? (entry 94)


You decide to head up north. Statues of strange men line up the corridor. You can feel an energy of evil in this place. Suddenly, the statues come to life, their eyes glowing like sapphire stones. You take a step back as you prepare to fight in entry 62.


The giant tumbles to the ground and it breaks into stony shards and pieces. Searching through the rumble, however, you find two, heavy Sapphire Stones. You may wish to take these Stones but you will have to remove EVERYTHING in your Sachet to be able to place them because of their size and weight. When you are done, you walk off farther north to entry 281.


No doubt a whole building search would have been organized by now and your mind panics, knowing that this could very well be your last mission. But somehow, you have to figure out why human prisoners are being kept here for.

Run over to entry 90.


You decide to take a look at the jars. At one section, two jars are labeled blue as “Special.” Feeling mischievous, you decide to select one of the jars. Will you takeâ?¦?

â?¦the left one? (entry 37)
Or the right one? (entry 52)


You slip the shining Crystal Pendant over your neck. Feeling quite the royal noble, you gaze at the sparkling silver held together by little clips shaped like fish. Suddenly the Crystal glows and a spectrum of rainbow colors flow out of the pendant as a magical energy surrounds you. You gain +2 SP. Now exit at entry 199.


You analyze the wall; your ever analytical skills clearly at work and your fingers touch a puffy moss growth. You can automatically tell that it is fake and has been placed there by some means. You rip the green vegetation aside and blink as you read the message. There is a warning written there that says:


You wonder what the message means for a while and then decide to try another form of action.

Will you examine the cell? (entry 121)
Will you exit the cell by shooting the lock with a revolver? (entry 12)
Or will you attempt to climb through a small window? (entry 67)


Slowly and painfully, you pry your way out of the chains. Lose 1 HP for the ringed cuts. You walk over to the bookcase. Searching through the books, you are shocked to realize that all these books are Aegis-related.

Your eye catches a book titled “My Asylum.” As you read these passages, you realize that it gives a detailed insight on the layout of the Asylum. You discover that creatures of all kinds have been kept here to ensure that no prisoners escape. But why? You hear footsteps, turn to entry 108.


With the reptile lying dead on the floor, the prisoners cry in joy. You explain that you are an agent sent to investigate and they rejoice even more. You take a bunch of keys from the guard’s pouch and unlock them. Those who still have strength run in joy while those who don’t are carried by those who can.

A few stop by to thank you on their way out with joys of tears. You smile as they run in freedom but your smile pauses in mid-frown suddenly. “WAIT!” you yell, “Don’t you guys know that there are dangerous beasts here?”

They smile with a little devilish glint to it and reply, “We know where the armory is though.”

You grin back as they lead you there to entry 60.


You veer north and continue walking. Suits of knights stand in a row to your right. You comment that this is more like a castle than an asylum. With all the medieval ornaments, this could have been an exhibition.

Suddenly, you see a pale blue mist around one suit of armor which vanishes as soon as it appeared. Enchanted Armor, you realize as the pale blue glow appears faintly again. But does that one suit notice you? Roll one die. If it is an odd number turn to entry 7, if not, turn to entry 45.


You quickly get up as two IRON-CLAD BARBARIANS who must have been forced into guards. Both wield giant weapons and prepare to bring it down upon your head. You take a quick dodge as two blows crack the wooden floor below you. Be prepared for combat.

You will fight them in the following order:

IRON-CLAD BARBARIAN- Barbarians are known to be, well, barbaric and love meat and gold more than anything in the world.

HP: 9
AP: d6+3
HR: 3

IRON-CLAD BARBARIAN- Barbarians, however, have a sense of honor too, a quality which these two clearly do not possess.

HP: 9
AP: d6+4
HR: 2

Once you defeat them, flip to entry 238.


You see a blood-red Dæmon behind you with curved horns and an equally curved scythe. Do you have two Sapphires? If so, turn to entry 207. If not, turn to entry 154.


You steady yourself and take 5 steps back from the door. You take a deep breath and ram the door with all your might. A splintering sound echoes as the wood splits and wooden shrapnel fly everywhere. You collapse to the ground, something you did not consider, and bruise your shoulder. Lose 2 HP for the impact of the blow. You rub your sore shoulder and stop to admire your work.

Suddenly, you realize you are in a cell. Inside the cell is a sickly old man. From all the years in this rotting place, you can see the outline of his malnutritioned bones and the black circles of his eyes. His teeth are black like space and his tongue a sick, parched, red. His hair is white and long and frizzy. But his smile, a smile of triumph surprises you.

Will you offer him help? (entry 187)
Or will you ask if he is a shape-shifting Troll? (entry 68?)


You walk up bravely to an undead, chin up and shoulders broad like a commander and demands to know where the cart goes. The UNDEAD opens its mouth and a trail of Ghost Fire smoke appears as it rasps, “To level 2, House of the Dæmons.” You tell him to carry on and climb into an empty and dirty cart. You stare into the unknown darkness ahead of you. You are getting closer to your goal. Signaling one of the UNDEAD, the cart begins to move and soon you feel as though you are on a roller-coaster as the cart speeds to entry 300.


You decide to pull the right lever and the portcullis rises about as high as your triumphant smile. The door creaks open and you walk in. The room is as dark as the night sky and the few shafts in the wall give little light. As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you see a giant but shallow pit located in the center of the room. In the pit are a few milky white eggs. But what grabs your eye is the huge and beautiful dagger with a handle shaped like that of a basilisk. Will you attempt to retrieve the dagger by stretching (entry 63), or would you rather use the eggs as a footing? (entry 11)


What you see next sickens you as you walk along the bank. Various torture devices are hanging by the sand with dead skeletons in them. A putrid smell echoes the bank and you cover your nose in disgust. Your keen eye, however, catches a parchment slipped into a skeleton’s rib.

You grab it and unravel the rolled parchment. Inside, it says the following:


You stare a few moments at the odd message. Will you break the skeleton’s spine (entry 51) or proceed further, pass this disgusting spectacle? (entry 165)


As you walk on the bank, you begin to feel tired and sore at not being able to discover the cause. You pause to sit on the muddy sand and close your eyes to think. Finally faint from exhaustion, you lie on the ground to sleep when worms approach you. Turn over to entry 101.


You sleekly slip pass the guard and chuckle to yourself in your head. ‘One point for the master’ you acknowledge in your mind. You walk to a small and narrow pathway heading south. Carefully avoiding and treading over patches of green moss, you walk further to entry 6.


You head east and turn left to a northern passage. Suddenly, you stop at the edge of a cliff. Ahead of you are giant steps held in the air by dangling chains. Below you is a rushing river. Gritting your teeth tightly, you grab onto the first step and warily cling onto the chains as the step 12 meters above the rushing river begins to swerve a little.

Taking a deep breath. You spread your feet and prepare to link to the second dangling step. Suddenly, the first step suddenly grows a mouth and begins lunging at your foot. Do you have a golden ring? If so, turn to entry 103. If not, turn to entry 86.


Still in the direction of east. You finally stop at a T-junction. The one heading north is shown to have yet another T-junction waiting. While the one to your right shows ascending steps leading up to somewhere unknown. Will you go left (entry 87), or right? (entry 122)


He grunts what you determine as a grunt of approval and digs his leather pouch. He withdraws and hands you a silver key with designs of dragons entwining around the handle on them. You thank him and he walks away, unaware of your purpose. Turn to entry 79.


You walk away and suddenly a group of Goblins chasing after you. Quickly, you find two huge doors ahead of you. Which will you enter?

The left one? (entry 168)
Or the right one? (entry 129)


Suddenly, you hear a bang at the door and you hear the roar of a Dæmon. Quickly, you look around for a means of escape and finally see a shaft in a wall. You climb out a shelf and push yourself in the rectangular shaft. ‘Finally,’ you comment in your head, ‘Something modern.’

You finally exit the shaft into the X-shaped crossroads that you were at. Now would you like to go:

-North-east?(entry 203)
-South-west? (entry 65)
-Or North-west? (entry 250)


You decide to pick up the left one. You open the blue jar and inside you find a Rubik’s Cube-like puzzle. You attempt to solve it. Eventually, unable and frustrated, you break the cube apart and cheat to fix it.

Suddenly a booming voice appears from the cube, “Thou has cheated!” and a bolt of lightning zaps you in the face. Your mission is over.


You were rather pissed off at the sudden violence of the elfish Boggart and so give it a nice, deserved, kick in the stomach. This jolts the Boggart and it suddenly cries a strange howl.

A photo frame of a man hung on a wall suddenly disappears and in its place is a demented chimera, the AVIAN OCTOPUS. It seems the Boggart was attempting to get help and it scampers as the Avian Octopus advances to you.

AVIAN OCTOPUS- A sick combination of an eagle and an octopus.

HP: 6
AP: d6+3
HR: 3

When you defeat this monstrosity, turn to entry 75.


You pretend the bony hands are just buzzing insects, wait never mind, umâ?¦..your mind wonders but finally stops when the two Barbarians exit the room. You count up to 12 seconds and then push yourself out of the closet and release a few shocked breaths. Then you turn around to find a mangled and bony figure stride towards you.

You are a little taken aback by the sudden appearance. It is a GHOUL but it doesn’t seem to have any problem with you. It touches your arm and Ghost Fire escapes from its mouth as it silently says, “Let me feel you.”

It seems as though the Ghoul is probably imagining how it would feel like if it HAD nerves. Will you continue letting the Ghoul harass you (entry 106) or back away and close the door? (entry 231)


The man groans as you attempt to use your shirt as bandages but he simply tells you to touch his hand. You glance down at the man’s hand and find the symbol of a Dragon on it. You reluctantly grab it and suddenly a surging energy seeps through you. Lose 2 HP. The man suddenly looks much better and thanks you.

He explains that he is a Draco Knight, capable of using people’s energy to restore himself. He is broad and muscular and his whole head has no hair except for a little white goatee. He starts putting on armor and decides to help you, explaining that he was sent from Aegis over a month ago to destroy this place but failed and only survived by sucking the energy off scurrying rats.

Because he has joined your party, you now gain +2 AP. Now you may either go north through entry 15 or west through entry 155.


You place the Onyx-laced helmet on your head and smile as a lady comments that you look quite the character of an adventure. The black gemstones suddenly give you a rather enthralling sense of valor and courage. You gain +2 HP and it takes up your EX slot. Now turn to entry 199.


You find a BEE-WARRIOR with a Sting Bow as the person behind the Mandrakes’ deaths and in a rage, threaten the Bee-Warrior to combat.

BEE WARRIOR- humanoid-shaped bees, the Bee-Warriors are not that loyal to the Bee Queen like the Bee Drones or the Bee Kings.

HP: 8
AP: d6+3
HR: 4

Because of the creature’s incredible mobility, you must roll either a 5 or a 6 to score a successful Hit Rate Roll. If ever you roll a 1, turn to entry 403. When you have finished with the creature, turn to entry 297.


You use the AGILITY skill, (deduct it and its SP Cost from your Record Sheet) and evade the crushing blow. You now have to do battle with the VINE MOSS.

VINE MOSS- A form of some sort of enchanted moss.

HP: 4
AP: d6+1
HR: 1

When you have defeated the Vine Moss, turn to entry 97.


Another loud cheer arises as the last Goblin falls on the marble floor. You shush everybody for fear of more enemies. You tell the crowd silently that too many prisoners will arise suspicion. You tell the rest to hide behind a few stone columns and tables. You will take one of the guard’s costume and pretend to be a guard guarding a few prisoners who will lead you to the armory.

The people seem happy enough as you remove the orange shirt for a dark blue one. Turn to reference 88.


You pass by the passive armor, tiptoeing. At the last moment, you dash off with no trouble to entry 61.


Grumbling, you hoist yourself out of the sandy swamp and arrive on dry land, though still wet. You may now choose to check out the ledge (entry 64) or move on to entry 36.


The statues begin to shift and hard, graveling sounds are made as they spread their wings. Their mouths open and their jaws protrude. They are GARGOYLES.

Fight them in the following order:

GARGOYLE- These creatures are known to ambush their prey by turning into statues.

HP: 5
AP: d6+2
HR: 3

GARGOYLE- They are not particularly skilled in flying due to their heavy weight, though.

HP: 6
AP: d6+3
HR: 3

When you defeat the flying statues, turn to entry 251.


You try the pattern, no success here. Which will you try now?

YOA? (entry 131)
AOY? (entry 161)
AYO? (entry 195)
OAY? (entry 224)
OYA? (entry 292)


You offer them a Gold Piece in exchange for keeping their mouths shut. Greedy (and stupid, you think) they accept your offer but not before you lethally slash them up as they walk pass you. You retrieve your Gold Piece and move along to entry 193.


You carry the Shield of Safety. It has a turquoise hue with a star like pattern in the center. It grants you +2 HP when equipped and takes up your LH or RH slot but while equipped, you do not get to begin when engaged in combat. Now turn to entry 199.


You reluctantly grab the skeleton’s spine and its skull falls to the ground. You hoist the spine high in the air and bring it crashing down. Suddenly, a golden light flies out of the broken bone and you realize it’s a blade that was sealed into the skeleton’s spine.

You wonder who could have left it as you grab the Radiance Blade, which grants the user +4 AP. You happily walk off with your find to entry 165.


You pick up the right jar and open it. Suddenly, a pale spider-like creature pops out of the jar and spits silk at you. Lose 2 SP for the spit. It lunges for you but you deflect it with your arm. Suddenly, the spider transforms into a human and charges for you. Lose 2 HP from a smash. You quickly repel it back but it comes for you again. This time, you hit it in the skull and it transforms to its original form, a BOGGART. How irritating. What will you do now?

Kick the boggart? (entry 38)
Or leave it alone? (entry 66)


You decide to reach for the rough object. It feelsâ?¦scaly. You pull the great object out before it begins twirling and lashing. You realize it is a tail! Suddenly, you here a rumble and a roar as a creature begins to emerge from the sand on entry 272.


A burly, fat man accompanied by two guards makes their way in. The fat man straightens his shirt and tie and looks at you menacingly. He tells you, “You won’t be here for long.” Writing your name and other details in a folder, he swiftly exits the room as the guards lead you to your cell.

While passing by a row of cells, you can see no one. You can, however, hear ear-piercing shrieks of pain crying out through the air. A man is crying bitterly and screaming while a baby girl howls in agony. The place resembles a dungeon, and so does your cell. You grimace as they throw you in. You wait till they are gone and then ponder on what you will do.

Will you examine the cell? (entry 121)
Will you exit the cell by shooting the lock with a revolver? (entry 12)
Or will you attempt to climb through a small window? (entry 67)
Or would you rather search the wall for a secret passage? (entry 20)


You look at the dead body and grab the Aegisean Knight Sword. It is a rather rusted one, but the silver blade with its bronze handle proves itself to be a deadly weapon. You may equip this weapon in either LH, or RH. This weapon grants +2 AP. You continue walking to entry 6.


“Ahâ?¦” he mutters. “So can I have the key?” you ask forcefully. “Oh yes, you can...” He bashes your skull with a flail, “â?¦NOT.”


You tell him that you decide to trade and he offers you the following.

-A Gust Shield (+4 HP and +1 SP when equipped, EX slot) in exchange for the Shield of Safety.

-A Knuckle Wave Special Skill (4 SP Cost, you automatically deal 4 damage, regardless of the Hit Rate Roll) in exchange for the Ammo Special Skill

-Or a Serpentine Cutlass (+3 AP when equipped and takes up the LH or RH slot, deals 2 damage when you roll an odd number) for a piece of Gold.

When you are done, you may ask for some news (entry 225) or turn to entry 116.


You decide to follow the Puca and it leads you through a southern corridor. On the walls of the black corridors are portraits of people. But as you pass them, they suddenly turn into grotesque forms of Dæmons. You are repelled, ‘A rather iconic trick in dark magic circles,’ you note. The Puca suddenly leads you to a giant wooden door with a portcullis in front of it. The Puca shape shifts into a fly and flies away. Beside the huge door, you notice two levers. Which will you pull?

The left one? (entry 98)
The right one? (entry 28)


You stay awhile and probe him and he seems disheartened that you do not trust him. Suddenly, an Orcinian guard enters the cage, surprising you and quickly getting rid of you. You may have the fire of youth, but the older generation always has the better experience.


‘Wow, this is a first,’ you tell yourself as you run alongside men and women dressed in rags and ready for revenge. You have never had so many people aid you in your mission before. Suddenly, the whole crowd abruptly stops as you encounter a group of guards. They begin to shift to their normal forms. You gain +2 AP from the help of the prisoners. Fight them in the following order:

GOBLIN- Goblins are devious and spindly creatures, known for manipulating elements.

HP: 5
AP: d6+2
HR: 2

GOBLET- A mutated form of the Goblin that resembles a frog with a ridiculously giant mouth.

HP: 6
AP: d6+1
HR: 2

FIRE GOBLIN- A goblin that specializes in the manipulation of fire.

HP: 3
AP: d6+3
HR: 3
When the Fire Goblin deals damage to you twice in a row, you lose 1 extra HP.

When you defeat them, turn to entry 44.


You continue walking north. You wonder why there are no guards. Torches flicker, as if mocking you. You nervously brush imaginary dust off your blue uniform when you suddenly stop ad you hear a scream. Just ahead of you, are three cells. Hiding behind a column, you observe silently as a “man” in a purple robe opens one cell and grabs a crying and pleading man. The purple robed man chuckles maniacally and responds, “Today’s your big day!”

You are about to lunge when you realize a blue mist around the guard’s sword. An Enchanted Swordâ?¦this must be a Dæmon! The chances of you defeating one are a million toâ?¦.none. Your face tightens as the man is dragged away for some unknown cause.

When you are sure that they have gone, you proceed to look at the two cells. Which will you break into? The left one (entry 282) or the right one? (entry 8)


The statues suddenly merge into a single giant entity of stone and its dazzling sapphire stones glow like the ocean. You are almost entranced by the beauty but then snap back to reality. The giant lunges at you and you quickly dodge it. Get ready!

SAPPHIRE GIANT- A combination of many stone statues, it is powered by the mystical sapphires in its eyes.

HP: 16
AP: d6+6
HR: 2

When you defeat the colossal beast, turn to entry 16.


You stretch your muscles as far as you can and reach for the dagger. Its magic tingles around you. Gain +1 SP. You also gain +3 AP when equipped on either the LH or RH slots. Suddenly, you hear a rumble as maroon shaded eyes glint at you from the darkness. Turn to entry 164.


You decide to try the ledge. You hoist yourself on it and pull yourself out to a window. You breathe a breath of fresh air. Alas, a bit of the outside world and away from the claustrophobic asylum. Gain +3 HP from the breathe. Beside you, there are two statues of gargoyles.

‘Heh, looks medieval,’ you tell yourself then freeze, ‘Wait, Gargoyles.’

Suddenly, the two stone statues begin to move. Turn to entry 47.


You decide to head north-west. You duck behind a column as a search party of Orcinians rush by. This was getting out of hand. ‘Have to figure out what’s going on, why, how, get the heck out of here, and collect my paycheck.’ You note in your mind. Desperate people do desperate things, like when you first joined the secret organization.

You run further down the corridor, occasionally hiding behind a column as Aegisians pass by. Looking around, you hope you can find any clues that will lead to your goal. You walk past a wall and accidentally trip into a western door due to a wooden bar on the floor. You land in the room with a thud and you can hear people coming your way. Will you fight? (entry 24) or run into the only object in the room, a wooden closet? (entry 244)


You decide that it probably thought you were going to force it into a jar and so you leave the stunned Boggart alone. Now, you may either look at the potions on entry 135 or the cages at entry 142. Or, you may choose to simply go to entry 36.


You hoist yourself atop the small chair of the cell and push your way through the small opening. Suddenly, a guard appears out of nowhere. His face is a sickly green and yellow jaws shine from his mouth. An ORC! He clubs your head violently and what remains of it is now red and mushy. You have failed the mission.


You cautiously ask him if he is a Troll and he laughs weakly at your response. From his mouth, he coughs out a yellow, golden, ring. Shining like the sun. He tells you that the ring is needed for the way north and hands it to you. He explains that he managed to hide the ring in his throat before being caught.

Will you accept this ring from the man, thank him, and escape quickly to the north? (entry 87)

Or will you stay a little while and ask a few more questions, determining this man’s allegiance. (entry 59)


Because of the effects of the Deterrent Potion, your back flip isn’t rather effective and you are hit by one spike in the arm. Lose 1 AP for the slight impalement. You may now try another pattern:

YAO? (entry 48)
YOA? (entry 131).
AOY? (entry 161)
AYO? (entry 195)
OYA? (entry 292)


You grit your teeth for the hundredth time since your arrival. Rubbing your shoulder twice counter-clockwise (an ancient dwarven good luck charm) you then proceed to charge at the door. The first blow merely damages the hinges a little and a few of the bolts fall out.

You then pull back and take another breath. Then you charge for the door and the wood splinters into littleâ?¦well, splinters. You fall onto the hard floor of the next room. Forcing yourself up, you stare at the room.

‘Oh myâ?¦’ you whisper.

Find out the shocking truth (that’s such an overused term) on entry 157.


The floor slides open to a pit below. Roll a Dodge Roll. If you fail, well, you are stuck in the pit and your oxygen shortly wavers. If you succeed, turn to entry 144.


“Thrudgegeor.” You say as confidently as you can. The Chalice of Souls whispers, “Very well.” You may now increase your HP by 10 and proceed on to entry 150.


You fire but a huge chunk of the lock hits you in the eye. You bite your finger to keep yourself from screaming and curse. Lose one AP point for your clumsiness. Now turn over to entry 95.


You open the unlocked door and find a row of goblets with purple water in them on a wide table. There is a label attached to all of them saying:


You look at a particular one, but when you rub your finger over it, a blue glow lightens up. Lawful Scanner, you realize! Which means that someone who was trying to free the prisoners somehow failed and left this “wine” behind? When you rubbed your finger over it, the Lawful Scanner would scan your intention. If it was “lawful,” a blue glow would shine and a secret message would reveal itself.

You peer at the label as the POISON WINE FOR CRIMINALS sign vanishes and in its place, a label saying:

When you reach the river, swim underwater.

You note this down and exit the room, getting ready to head to the other one at entry 170.


You look at the dead chimera and can’t help but feel pitiful for the monster. You are about to leave when something grabs your eye. It is a small pearl stuck in between two of the creature’s teeth.

You pry it out and look at it. It is a Fortune Orb. At any time, you may use this Orb to heal you and grant you +2 HP. When used in battle, however, you DO NOT miss a turn. You may now either look at the cages at entry 142 or you may look at the potions in entry 135. You may also simply go to entry 36.


You quickly gulp the potion and suddenly turn into a giant hulking Dæmon. They stare at you and immediately apologize. You’re about to ask why when you notice the mark on your forehead. Symbol of an Elder Dæmon. You grin as they make way for you and the door closes behind you and you automatically change into a human again. Turn to entry 230.


Roll one die, if you rolled an even number; proceed to entry 31, if you rolled an even number, go to entry 2.


With the shining blade, you quickly carve up the giant crustacean and smile at the pieces of raw meat in front of you. Turn to entry 13.


The five silently smile and look with glee towards you as you insert the key and turn the lock, feeling quite the heroâ?¦or heroine. You enter the giant room and stare in shock at the place. It is roughly oval and on the walls are elaborate weapons of all shapes and sizes.

The five quickly fit on armor and weapons while you stare in shock. Six particular items catch your eye:

Will you try the Onyx-laced Helmet, (entry 41)
The Skull Warhammer, (entry 202)
The Shield of Safety, (entry 50)
The Golden Mace? (entry 389)
A Nighthawk pistol? (entry 371)
Or the Crystal Pendant? (entry 19)


The Dæmon smiles and then begins to cackle madly. His black robes wave as three circles surround him. Summoning circles. Suddenly, bony, fleshless hands arise form the circles and hoist their bodies up onto the earth. They are the Undead. Fight them in the following order.

SUMMONED UNDEAD- Fleshless and lifeless monstrosities of the Pit.

HP: 9
AP: d6+4
HR: 2

SUMMONED UNDEAD- The physical form of a dead person.

HP: 10
AP: d6+3
HR: 2

SUMMONED UNDEAD- Stick and stones may break my bones but they will always be fixed again.

HP: 8
AP: d6+2
HR: 3

When you defeat them, turn to entry 390.


You charge at the human, who changes to a BLACK TROLL. ‘Trolls and their shape-shifting skills’ you mutter to yourself as you draw your revolver.

BLACK TROLL- The most savage of all trolls, this breed particularly enjoys feasting on human organs, which probably resulted in the trade of organs in the black market.

HP: 5
AP: d6+2
HR: 2

When you defeat the beast, turn to entry 55.


The other paths that you have taken always gave you a sense of mystery. But this particularly one gives you a feeling of uneasiness. A form of malevolent evil is hanging in this place. Your path suddenly twists to your right and now heads directly east.

You finally stop at a circular tunnel. You enter the tunnel but suddenly a board with spikes springs and barely slashes you but you quickly evade. Lose 1 HP point. You look further into the short tunnel and note out several traps.

Roll a die and add four to that. That will be your “Dodge Ability.” If you have the Agility Special Skill, you may deduct it from the SS list to add +1 to your Dodge Ability. When you encounter these traps, you will have to roll a die. As long as the number is small than your Dodge Roll, you live to see another day.

Now proceed to entry 337.


You put your back on the left wall and move along the passage. But a two-headed reptilian humanoid, standing on the right side, spots you and charges for you with a spear. Be prepared for combat on entry 265.


You stare for a moment at the toppling suit of armor and hope that no one saw anything. You decide to wear the pair of greaves and gain +3 HP when equipped. It takes up your EX slot. Now move onto entry 61.


Lose one AP as you slump to the cold floor, exhausted and yet glad that you have eliminated the giant beast. Suddenly, from the gash which you made on the beast’s stomach, a small chest slides out.

You bend down to pick it up and open it. Inside is a gold coin. You may store this gold coin in one of your Sachet slots and head back to turn north this time on entry 23.


You fall and plunge into the river headfirst. You can’t see anything and feel drowsy as the raging water stream pushes you east. You are surprised to survive the fall and plunge into the water to see what is going on.

You look around. Nothing but stones and seaweed. At least until a TROGLODYTE appears. You must now fight the blue-scaled reptilian.

TROGLODYTE- Blue scaled crocodile-like humanoids, the Troglodyte is a carnivorous and blood-lusting race who work well as guards.

HP: 6
AP: d6+3
HR: 3

When you defeat it, you may turn to 139 to examine the Troglodyte’s skin. Otherwise, climb on shore at entry 296.


You turn left and head north. You arrive at the T-junction. One to the east and the other to the west. Both are shown to bend steeply to the north. Which will you take? The east one (entry 32) or the west one? (entry 10)


You and your band of three women and two men gather as you turn a sharp turn to the east. One woman tells you to turn north at the next junction. There, you encounter a huge door made of Dragonfire Steel. There is a lock. A man informs you that someone is approaching. You put on your best guard look as a guard approaches.

Using a forced, gruff, voice, you “inform” the guard that you need to collect a few weapons from the armory. He asks you what the password is:

What will you say?
Dæmona? (entry 34)
Blackheart Asylum? (entry 56)
Excuse me? (entry 109)


The two nod and give you a rather tacky salute and rush off to the corridor. You wait for a while and chuckle as they dash away. Quickly, you move on to entry 193.


You continue running and gasping and twice almost ran into the hands of some Aegisians. Panting now, you hear the running mob of several Aegisians ready to slaughter you. You finally end up in an X-shaped crossroad. Which way will you go?

North-east? (entry 203)
South-east? (entry 148)
South-west? (entry 65)
Or North-west? (entry 250)


You carefully slip your feet onto the ledge and push the door open. Quickly, you hoist your body in in one fast movement and close the door behind you. Luckily, there is a pillar on the other side which enables you to slide down into a mysterious library.

There are tall bookshelves piled with strange and old books. You can see another door on the top of the wall at the other side. A ladder for taking books in higher shelves lies next to a wall. On what you assume is the librarian’s table, you can see a patched blue notebook. What will you do now?

Look at the books? (entry 125)
Take the library ladder and hoist yourself through the door? (entry 182)
Or look at the blue notebook? (entry 252)


You turn around to the screeching noise and see a skeleton enwrapped in a black and raggedy cloak come out. Behind him, a strange creature wearing a dirty clown uniform and a cracked puppet mask appears. A REAPER and a RAGDOLL! So that meansâ?¦you begin to tell yourself but the battle has begun.

Fight them one by one in any order:

REAPER- An Undead who received the job to eliminate anyone who would not willingly die.

HP: 15
AP: d6+5
HR: 2

RAGDOLL- A Ghoul who found refuge in the body of a broken marionette.

HP: 17
AP: d6+3
HR: 2

When you defeat these strange creatures, turn to entry 212.


“Me, a human, are you challenging a Dæmon?” you demand.

The Half-Orcinians grunt and look at each other, wondering what to do next. Is their IQ on your side? Roll a die, if it is an odd number, turn to entry 277, if it is an even number, and turn to entry 301.


You plunge headfirst into the water and soon you feel as though you are being sucked by some sort of unnatural force of energy. Then, for some strange reason, you can breathe underwater! The water embraces you and you feel a sense of peace. You wish this could never end.

Sadly, your peaceful journey ends as your head clunks on a metal bar. Irritated, you look up to find that the metal bar actually is holding together an elevator with another bar. You place one foot on the elevator and hoist yourself up. Right above a lever is a parchment saying:


You crank the lever and breath a breath of anticipation. Welcome to the REAL adventure in entry 100.


With the lock out of the way, you push the creaking door silently and walk down the corridor. There are no guards to be seen. The stone and brick flooring is covered in a sickly green moss. As you reach the end of the corridor, you find that the door is not locked. You go through it and arrive at a junction that turns both east and west. Will you go east (entry 9), or west (entry 123?)


You click open the door and it slides with ease. Looking around, you see three little human babies playing around on the stony floor. Angered that they would resort so low as to steal babes, you decide to lie down to observe the babies.

Their bodies suddenly twist violently. Their eyes bulge, teeth enlarge and their lips turn parched. Their nostrils quiver violently and their bodies grow bigger. Once white and pale skin turn dark brown with stitches attached to them. Blades sprout out of their stomachs as their intestines turn into giant worms and crawl out of their abdomens. They are ABOMINATIONS

Fight them one by one:

ABOMINATIONS(x3)- Using dark magic, anything can be merged together with anything else to form a Frankenstein like mutation.

HP: 8
AP: d6+4
HR: 3

HP: 7
AP: d6+5
HR: 3

HP: 8
AP: d6+4
HR: 3

When you defeat them, you exit the room, shaken to entry 10.


The VINE MOSS deals a quick blow and you fall to the ground. If you did not use AGILITY, deduct 2 HP. You get up and are relieved that the plant seems satisfied as it retreats. You swear to yourself to never openly comment on this dump. Turn to entry 33.


You pull the left lever. Nothing happens for a second or two. And then suddenly a huge blade falls from the sky and your barely dodge it. Do you have an Onyx-laced helmet? If so, you lose no HP, if you do not have one, you lose 4 HP. Now turn to entry 28.


With those nuisances out of the way, you search their leather pouches. Inside, you find a Summoning-class Runestone. This item can’t be equipped but can be used when fighting on your turn. When you do so, you miss this turn but on NEXT turn, you are able to summon an AVATAR OF PROTECTION which has 4 HP and 4 AP. Any damage done by your opponent is taken out on this creature and on your turn, you roll TWO Hit Rate Rolls, one for you and one for your Avatar.

You may now move on to entry 193.


The lift shudders to a stop and though a little dazed, you step out. You are in a rectangular room. There is a door in the south wall and on both sides of the door are two reptilian-like humans. ‘Not Lizardmen,’ you tell yourself, ‘But Drakel.’

The pale green Drakels stare at you, their face registering no emotion. Their silver armor clanks as they both walk towards you, drawing their curved blades. ‘Of course! Drakel have a sixth sense!’

Prepare for combat on entry 373.


You awaken to find a stinging pain on your hand. Looking down, you see giant leeches burrowing their little jaws into your skin. Roll one die. Take that many HP away as you remove the blue little suckers.

Cursing as you get up, you move along the bank once more, determined you’ll never sleep. Turn to entry 29.


The eastern passage heads north again as you trudge. You are worn out and you rest in a corner of the wall that turns north. Gain +2 HP for the short break. You reluctantly force yourself up and proceed. You arrive at a circular hall where you see two doors. Will you take the left one (entry 170) or the right one (entry 74)


The mouth is about to chomp on your foot when it notices your shining ring. Howling, the mouth vanishes and you let out a breath. You silently thank the old man and walk into the swinging steps, with a new hope. Turn to entry 4.


You are dead lucky as you do a rather elaborate curve, though the swinging axe still manages to sever your flesh with a deep gash to your shoulder. Lose 2 HP and one AP for the arm impairment.

You grab your weapon and prepare to engage in combat. Turn to entry 217.


The creature lazily crawls to its feet as you prepare to lunge at it:

ICE DEVIL- Part of the Devil subspecies of Dæmons, the Ice Devil is particularly skilled at the manipulation of ice.

HP: 12
AP: d6+1
HR: 4

Whenever this creature scores a hit, you miss a turn. Alternatively, you can also choose to run and escape to entry 235. If you successfully defeat this creature, turn to entry 261.


You decide that you should let the Ghoul touch you for a few moments. It seems perfectly harmless, a little awkward but other than that there seems to be no problem. Until you feel a strange burning sensation in your heart. You feel the burning sensation as it gets stronger and stronger.

The Ghoul was seeping Ghost Fire into your heart all along. You have to give credit to the guy who planned this though, that idea wasn’t too bad at all.


The path turns southâ?¦or was it eastâ?¦then northâ?¦or was it south-west? Your dizzy and faint mind flies like a buzzing mosquito. Suddenly, you spot light in a bend around the corner. Light? In such a dark pathway?

You take the bend and soon are in a chamber. A grail on the ceiling brings in the much needed moonlight which rescues what remaining will you have from this claustrophobic chamber. Gain +3 SP.

Inside the chamber, a raised platform lies on the ground, its tips decorated with fine art of dragons and wyverns interlocking in the First Battle of the Flying Beasts, an epic war between these two races, with another battle 60 years later. On the raised platform is what appears to be a genie lamp. Its golden shine gleams along with the moonlight. What will you do now? On the other hand, there is a wooden door on your right.

Take the lamp? (entry 239)
Rub the lamp like Aladdin? (entry 194)
Break the lamp? (entry 175)
Enter the wooden door? (entry 206)


Hearing the thud of leather shoes, again, you quickly weasel into the chains and grit your teeth as your inflamed skin begins to itch. Turn to entry 54.


“That’s really cute,” he replies, and smashes you on the face once before transforming to a MAN-BRUTE. Lose 2 HP and prepare for battle.

MAN BRUTE- It might resemble a man on steroids but Brutes are actually not even human but rather a subspecies of Ogres.

HP: 5
AP: d6+3
HP: 2

When you defeat the brute, turn to reference 79.


You pull the red skull handle and suddenly an alarm is set off. The howling of the siren makes you look around in panic and suddenly a hundred or so Dæmons come pouring in, armed to the teeth. You look around in panic as your mission ends in a brutal display of blades and knives.


You ignore the beast and attempt to continue climbing the pole but the monster swings a vicious punch at you. Do you have the ACROBATICS Special Skill? If so, turn to entry 329. If not, turn to entry 335.


You hear a deafening rumble. Then a growl. Then a roar. You’ve heard sample audio clips before, but you never would have imagined that it could have been so deafening. It was like a circus band, the launch of a cannon and a heavy metal concert all rolled into one. You look into the distance to see a cage. It was a DRAGON.

The Dragon looks like its salivating and it begins tearing and gnashing at the Dragonfire bars that it was forced to make. It is about to lunge at you as it smashes through the hard metal. Finally, through a smash of utter rage, hunger, and resentment for humans, it smashes through, ready to devour you. It seems that this Dragon wants revenge for being locked up.

DRAGON- Unlike their peaceful counterparts, the Wyverns, Dragons are highly aggressive and violent. They are best known to be able to generate fire which is why they are often caught to make Dragonfire metal.

HP: 19
AP: d6+6
HP: 4

When you defeat this monstrous beast, turn to entry 295.


You attempt to reason with him to put down his weapon. He agrees to do so if you tell him what you are doing here. Gain one SP for your lucky charisma. Now what will you do?

Attack him? (entry 387)
Tell him the truth? (entry 196)
Or pretend that you are merely running away from search party duties? (entry 333)


“Have you two seen him?” you ask in a commanding tone.

“Yes sir.” one replies.

“You have?” you ask, your voice quivering a little.

“Yes sir.”

“Where is he?”

“No sir.”

“What are you idiots talking about??”

“No sir, we did not see him.”

“Then why did you-”

“Yes sir, we DID NOT see the spy, sir.”

You curl your fist in annoyance and the Hobgoblins scurry off, not waiting for you to unleash your fury. Lose one SP for this little irritancy. Now move on to entry 193.


Using your perfected acrobatic skills, you swiftly jump up to all 5 ledges, and arriving at the ledge next to the door. Below you, the tiles begin to spin and release flames. Luckily, at this height, you cannot be burnt up. Deduct the ACROBAT Skill SP cost. Now turn to entry 91.


You exit the cell and turn to your right, the direction of the east. (Turn to entry 102)


Deduct Spellbinding’s SP Cost from your SP as you entrance the vampire with your magic. He unwillingly tells you his number, 310. You may now either ask him to follow you at entry 267 or tell him that you need to rejoin your party at entry 197.


Choosing the fifth pathway, you walk lower and inner through the path. You suddenly meet a dead end with a huge circular and spiral-like object at the end. Will you touch the spiral object on entry 286 or choose another pathway:

Pathway 1 (entry 374)
Pathway 2 (entry 414)
Pathway 3 (entry 409)
Pathway 4 (entry 253)
Pathway 6 (entry 248)
Pathway 7 (entry 401)


You enter the chrome room and look at the wooden casket. There is some sort of gear on it. You twist the gear and suddenly clockwork music can be heard from the box. The gear twists and turns and finally the top of the wooden box pops open. You reach your hand in and are shocked to find that in your hands is a shrunken head!

Disgusted, you may choose to tuck it in or leave it and gain +1 SP for your find. You may now check the walls on entry 293 or the wooden door on entry 147. Alternatively, you may choose to simply move on to entry 266.


You decide to gulp down the potion and it tastes like a rather sweeter version of raspberry juice. Suddenly, the sweet taste turns foul and you realize it IS raspberry juice, but a rather expired one.

“But why would anyone want to keep raspberry juice in a chest?” you wonder aloud.

“I would,” a voice replies.

Turn over to entry 25.


You look around the cell. Nothing interesting but a wooden seat, a couple of smelly rats, and a small window opening. If you have not, would you like to try the window opening on entry 67 or would you rather break out in entry 12?


You decide to head right. As you stealthily walk up the stairs, you see a human guard carrying what is clearly an Aegisean Knight’s sword. Will you attempt to slide pass him through the shadow of the walls (77), or engage him in battle?(81)


You turn left, silently looking if there were any guards. A guard suddenly approaches and walks through a corridor to the north. You follow him, hiding in the shadows. His back turned against you, he opens a small leather pouch and withdraws a key. With the key, he carefully slides it into a metal door and pulls the lock. Hold your breath till entry 3.


You decide to get the heck out of here. But how? Find out how on entry 36.


Wiping your sweaty brow, you head towards the closest bookshelf and examine the books. You feel sickened as you scan the titles of the books. How to Make A Chimera, Alchemy for Amateurs, and Necromancy for Noobsâ?¦

You pick up a book by random, the Darkness of Life. It reads:

“Life must be exterminated, so that the dead may come.”

Yuck. Dead people stay dead. You may now look at the blue notebook on entry 252 or use the ladder to get up to the door on entry 182.


The door slides open and you almost freeze when it creaks. Peeking around, you only see a passage heading down south. You walk into the passage. Will you put your back on the left wall? (entry 83) Or perhaps the right wall? (entry 342)


You climb through the door and luckily on the other side of the door is a bridge suspending in mid-air which you climb on to. Unluckily, there is a massive pool of lava below waiting to consume you. Clearly this was perfect for those bloody flying Dæmona. Next to the bridge, however, is a long pipe that is probably part of the pipe work.

Will you continue on with the bridge? (entry 229)
Or cross via the pipe? (entry 331)


You smash the crystal. Nothing happens. You now continue to entry 141.


You open the right door and bar it quickly. Inside, you find a massive room filled with plants of all shapes and sizes. Huge Venus-fly traps, giant blooming flowers, and razor-sharp leaves fill the botanical facility. But under a giant mushroom, you find a group of green-skinned humans dressed in rags with purple flowers on their heads.

You walk over to them and they explain that they are MANDRAKES, a chimera mutation of human and the Mandagora plant. They also tell you that they were brought to this asylum for crimes they did not commit and most people think they are crazy.

You are about to ask them a question when all of them are killed from an arrow. Turn to entry 42 to find who shot the arrow.


You grab the brush and dip it in the ink bottle. Then, you decide to use a pseudonym. You write your name on the parchment. A rumble is heard as the metal door opens. Inside, you can see a wooden box on a wide chrome table.

You are suddenly zapped by a stinging line on the floor. Lose 2 HP. ‘This does not make any sense,’ you tell yourself as you enter on entry 119.


You try the pattern but to no avail. Which will you try now?

YAO? (entry 48)
AOY? (entry 161)
AYO? (entry 195)
OAY? (entry 224)
OYA? (entry 292)


A massive black shadow lumbers over you and slashes with a devastating claw. You reflexively dodge it as it crashes into the brick flaw and flip, drawing your weapon. The creature is a massive WEREBEAR!

WEREBEAR- If there are werewolves and wererabbitsâ?¦surely there must be a werebear!

HP: 20
AP: d6+3
HR: 2

When you defeat this hideous lycanthropy, turn to entry 234.


The heat of the room makes you sweat profusely as you walk on. Suddenly, a tentacle from the air grabs your chest and pulls you up towards its tubular row of jagged teeth. A Tube Hanger to pull unsuspecting victims up! A smart idea, you must note.

You hack at the Tube Hanger with your weapon. On the other hand, if its tentacle lets loose, you might fall into the lava. But if you don’t, you’ll be eaten! Which decision will you make?

Continue hacking away? (entry 303)
Or stop hacking and try to pull yourself out of the monster’s grip? (entry 325)


“What do you want with these humans?” you ask.
“That you will discover soon,” he replies.
Prepare for battle on entry 80.


You decide to look at the gigantic shelf of potions and squat to glance a little at the bottom row, trying to ignore the thumping of the outside mob. Sooner or later, a Dæmon would come and the temporary barrier would hold no longer.

You decide to select one potion. Which will you choose?

The Blue Potion? (entry 226)
The Red Potion? (entry 153)
The Green Potion? (entry 257)


You manage to hoist yourself up the ledge and squat there safely as the flames burn and then subside. Carefully, you prepare to raise yourself to the next ledge.

There are five ledges. To successfully “climb” onto a ledge, you must roll an even number. Roll the die 5 times. Every time you roll an odd number, you fall to the ledge below you and lose 1 HP. If there is no ledge below you, you lose 2 HP. Every time you roll an even number, you climb up to the next ledge. Once you have successfully climbed all 5 ledges, you may turn to entry 91.


You descend and try to grab hold of the bridge, but it is swaying too fast and your grip misses. Slowly, you descend, plunging into the burning lava which burns your body into ashes in seconds.


You tell them that you were late for the meeting. They grin at one another and reply, “If you are who you say you are, change to your Dæmon form.”

Do you have a Dæmon Potion? (entry 76)
If you do not have one, turn to entry 162.


The Troglodyte’s skin is blue and shimmery. Its scales provide a perfect cover. You may wear the skin on your EX slot but due to its rather huge size, it takes up 2 slots if stored in the Sachet. The skin will reduce any damage by 1 when worn. When you are done, turn to entry 296.


You look out at a tiny window, it is almost dawn. They will soon arrive.
“What is going on?” you demand.
“Ahâ?¦” the Dæmoness replies, “â?¦that you will find out soon.”
Turn to entry 185.


Striding carefully and making sure that not a single step is made, you are about to agilely run across to another pillar in a huge hall when you hear the cock of a gun right behind you.

The second your body spins around, a cold voice mutters, “Freeze.”

Behind you is the still figure of a tall and slim man wearing a dark, black coat. His hair is sleek and perfectly groomed back and his malevolent golden eyes pierce through you. In his gloved hand he holds a revolver decorated with engravings of snakes.

“What are you doing here?”

What will you do?

Say that you are merely bunking away from the search parties? (entry 333)
Attack him? (entry 387)
Tell him the true reason of your mission? (entry 196)
Or attempt to reason with him? (entry 113)


You decide to look at the cages and begin walking off to the far corner. A stench starts creeping inside your nose and you hold your breath as you reach closer. In the cages, you find CHIMERAS of all shape and sizes. The one feature the all share is that you can clearly tell that they are all half-human.

You gape for awhile in a mixture of fear and shock and your spine tingles when one of them rasps out in a forced voice, “The King of the Asylum captures usâ?¦to mutate us into theseâ?¦thingsâ?¦” he pauses for a breath and then continues, “I never did a crimeâ?¦I was falsely accusedâ?¦” and then the monstrosity that was once human closes his eyes.

You feel saddened to know that at least 99% of all Alchemist-related cases were incurable. You may now either check the potions (entry 135) or the jars. (entry 18) Alternatively, you may choose to exit on entry 36.


Your hand grabs it too late and soon the burning flames consume you. You have failed your mission as the only thing left of you are the fragrant ashes of what was once your body.


The final trap, a giant spiked mallet lunges for you. You automatically dodge this one but lose one HP for the slight graze. You stumble and fall on the ground. You get up and let out a breath of relief.

Clambering up, you look around where you have entered and your faced registers shock. There is a giant stone door, with sculptures of skulls, reapers, and a variety of creatures of the Pit on it. But what really shocks you are the two heavily-armored DæMON GUARDS standing on both sides of the door.

Will you engage them in combat? (entry 320)
Or would you rather pretend that you are a Dæmon general? (entry 138)


Lucky for you, the prisoner coat you wore reeks of evil and so any revelations to the vampire are hidden. With a little skill of persuasion, you manage to get the number out of him, which is 310. You may now choose one of the following:

Tell him you need to rejoin your party at entry 197.
Or ask him to follow you at entry 267.


HOODED DRAKEL- A female Drakel who must have sensed that you were human.

HP: 20
AP: d6+3
HR: 2

When you defeat the Drakel, you search her pouch and find a Healing Potion which restores +6 HP. You may either enter the door on entry 289 or exit the room on entry 249


You decide to look up on the wooden door. It doesn’t budge. Would you like to attempt to charge it? (entry 70) or simply move on to entry 266.


You decide to head south-east. Your heart beats as you run into two HOBGOBLINS. They seem (as they should be) rather suspicious of you. Will you:

Bribe them with a Gold Piece (if you have one) on entry 49
Or will you attempt to bluff them on entry 219
OR will you engage them in combat on entry 180?


Looking around, you try to find any object which you could use to get higher. Suddenly, the tiles of the floor seem to shift and turn a burning red. Soon, your feet are on fire as the spinning tiles begin to spit out flames. It must be a backup in case the Clawbeast was killed! You have no choice but to aim for the ledge. Roll a die, if it is an odd number, turn to entry 143. If not, turn to entry 136.


You exit the room of the Chalice of Souls and look forward. It is an enormous cavern, though not as large as the Dark Crystal mine. Bats fly in the air and you see an enormous pit in the centre of the cavern with the ends of the pit touching the walls. You realize that this pit was specially built as a safeguard against anyone else other than Dæmons. The pit was so huge, even if you had wings, you would need the sheer muscle power of a Dæmon!

You look below. It is a deep chasm that is at least, you guess, 20 meters high. But then you see a silver ladder leading down, its handles decorated by spiders. The ladder has a small book on a column next to it. You ponder. Will you climb down the ladder? (entry 249) or will you look at the book? (entry 327)


You walk towards the girl, a little concerned and wondering what a girl is doing in the middle of nowhere. She grabs your hand and holds it tightly.

“I am a Fairy.” she explains, “They chained me here to teach all others what betrayal receivesâ?¦I was once a great warrior of the Dark but switched sides afterâ?¦what happened hereâ?¦”

You are about to ask her what on earth is going on when she suddenly dies in your arms. Her body disperses into cherry blossoms and then flies into the air, carried by a non-existent wind. You stare at it sadly for a while when suddenly a beautiful voice informs you:

“I have given what little abilities I have left to you. Use it well.”

With that, a strange golden aura envelopes you. Gain +5 HP and whenever you defeat an enemy in the future, gain +0.1 HP. You may now move on to entry 398.


You the CHARM Skill and the creature doesn’t realize you are human. The creature removes his hood to reveal that she is a Drakel. It walks up to you and informs you that the Dæmoness is waiting.

Dæmoness�a female dæmon�

You thank her and walk out of the room, returning to the junction and taking the south-west path. (entry 192)


You open the red potion and suddenly two tentacles sprout. Then two more! You drop the vial in shock and suddenly a huge floating head appears! The floating head has six snakes as hair. It has only one eye and a row full of blunt teeth. It is a GORGON BEHOLDER.

GORGON BEHOLDER- This version of the Gorgon is known for its ability to break its particles into a red mist.

HP: 6
AP: d6+0
HR: 4

When it is this creature’s turn to attack, roll six times. If at least 3 of those 6 rolls are the number 6, it will automatically deal 2 damage to your HP.

Once you have defeated the floating head, you may check the cages (entry 142) or the jars (entry 18), or you can move on to entry 36.


You will now have to face the ELDER DæMON, good luck!

ELDER DæMON- You picked a rather nasty creature to fight, I’ll give you that.

HP: 20
AP: d6+6
HR: 4

If you defeat this creature, turn to entry 174. If not, turn to entry 351.


You decide to take the western path and move onwards. The path seems clear enough, and there are no Dæmons nearby, at least none that you could see. If you have a comrade, turn to entry 191, if not, turn to entry 112.


You land on the rocking bridge, a little stunned, and wipe the sweat dripping onto your eyes. Eventually, the rocking bridge stops and you move onwards to entry 181.


You look around you. The room is black and dark, but you can make out a small unearthly rip in the ceiling. Air is flying out of the rip. Unearthly air. And if it is a word, unaegisian air too. Bats start flying out of the rip. Crimson bats. Dæmon bats.

It was a small gateway to the Pit! You back away in shock and shut the door. So that’s the reason whyâ?¦the Pit! But what does that have to do with us humansâ?¦??

You may now choose to check the safe on entry 262 or the walls on entry 293. Or you may be too shocked and decide to leave on entry 266.


The mysterious door leads you to what seems like an eternal plane. An endless void in space where stars, moons, and other strange objects float in the sky.

At the end of this ‘dimension’ lays a single door. An ordinary door or rather, something you would find at a house. On the door lies what appears to be a piece of paper with a floating ink pen decorated with skulls next to it.

Have you collected all three tiles in your Sachet? One from the Werebear, another from the Skeleton King and the last from the strange man? If so, turn to entry 385. If not, turn to entry 308.


The Calacorm is clearly shocked as it lands with a thud on the floor. Your face registers a small smile at your victory. You search through the Lizardmen’s bodies and chuckle a little at the sign of several distinct Drakel scratches. Clearly these two had an agreement.

You find nothing of use in the creature’s pouch and move on to entry 236.


You accidentally let out a shout (or maybe it was a scream?) and exit the cupboard. The two IRON-CLAD BARBARIANS stare at you with a smirk grin, clearly glad that they’ll be having a pay raise. Prepare for combat.

IRON-CLAD BARBARIAN- Barbarians are known to be, well, barbaric and love meat and gold more than anything in the world.

HP: 9
AP: d6+3
HR: 3

IRON-CLAD BARBARIAN- Barbarians, however, have a sense of honor too, a quality which these two clearly do not possess.

HP: 9
AP: d6+4
HR: 2

Once you defeat them, flip to entry 238.


You try the pattern but to no avail. Which will you try now?

YAO? (entry 48)
YOA? (entry 131)
AYO? (entry 195)
OAY? (entry 224)
OYA? (entry 292)


It’s a pity that you tried to bluff them that way. One of them draws his sword and before you can react, dices you in half. You have failed your mission.


That last sentence made you freeze for a moment and you glare at the Dwarf who said it. It is an old Dwarf, with a beard that touches the floor and spindly fingers. But you can tell he is not an enemy from the friendly and warm smile he gives you.

“An agent of the “Secret Order,” I believe?” he questions.

“How did youâ?¦” his question leaves you in a state of shock.

“I have met many in my travels. You’re probably wondering what this is all about.” He points to the screen.

“This is all the information and research that we have created using human technology fused with magic. Magi-Technology. Though forbidden, we have been forced to do so by the Dæmons. The whole project is the development of weaponry that can be used by soldiers.”

“But what is going on and what does this have to do with humans?”

“That...” the Dwarf replies, “Even I don’t know. All I know is that every day and night you can hear the screams of humans everywhere in this asylum. But we believe they are raising an army.”

Maybe they’re transforming humans into super-soldiersâ?¦a ridiculous thought, but possible.

“Here, take this.” The elder Dwarf says and hands you a grey and smooth grenade with a pin that resembles a dragon, “It is what we nicknamed the Dragon Grenade, our most perfect Magi-Technology based weapon.”

The Dragon Grenade takes up either the LH or RH slot. It can, however, only be used once and automatically deals 5 damage in exchange for your turn. You can, however, place a weapon in the Dragon Grenade’s slot a turn after you used it.

The Dwarves all wish you good luck as you exit and take the western path. Turn to entry 315.


First a green, scaly hand with light brown claws appears from the darkness. Then, a giant foot the size of an elephant. And alas, a long neck with a giant cobra-like head attached to the end. And let’s not forget the hissing tongue and the fangs four times the size of helicopter blades.

Prepare for battle with the BASILISK LV 3!

BASILISK LV 3- The final stage of Basiliskean evolution, The Basilisk LV 3’s sole goal is to give birth to the new generation and make sure that nobody harms them.

HP: 12
AP: d6+5
HR: 3

Every time you strike the creature, it becomes enraged and on its Hit Rate Roll, gains +1. When you defeat the giant snake, turn to entry 85.


Footprints are brushed aside as the water rushes in. You feel as though this is a peaceful beach. It seems as though all your worries have passed. So much for it as a colossal FIEND CRAB emerges from the sand.

FIEND CRAB- A giant crab, its armor is close to impenetrable and can only be broken by a Radiance Blade.

HP: 8
AP: d6+5
HR: 2

Do you have a Radiance Blade? If so, turn to entry 78. If not, simply fight this creature and turn to entry 13 when you win.


The dead end which you find yourself in makes your anger rise to boiling point. Do you have a shotgun? If so, turn to entry 317.

If not, you may return and select another pathway:

Pathway 1 (entry 374)
Pathway 2 (entry 414)
Pathway 3 (entry 409)
Pathway 4 (entry 253)
Pathway 5 (entry 118)
Pathway 6 (entry 248)


“No.” you merely state with your quivering voice. Suddenly, the Soulbreaker bracelet glows.

“Avenge or you shall die.” It cries.

You realize that the Soulbreaker must have collected all the lost souls in this asylum. Gain +3 AP and +5 HP. Prepare for battle with the King of the Pit.

ZEPHIRUTUS- The most powerful Dark monster, Zephirutus was banished to the pit millennia ago and chopped into ten pieces.

HP: 50
AP: d6+8
HR: 3

The Talisman of Justice, the Avatar of Protection, the Pipe Horn and the Pied Piper’s pipe have no effect in this battle. Nor are any Special Skills valid in this battle. When you defeat the King of the Pit, turn to entry 400.


You pull open the massive left door (if it even qualifies as one) and enter the colossal hall. You close the door behind you and bar it with an in-built lock. You turn around to look at the room. Apparently it seems to be some sort of laboratory.

Jars filled with a milky liquid and strange creatures pile the lab tables. Potion bottles and beakers filled with multi-colored liquids are piled on 24-meter high shelves. You also see a few cages in the far corner of the room but cannot make out what is in them. What will you do now?

Check the cages? (entry 142)
Check the potions? (entry 135)
Or check the jars? (entry 18)


The sheer willpower of your mind fends off the Dark Crystals power as you stumble off onwards. Lose 1 HP for the exhaustion. Dazed, you trudge onwards with a sinking feeling in your stomach. Turn to entry 107.


When the creaking door opens, you see a dimly lit room where three ORCS are playing a game of cards. They suddenly appear frightened, something NOBODY would expect from a group of Orcinians.

“We’re sorry we didn’t attend the meeting! We’ll go right now!” one of them stutters.

A meeting? You appear as though you knew this and pretend to be a high-ranking Dæmon. You tell them to lead the way and they silently do to entry 14.


You decide to head east. While walking onwards, you turn a sharp corner towards the north. Rats scurry past you while crows fly in the air. You see a few transmutation circles on the wall. But for what purpose?

You continue walking as silently as you possibly can, fearing that you might encounter a Dæmon. If you did, the chances of you beating one was completely zero. Your job was merely to find out what was going on, and you haven’t figured it out yet.

Alas, you arrive at a dead end with a door to the east and a door to the west. The eastern door has a skull ornament hung on it while the western door has the image of a dragon shield on it.

Which will you open?
East? (entry 213)
West? (entry 298)


You decide to grab the handle and you attempt to lug it out. Whatever it is, the sand is clearly heavy. You pull as hard as you can and finally land in the sand on your butt. You look at the object. It is a brown, wooden chest with golden rims. Suddenly, you begin to sink! Turn to entry 259.


The moment you seize the creature, a villainous and omnipresent voice mutters, “You failed the test of greedâ?¦” Eventually, you fade away into nothingness, with the remains of your body turning into shards of crystals to add to the ever-growing beauty of the diamond.


You walk away and enter a marble corridor with strange carvings on the wall. Move on to entry 35.


Raising the lamp high in the air, you bring it down and it shatters into several golden pieces. You wait for a moment but nothing happens. Turning around, you are about to exit through the wooden door when a voice booms:


From the golden pieces, a green smoke rises which eventually morphs into a green dog-like creature. Its skin resembles slime and it grows golden claws seemingly made by the shattered lamp. Ruby-red eyes gleam in pure hatred and rows of sharp teeth gnash at you. It is a salivating SPIRIT AVATAR.

Turn to entry 313.


Grabbing a fistful of the Lizardmen bones, you hurl it awkwardly towards the beast’s mouth. It goes down the thing’s throat. First, nothing happens. Then suddenly it begins coughing out green phlegm (and on you too!) and making strange growling noises.

Soon, it loosens its grip on you, allowing you to pull out and land on the bridge. You quickly run away to the door to entry 181.


You attempt to open the door that you entered but it is locked. You curse. What will you do now? Search his robes? (entry 360) Or search for a secret passage? (entry 287)


The two monsters slump to the ground and you feel yourself begin to tire. Checking your watch, you realize that it is the night. You may now either choose to search the Ogres’ corpses (entry 338) or go down the corridor. (entry 391)


Your reflection looks at you silently as you walk further down the pathway. Where could this strange path of mirrors lead to and what is its purpose? Suddenly the path turns into a left branch and a right one. Which will you take?

The left one? (entry 241)
Or the right one? (entry 358)


‘Take no chances,’ you tell yourself as you draw your weapon. Fight them in the following order.

HOBGOBLIN- Stupid, ugly, and fat. Three adjectives to describe these pudgy creatures.

HP: 4
AP: d6+2
HR: 1

HOBGOBLIN- With yellow skin and a face only a mother could loveâ?¦well, you get the idea.

HP: 3
AP: d6+1
HR: 1

Now move on to entry 99.


You have now entered a large corridor and suddenly a pack of brutish OGRES spot you!

“There!” one of the idiots yelps as you dash away.

One of the brutes flings an axe at you. Are you lucky enough to dodge it? If you have the ACROBAT Special Skill, you may use it and deduct the necessary SP from your SP. (Turn to entry 271)

If you do not have the Acrobatic Skill, roll a die. If it is an even number, turn to entry 283, if not, turn to entry 104.


You grab the ladder and drag it along the wooden floor towards the wall with the door. Once you feel it has stationed itself, you raise yourself and begin ascending up the ladder and towards the door. Now turn to entry 127.


The colossal annelid falls onto the floor with a thump. You flash a triumphant smile and look at the dead creature. As disgusting as it may be, you check its stomach and mouth to see if it has ingested any valuable items.

Alas, you find a Talisman of Justice. This item takes up your EX slot and can be deducted from the EX slot to automatically kill any creature. There are certain beasts that cannot be killed by the Talisman, however.

You may now attempt to open the safe on entry 262 or open the wooden door on entry 147. Alternatively, you may move on to entry 266.


You decide to take the eastern pathway. It turns sharply to the right, down south and the fumes fly everywhere in your face. You cough and choke as the strange grey mist envelopes your face. Suddenly, you stop at a silver door with a sign on it saying:


You may decide to take the western path instead on entry 315 or continue inside to entry 365.


The Dæmoness and her fellow servants raise their hands high in the air and say, “The King is reborn!” Purple energy flashes from their fingertips and suddenly the rip in the ceiling appears again. The roof suddenly disperses into purple smoke. The smoke fades away as a giant clawed foot crawls out of the rip.

“Zephirutus, King of the Pit.” the Dæmoness announces, “The most powerful Dark Aegisean ever to walk Aegisâ?¦and now, Earth.”

“It began ages ago when the Pit was created and all of Darkness was banished. My forefathers placed a single Ghost on this plane as it was one of the few creatures that could exit the Pit.”

“We needed two things to recreate Zephirutus who was chopped up into ten pieces when the battle was fought millennia ago. A power source and sacrifices. When we discovered a Dark Crystal mine placed under here six centuries ago by necromancers, it all fitted.”

“The chances of us against the recreated and now more powerful Aegisian Order were slim so humans were naturally the best choice, completely ignorant of our existence. Through Dimensional Travel, we built this asylum, named after my forefather, Amadeus Blackheart. I assumed the best candidates for sacrifice were the ones with no one to care for them. The insane ones.”

“So, with the Dark Crystal mine and our sacrifices in place, we have been supplying Zephirutus with power for over 6 years now. And alas, he is unleashed.”

With her whole speech going on, you have only been staring at the two giant clawed legs. Turn to entry 309.


“Are you two even searching?” you demand in gritted teeth, spitting a little speckle of saliva at one of them.

“Y-Y-Yes, sir.” one replies, scared.

You smile menacingly at their respect and fear and allow them to continue. You too, continue, to entry 193.


You agree to take the golden ring and ask him if he would like to come with him. The old man states the obvious, saying that he is too weak to run and that he wants to die, knowing he did something good. He succumbs to his frail heart and dies in front of you. You vow you will avenge him and exit to 87.


With both of them dead, you look around the room for anything you can keep. You note a Golden Bow and Arrows which you may take. This item takes up your EX and either the LH or RH slot. It will reduce your AP by 2 but grant you a +4 damage when you deal any damage.

You now exit the room and turn to entry 312.


You will now have to engage the rather weak Pied Piper in combat:

PIED PIPER- A long-dead human body animated by a long-dead Soul.

HP: 5
AP: d6+1
HR: 1

When you defeat the Pied Piper, turn to entry 311.


The bats of the cavern seem to mock you as you place you hand on the first rock. Slowly, you place your foot on the second rock. You shut your eyes tightly for a second but nothing happens. Gripping another rock, you slowly hoist yourself to the side.

The dampness of the cavern leaves you feeling a tingle in your spine and sweat in your neck. You’re not even halfway across the giant chasm. Suddely, you feel your left foot slipping and slowly your right foot does to. Are you able to hold on? Roll a die. If it’s a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, turn to entry 214. If it is a 6, turn to entry 307.


You and the Draco Knight stare at shock at the giant DRAGON prepared to lash out at you two in hunger. It grabs the Dragonfire bars that it ironically helped make with its teeth and begin attempting to shatter them apart. Mixed with fury and hunger for humans, it finally breaks the bars and prepares to engage in combat with you two. Luckily, the Draco Knight absorbs some energy from it so it is now much weaker then before.

WEAKENED DRAGON- Your standard adult Normal-Element Dragon but weakened from the absorption.

HP: 16
AP: d6+4
HR: 4

When you defeat the creature, turn to entry 204.


Water from the ceiling drips down on your shoulders as you walk down the south-west path. An eerie feeling creeps over you, then again, this whole place gives you the creeps.

You urge yourself further on, feeling more like a knight in a quest than an agent on a mission. Finally, the path stops at a dead end door. Like it did the last 200 times. You are beginning to think that the person behind the Asylum wanted to confuse people searching for trouble. Like you.

Will you open the door? (entry 275)
Or head back and take the south-east passage? (entry 379)


You continue south-east until you reach a turn that leads down south. You stop only once to disarm an Orcinian with a blow to the balls and a slice of the head. Quickly, you grab the body and dump it into a nearby chess and hope that no one will see the path of blood you were carving.

But as you place him in his “coffin,” you see a blood red potion with a bitter black cork on it. Will you drink the potion (entry 120), or ignore it and continue to entry 35.


You rub the lamp, feeling a little stupid when green smoke begins to puff out from the tip of the lamp. Suddenly, a giant humanoid made of green smoke appears from the lamp.

You search through your mindâ?¦Geniesâ?¦have you ever read anything about them?

“What are you?” you ask.

“A Djinn, descendants of the Genies who died 6054 years ago.” He replies.

“Can you do anything for me?”

“Yes.” He replies and puffs green smoke into your nostrils. You sneeze awkwardly once and suddenly feel refreshed. Gain +10 HP. You thank the Djinn and exit through the wooden door on entry 206.


You try the AYO pattern and you succeed! The seal automatically opens with the chug of a few gears or so. But you wonder why such a seal would be kept in secret by a weak protection.

The safe reveals a metal door that looks more like something from a bank safe. In front of it, however, you see a parchment on a raised platform with a brush and an ink bottle next to it. The parchment reads:

Write Your Name

Do you have an Ink Bottle? If so, turn to entry 269. If not, turn to entry 130.


When you conclude your story, the strange man eyes you with a glint in those magnificent bronze eyes of his. Before your mouth can even open, he slides instinctively to your side and pierces your arteries with his fang-like jaws.

The VAMPIRE slowly sucks your blood as your body paralyses, unable to react. You close your eyes as the burning sensation rises and your life is sucked out of you.


You inform the Vampire that you must rejoin your search party before the leader of the party realizes and he agrees. You set off and as he leaves, smile a little to yourself. Now turn to entry 334.


You decide to keep the Lizardmen bones. Add 1 SP for your find and they take up one Sachet slot. You get up and away from the Drakel bodies. Silently, you click open the door to entry 126.


With new armaments and a group of jolly humans armed to the teeth, you crawl your way back to the group of huddled and waiting people. Some people tell you that they cannot go on. But a little man informs all of them that there is a control room located in a higher level. He tells you that you should go to the control room and open the main door and they will be waiting in a bunker that was made when a tsunami struck over a year ago. You agree and you depart from the group, wishing them luck. Turn to entry 5.


You enter the door and soon discover what QUICK DISPOSAL means. You did not look at the floor ahead of you and fall into a pit of MAN-EATING WORMS. ‘Ah,” you wonder as worms enter your mouth, ‘THIS must be how they get rid of anyone determined to be useless.”


You exit the cage, a bit stunned yet sorry. The man’s blood fills the floor and you back out and close the door in disgust. You may now either choose to proceed east (entry 102), or enter the next cage in entry 282.


You grip the menacing Skull Warhammer, a giant stone weapon with a skull engraved into the bottom of the handle. Suddenly, you feel a strange feeling. You gain +3 AP when equipping this weapon and it takes up either the LH or RH slot but you lose 2 SP from the strange curse. Now turn to entry 199.


You decide to head north-east. You realize that you have to find the reason soon or that paycheck won’t be in your hands. But you wonder why a Dæmon hasn’t looked for you. Perhaps that a single prisoner escaping is something left for the grunts to do and that something important is happeningâ?¦but what?

You move along and finally arrive at a small set of steps leading down. Hoping to explore, you walk down the stony platforms. When you arrive down there, the first thing you notice is a safe-like circle lock on the wall. But it has symbols and patterns engraved on it. There is also a wooden door next to you.

Would you like to:
Try to open the lock? (entry 262)
Search the walls? (entry 293)
Or open the wooden door? (entry 147)


You two strike and the great behemoth falls down but with one desperate grab, pulverizes the Draco Knight with its golden claws. You let out a breath of anguish as you realize another comrade of yours has been killed. You take up his Draco Spear. You may equip it and it will grant you +1 AP and +3 HP and takes up either the LH or RH slot. You lose the +2 AP bonus however. You also find a blood-red potion in the creature’s mouth labeled “Dæmon Potion.” You walk away silently to entry 295 with remorse.


“Prove it.” You challenge, “How do you know?”

“Yo smell.” He replies, wearing a rather proud grin.

You stare at the idiot blankly for a few seconds. A few moments later, the other Half-Orcinian also stares at the idiot. The Half-Orcinian’s glance runs form his comrade to you and then he backs out with a forced sorry.
You smile a malevolent smile and proceed through the door in entry 362.


You click open the wooden door and exit to find yourself in the hall again. Turn to entry 312.


You remember something your trainer once told you; there are only two things that can stop a Dæmon. A ridiculously strong combatant or a pure sapphire. You take out one sapphire towards the crimson beast and it closes its eyes and falls back as the sapphire begins to strangely glow. Deduct one Sapphire from your Sachet. The last one now takes up only one Sachet Slot. You place it in the creature’s mouth for fun and then run away to entry 174 while the Dæmon falls to the ground, unable to even scream.


“Please,” the sinister figure instructs, “Enter.”

Suddenly a door opens in a wall of mirrors. Will you exit the room (entry 249), enter the door, (entry 289) or attack the hooded figure? (entry 146)


You struggle in vain to pull yourself out. You can’t even grip your weapon. Soon, you feel as though your body could burst apart. But you continue struggling with the powerful tentacles. Lose 2 AP.

With no other option, you stick your teeth into the squirming tentacles as green blood oozes out. Disgusting as it may be, you continue ripping chunks of flesh and spitting them out. The creature howls in pain and loosens its grip, enabling you to pull out and land on the bridge. Lose 3 HP for the poisonous blood which you accidentally swallowed.

You quickly run away to the door, while the thing behind you continuously howls in pain. Turn to entry 181.


“Nefesis,” you proclaim. Suddenly, a harsh voice from the Chalice of Souls proclaims, “There is no such name,” and suddenly several Souls turn to you and sharpen their ectoplasmic claws. Prepare for combat and fight them in the flowing order:

SOUL- A spirit that was locked forever in an ectoplasmic form.

HP: 6
AP: d6+2
HR: 1

SOUL- Undead are locked in a physical body while Souls are locked in an ectoplasmic body.

HP: 7
AP: d6+3
HR: 1

SOUL- They are made of strands of rainbow ectoplasm.

HP: 6
AP: d6+5
HR: 1

When you defeat them, turn to entry 242.


DæMON NECROMANCER- A creature of the pit that decided to take this form of Pit Magic.

HP: 16
AP: d6+6
HR: 3

When you defeat the Necromancer, turn to entry 345.


The creatures fade into dust and you stare at them for a while. Aegisians that never got a chance to live. You look down at the marionette’s broken body and take its mask. You can still feel a strange sparkling energy surging from it.

If you equip this mask, you gain +1 SP and it takes up your EX slot. Additionally, if you rolled a 6, your opponent will miss a turn because it is paralyzed by fear of the mask.

You pass them and grab the silver scroll. Unraveling it, you find a short poem written in it:

They are from the PIT.

Just like you suspected! Reapers, Undead, and Ragdollsâ?¦these are all Pit Creatures! According to Aegisean Legend, the most powerful Warlock of the world believed that the Dark creatures of Aegis were too strong as thus locked the darkest of them all into a different dimension referred to as the Pit. Of course, small Dark creatures like Ghouls and Undead are able to weasel through the Pit over the years and so the Order of Aegisian Knights was made to handle any Dark forces.

Stunned by this revelation, you may now either choose to try the other door (entry 298) or you may choose to return to the crossroads and either go north (entry 15) or west. (entry 155)


You decide to try the eastern door with the skull engraftment on it. You grab the handle of the wooden door and push it open. Inside, a foul smell seeps in your nostrils. Glancing in the dark, you see a man in an orange suit, likely a prisoner, hung from the ceiling.

You take a step back when you see the gory sight of the hanging and dead body but something catches your eye. It is a silver scroll held in the air by a silver chain. You attempt to pull the scroll but by a single second you already knew you couldn’t break Dragonfire chain. So they must have a dragon here somewhere. You are about to exit when you hear a screeching noise. Turn to entry 92.


You slip and begin to fall to the bottom of the pit. Luckily, your right hand quickly grabs a ledge but now it’s strained. (And possibly sprained) You decide to give up and slowly climb down to the ground.

The sand is baking hot as you walk across the pit. Right now, you are a little frustrated and feel like you couldn’t care less if a giant SAND DRAGON popped out of nowhere. As if responding to you, the pit begins to tremor rapidly. Turn to entry 381.


You summon the mystical power of the Orb of Tsunami which reveals a gushing stream of water. The sudden rapid pushes the Lavabeast back, enabling you to swing over to the door and onto entry 276.


Irritated, you draw your weapon. Gain +2 SP for your courage and prepare for battle on entry 80.


Fight them in any order:

OGRE- This huge and spiky monsters have bloodlust worse than a heroin addiction.

HP: 6
AP: d6+3
HR: 2

OGRE- The most sophisticated action they can perform is picking their noseâ?¦considering that it has a radius of 2 inches.

HP: 7
AP: d6+2
HR: 1

When you defeat the brutes, turn to entry 178.


The stones of the walls break apart as a giant tubular creature pops out. It has stalk-like eyes and two mandibles and a row of sharp teeth finish off the look. It’s a ROCK BURROWER!

ROCK BURROWER- One of the many species of giant Wyrms from Aegis, this species enjoys burrowing in solid rock structures and ambushing victims.

HP: 6
AP: d6+5
HR: 3

When you defeat the bulbous crawler, turn to entry 183.


You decide to bluff them. What will you say?

“I think I saw him!” and point to a corridor on your left. (entry 89)
“Are you two even searching?” (entry 186)
“Have you seen him?” (entry 114)
Or will you directly fight them? (entry 357)


You feel an atmosphere of disturbance and so wordlessly walk away from the girl. Suddenly, the girl transforms into a strange creature with pale skin and bat-like wings.

“How dare you!” she howls, “I offer you help and this is how you repay me!”

She fires a blast of yellow energy at you and suddenly your vision shows a blinding light and then nothing but darkness. When you awaken, you find yourself lying on the floor. You pull yourself up and see that the girl is no longer there.

She has placed a curse upon you. Every time you win a battle, you will lose 1 HP. Now move on to entry 398.


You open your eyes to realize that you’ve fallen into a deep and sinking pit. A musty and hideous smell engulfs your nostrils as you push yourself up from the muddy floor. Suddenly, worm-like objects begin to slither around you!

Enormous centipedes with the face of skulls and several rows of monstrous teeth, the SKULL CENTIPEDES begin to close in on you.

Will you attack them? (entry 408)
Or do you have a ring with three snake-laced skulls? (entry 418)


You move further on to the path and suddenly stop at a dead end. On the wall of the dead end is a cracked glass mirror. Your shattered reflection stares at you blankly. Claws suddenly spring out from every mirror! Pale, yellow claws.
The Reflectors swarm around you, buzzing everywhere. You try to focus, shutting your eyes and curling your fists. But you are unable to make the laughing voices of the Reflectors go away. In one final and desperate move, you punch the shattered glass mirror and an entrance reveals itself.

You quickly run through the pathway, leaving the hidden mystery of the hall of mirrors behind. Turn to entry 312.


Your mind is soon invaded by the darkness as you stumble to your knees. You cry in torment as a dark aura envelopes you. Soon, you are reduced to nothing but Ghost Fire, a little flame used merely for torches.


You try the pattern but to no avail. Suddenly three spikes surge out of nowhere and you quickly execute a flip to dodge. Have you been smelled the Deterrent Potion? If so, turn to entry 69. If not, turn to entry 245.


You ask for the news and he informs, to our utter shock, that all the human prisoners you helped escape have been caught and sacrificed. You ask of what sacrifice but he fades. Landing a blow of frustration on the table, you exit to entry 116.


You decide to try the blue potion. When you open it, a strange sapphire-like mist exits the vial and makes its way into your pouch. If you have a Sapphire, that Sapphire has transformed into a Sapphire Blade. When equipped, it grants you +3 AP and takes up either the LH or RH spot. You may now either look at the cages (entry 142) or the jars (entry 18) or go straight to entry 36.


One foot over the other, you prepare to arise form the sinking depths of the pit when a sudden hiss appears from behind. Ghost Fire begins to waft in the area and you turn around to face a SKELETON KING, immune to the effects of anti-undead weapons. You must now engage him in combat.

HP: 20
AP: d6+5
HR: 2

When you defeat the Skeleton King, turn to entry 419.


You smile happily as your foot finally touches the ladder. You hoist yourself upon it and then begin to walk up and away from the pit. Finally, you have exited the giant pit and dazzle the cavern with a triumphant smile. You sit down and rest for a few minutes. It is almost night and by dawn the helicopters will come. If you haven’t found the reason out by then, your big check of cash won’t be rolling in. Gain +5 HP for the waiting.

You walk away from the pit to entry 359.


Stepping cautiously on the first step, you begin to walk onwards on the bridge. Each time the bridge sways and the lava comes into your view, your heart beats faster than the continuous gnashing of swords in battle.

Your sweaty hands grab the ropes tightly as you move onwards. Suddenly, a burst of lava hits the bridge and you begin to sway. Finally, you topple off the bridge but manage to grip the surface of the bridge with one hand and with your body dangling over the lava.

Roll a die. That is how many lava splashes occur which burn your feet. Lose 2 HP for each burn. You then spring yourself back unto the bridge and rub your legs.

Turn to entry 133.


You enter the room and the door closes behind you. Inside, you feel a tingling emotion. Suddenly, rainbow, translucent shapes fly in the air around you, and you realize that they are SOULS. In the center of the room is an oval cauldron, and the Souls are exiting out of it.

You stare at it for a while, a little awestruck as the formless Souls dance around you like ballerinas. You smile a little, glad with the short peace that you are enjoying. You are about to fall asleep when from within a cauldron booms a voice, “WHAT IS YOUR NAME.”

What will you say? You think back to all the Aegis-related books you’ve read. What kind of Dæmonic names are there?

Thrudgeor? (entry 72)
Nefesis? (entry 210)
Killgor? (entry 348)


You push away from the ghastly Ghoul but you feel a stinging sensation. It was filling your veins with Ghost Fire all along! Lose one HP. You back away from the room and close the door, a little stunned. Now turn over to entry 238.


You pick up the Pipe Horn and suddenly a mystical energy sparkles around you. The Pipe Horn allows you to reduce damage by 5 for every Hit Point that you deduct. This can only be used once in battle and you miss one turn when used. It takes up one Sachet slot.

You place the Pipe Horn in your Sachet and then get up. Tiptoeing, you silently shuffle over to the door and click it open to entry 126.


You feel slightly fatigued and are unable to dodge the final spear blow of the two-headed Calacorm. Your life fades away as the impaled spear goes deeperâ?¦and deeperâ?¦


The Werebear’s head is lopped off by your weapon and you feel a pang of sadness that this used to be an Aegisean human. Your eye catches a golden roll of parchment in the Werebear’s claws. You open it and it reads the following:

Y 1

You may keep the parchment if you wish to and it takes up one Sachet slot.

You decide to walk into his cage which seems to lead off somewhere. Until several minutes of the twists and turns of a single path, you finally reach a cold steel door where fog seems to be pouring from the bottom. You enter the door, turn to entry 340.


Before the Ice Devil can react, you run across the creature, leaping as you go and head for the door at the opposing side. You lug it open and pass throughâ?¦hearing only the horrid laughter of the creature and his silent yet audible whisper, “Even if I don’t get youâ?¦somebody else willâ?¦”

With a pale face of fear, you continue to entry 273.


You continue down the southern passage when a sweet singing voice makes you pause for a second. In a corner on the left side of the passage is a little girl in a white dress, singing as sweet as a nightingale does. Suddenly the girl stops abruptly and stares at you. It is then that you notice that she is chained to the wall.

“Come.” she whispers.

Will you come forward? (entry 151)
Or will you move on? (entry 220)


You decide to ask the Dwarfs and walk over to one.

“What is all this ruckus?”

“Were you not informed, sir?” one asks, “It is a development of Magi-Technology for theâ?¦army?”

Magi-Technologyâ?¦the name sounds familiar. Ah, a combination of technology and magic. Forbidden magic. And an army? Could they be trying to build an army to dominate the Earth? As cliché as it sounds, it’s quite possibleâ?¦

You grunt disapprovingly and exit the room, walking over to the western pathway. Turn to 315.

Editors note: Turn to 315 added as there was no link in source document. Think it's right.


With the coast clear, you sneak out of the room and just as you suspected a dead-end. It seems that the leader of this asylum wanted to corner his enemies. You may now choose to return to the crossroads and go south-east, (entry 148) north-east, (entry 203) or north-west. (entry 250)


You decide to pocket the lamp, which takes up a Sachet Slot. You now exit the door to entry 206.


The Alchemist Rat falls on the floor and disperses into many rat bones. The Pied Piper stares at you with no emotion. Do you have a Shrunken Head? If so, turn to entry 324. If not, turn to entry 189.


You decide to take the left path. It is a silent pathway, with your reflections staring at you from every angle. The path is lit by torches burning with Ghost Fire, the fumes an Undead releases.

You shiver and grip your weapon tightly as you progress to the path. You aren’t even sure which direction you’re heading towards. Feeling weary, you place your back against a mirror wall and sigh. Gain +1 HP for the break.

You look forward and see yourself in the reflection. You certainly look tired for one. Suddenly, your reflection smiles at you! A dark, evil, grin. Your reflection slowly emerges from the mirror it was “in” and approaches you.

A Reflector! You’ve heard of these before. Shape shifters that can take your form by using a form of medium, such as glass or a mirror. They can vanish if your willpower is strong enough that you believe they don’t exist.

You close your eyes and grit your teeth. Focusâ?¦.

Are you strong enough? Roll a die and add 5 to that number. If your AP is higher than the number rolled, turn to entry 278. If not, turn to entry 321.


“Ahâ?¦” the Chalice of Souls whispers, “You are a brave one. For that, you may proceed. But be warned, there are powerful monsters ahead that will threaten your safety.” You thank the Chalice for its advice and move on to entry 150. Gain +10 HP.


A chaotic blast of radiant energy eats aside at your flesh. The Chaos Elf Mage chuckles in maddening delight as you succumb from the sheer power of his dark powers. The laughter resounds in your ears as death opens its door to you.


You clumsily pull yourself into the doors of the creaking cupboard and hide there. Through a little peek hole, you can see two IRON-CLAD BARBARIANS walking around a searching for you. Suddenly, you feel hands wrapping around your body. Cold hands. Roll a die, if it is an odd number, turn to entry 160. If it is an even number, turn to entry 39.


You execute the flip and easily dodge the spikes. Feeling a little shaken, you may now try another pattern:

YAO? (entry 48)
YOA? (entry 131)
AOY? (entry 161)
AYO? (entry 195)
OYA? (entry 292)


The lava breaks apart as a great colossus makes its way out of the pit. It is a LAVABEAST, an elemental of fire. The beast growls at you menacingly. What will you do?

Do you have an Orb of Tsunami? If so, turn to entry 215.
If you wish to continue climbing across, turn to entry 111.
Or would you rather risk engaging the Lavabeast in combat? Turn to entry 343.


You sew the Troglodyte skin with the crocodilian’s skin to create a new and even more impervious hide of armor. When worn in the EX slot, it reduces 2 damage. When stored, it takes up 3 Sachet slots.

Now turn to entry 46.


The sixth path of that accursed crossroads lead you alas to a heavy hinged door. On it, it is decorated by several gemstones and engravings of Wyverns and Dragons. A single skull with a ring between its teeth stands in the center with several Ancient Common Tongue languages written on the ring.

If you have the Maze Key, turn to the number on the key. If you do not have a Maze Key, you may turn back and seek another path:

Pathway 1 (entry 374)
Pathway 2 (entry 414)
Pathway 3 (entry 409)
Pathway 4 (entry 253)
Pathway 5 (entry 118)
Pathway 7 (entry 401)


You exit the room. If you have not killed the Drakel, you exit the room to find that the item on your LH slot was stolen. Deduct the weapon (if there was any) that you were holding on the LH slot. You now take the south-west path on entry 192.


Would you like to reconsider? You might still be able to go to north-east (entry 203), south-east (entry 148) or south-west if you have not been there. (entry 65) But if you are sure that you wish to proceed, move onto entry 82.


The stone statues crumble into dust as you finish your slicing and dicing. You gaze out. It’s almost evening. Soon, the helicopters will be coming and you were supposed to send the message regarding the reason why but you still haven’t figured out. If you haven’t, you may turn to entry 294 to search the murky swamp or move on to entry 36.


You walk over to the table and pick up the old book. You open it to discover that it is a diary. Inside it says:

How long I have to live in this place, forced by those monsters to offer the humans to him.

You are a little taken aback by this statement and wonder who or what the “him” is. You may now either check the books on entry 125 or try the ladder on entry 182.


You choose the fourth path. It first turns left and right and suddenly you hear the mutterings of the horde come closer and closer. But the path eventually leads to a dead end. You may now choose another path.

Pathway 1 (entry 374)
Pathway 2 (entry 414)
Pathway 3 (entry 409)
Pathway 5 (entry 118)
Pathway 6 (entry 248)
Pathway 7 (entry 401)


In a fit of anger and irritancy, you lunge at the door with gritted teeth and smash it open. When you arise from the floor of shattered mirrors and into the room where you were before, you see no one.

Looking down, you grimace at the gash on your shoulder. Lose 4 HP. You pull yourself up and use a ripped portion of the garment to act as a bandage. Once the blood stops flowing, you exit and take the south-western path to entry 192.


You back away from the battle as Hurst gives you a look of hatred in his eyes. You run away to entry 334.


Approaching one of the gaping holes made in the cavern’s walls, you admire that such a colossal structure could be stored in a single asylum. As you pick up a Dark Crystal, you feel drawn to it, and you fail your mission as your skin fades away, revealing a gleaming white skeleton, perhaps the cleanest part of the human body.


You decide to try the green potion. A smelly mist blinds you and you tumble on the ground, a bit shaken. Lose 2 AP from the Deterrent Potion. You may now either look at the cages (entry 142) or the jars (entry 18) or go straight to entry 36.


You decide to stay and explore a little. Two things grab your attention. One is a miniature murky swamp (entry 294) and the other is a small ledge that leads outside. (entry 64)


It’s quicksand! You force yourself out but you just keep sinking. Stretching and pulling, you try to weasel out of the sinking sand pit and you finally do, but at the cost of straining your arms and the loss of 1 AP. You get out, a little irritated.

Opening the chest, you find an ink bottle. You may keep the ink bottle and may now either explore the ledge (entry 64) or go to entry 36.


The Drakel slump to the ground. You’re lucky they didn’t ring any form of alarm. What will you do now?

Go through the door? (entry 126)
Or search the Drakels sachets? (entry 384)


The Ice Devil lets out a breath in surprise as the shambling and twisted figure crumples to the ground, the crimson in its eyes fading. As if on cue, the ice surrounding the room begins to melt and small streams of water start to appear.

You are about to leave when you decide to bend down and splash some spring water and also drink some. You are rejuvenated, and so gain +3 HP.

As the water melts away, it reveals a bronze like handle which you pull out with all your strength. Your tugging proves itself worth it as you have pulled out a seemingly antique shotgun. It has six bullets and another six more.

Note this next to the weapon if you are equipping it. It takes up either the LH or RH slot. Once you have used the shotgun for 12 rounds, you must discard it. Now turn to entry 273.


You decide to try the safe lock. You look around at the safe. The symbols are of some form of ancient language. Perhaps Dæmon tongue. You see a panel with three symbols on it. One resembles a Y, the next an A, and the last an O. You figure it much be a puzzle. Which pattern will you place it in?

YAO? (entry 48)
YOA? (entry 131)
AOY? (entry 161)
AYO? (entry 195)
OAY? (entry 224)
OYA? (entry 292)


The ugly thing lies with a thud on the ground from the nice rip in its hide you made. Enraged, the Chaos Elf arises and unveils a staff from his robe.

“HOW DARE YOU!” he yells, clearly distressed by the murder of his beloved giant-monstrosity Wyrm.

You must now fight the Chaos Elf Mage. Your Attack Roll will be reduced by 1 since he is using magic.

CHAOS ELF MAGE- Chaos Elven are Elven who gave in to the Darkness.

HP: 25
AP: d6+3
HR: 2

When you defeat the Elven, turn to entry 188. If the Elf Mage deals more than 12 damage to you, turn to entry 243.


You charge forward with your weapon in hand and lunge for the Dæmoness across the table. She merely takes one step back and then neatly smashes your stomach, knocking the wind out of you and your body across the table. The other Dæmons laugh harshly as you topple on the hard stone floor. Lose 2 HP and turn to entry 185.


You quickly maneuver out of the way and narrowly dodge the incoming spear. You draw your weapon and begin to parry.

CALACORM- A form of Lizardmen that have two heads.

HP: 16
AP: d6+4
HR: 2

If you do not defeat the Calacorm in 12 turns, turn to entry 233. If not, and you successfully kill it in less than 12 turns, turn to entry 159.


You decide that you have had enough of the underground section and so silently walk up the stairs again. It’s a marvel you haven’t been caught. You return to the X-shaped crossroads again. You may now choose to go south-east (entry 148), south-west (entry 65), or north-west. (entry 250)


He agrees to follow you while you both walk down the corridor. You plan to lead the vampire to a corner and successfully assassinate him when a sudden shout in the eastern direction of the corridor makes both your heads turn. Now turn to entry 361.


Isaldor slumps to the ground in a pool of blood. Von Hurst was badly injured in the battle and a gaping wound revealing his liver pours a fountain of red blood. You walk over to aid him when he suddenly stops you.

“I am going to dieâ?¦” he rasps weakly.

Knowing that his heart will fail eventually, you decide to tell him what your true goal was.

Instead of him lashing out at you, the vampire laughs softly!

“I wouldn’t mind being freed from this asylumâ?¦” he whispers, “Nobody ever said that vampires were badâ?¦”

With that, his hand swiftly grabs the Maze Key and plunges it into his heart. He silently says his name and in a purple flash, his body vanishes, leaving no trace of anything behind but the golden key in your hand with a single number written on the handle, 310.

Record the Maze Key 310 in your Sachet as you proceed to entry 334.


You decide to trust the Ink Bottle you found and use the ink to write your name on the parchment. Suddenly, a rumble can be heard and the metal door in front of you clears open.

Inside, you see a wooden box on a wide chrome table. The room is roughly circular and you take a step in. Turn to entry 119.


You get ready as the four Stone Golems merge into one through alchemy. A purple flash and a GIANT STONE GOLEM replaces the four elementals. Prepare to engage in combat.

GIANT STONE GOLEM- A transmutation of four Stone Golems.

HP: 15
AP: d6+5
HR: 3

Note that the Talisman of Justice and the Pied Piper’s Pipe have no effect on this battle. No Special Skills are valid in this battle. When you defeat the monster, turn to entry 332.


Your days at the gymnastics room paid off as you perform a double back flip as the axe descends and crashes into the spot that you were two seconds ago. Flipping back onto two feet again, you prepare to engage in combat.

Turn to entry 217.


You have just awoken a TWIN-HEADED CROCODILE! Prepare for combat.

TWIN-HEADED CROCODILE- Like its namesake, it is a crocodile-like human with two crocodile heads. It enjoys burying in the sand as a method of sleeping.

HP: 9
AP: d6+4
HR: 2

If you have a Troglodyte skin, turn to 247. When you defeat the crocodilian, turn to entry 46.


Though you have left that icy cavern, you still feel the cold breeze lingering around you. You continue down the pathway and decide to take a right turn to entry 328.


The puny Hobgoblins don’t seem intimidated by your words. Nor do the gang of Orcinians ganging up from behind. Ouch.


Clicking the door open, you step inside the smelly room. An old man lays on a chair and in his hand lies a baby Giant Leech. The old man looks up at you and his face turns into that of a Chaos Elf.

“Go, little one.”

The baby Giant Leech crawls towards you and before you can react, sinks its teeth into your flesh. You yelp in pain as it sucks your blood and yank it out. Lose 2 HP. The leech crawls back to its master who looks at your blood from the Wyrm’s jaws.

“Hmmâ?¦” he muses, “You are human. Not a human of Aegis either, a human of Earth.”

With that, he places his fingers on the blue leech and whispers, “Grow, Yabaru.” Turn to entry 378.


You close the door behind you. Turn to entry 181.


You lunge for the Half-Orcinians as they draw their maces. Fight them in the following order:

HALF-ORCINIAN- The result of a human and orcinian intermarriage.

HP: 15
AP: d6+3
HR: 2

HALF-ORCINIAN- Taller than an orcinian, uglier than a human.

HP: 18
AP: d6+2
HR: 2

When you defeat them, turn to entry 316.


Your sheer willpower prevails as the Reflector wails and then vanishes into thin air. You open your eyes and look at your reflection. No problems here, just the same old you. You walk onwards to entry 222.


You press the doo a little. It surprisingly relents and a loud creak can be heard. The purple smoke envelopes your feet. You peek inside and almost throw up from the sight that you see. Turn to entry 394.


You ignore the spindly old man and grab the handle of the door. Suddenly, the PIED PIPER starts humming a tune and rats begin to swarm all over the floor. You reel back in disgust and lose 2 HP as they nip at you. You quickly shut the door behind you and proceed to entry 372.


You continue walking to the distance until you find yourself at a dead end. Frustrated, you turn back to the crossroads. Which will you go to now?

East? (entry 171)
West? (entry 155)


You push open the right door and see a desk with a chair ahead of you. Surrounding the desk are floating pieces of armor! Suddenly, a mystical blue spirit that takes the form of a man’s face explains to you, “I am an Oracleâ?¦.would you like to tradeâ?¦or learn of some news?”

Trade? (entry 57)
News? (entry 225)


You swiftly jump to the side as the weapon crushes the ground below. Landing hard on the floor, (Lose 1 AP) you push yourself up as the imbecilic Ogres prepare their ‘tactically sound’ (and rather chaotic, you note) assault.

Turn to entry 217.


You walk across the green triangle, only to find a surges of green energy enlaced around you and consume your very molecules.

Your mission is a failure.


“Shaddup and get to work!” you command.

Roll a die to see if you look terrifying enough. If it is an even number, they scurry off and you enter the door at entry 362. If not, turn to entry 274.


The moment you touch the spiraling object, a hideously long and gelatin like worm crawls out. It is a GASTROPODUS, or rather, giant snail. You must now engage it in combat:

GASTROPODUS- A giant sleep that spends most of its time sleeping.

HP: 25
AP: d6+2
HR: 0

When you defeat the Gastropodus, you retrace your steps and may take another pathway:

Pathway 1 (entry 374)
Pathway 2 (entry 414)
Pathway 3 (entry 409)
Pathway 4 (entry 253)
Pathway 6 (entry 248)
Pathway 7 (entry 401)


You search the wall for any secret passages in the solid wall. You suddenly spot a panel in the east wall. You slide the panel and inside lays two levers. One has a skull on the handle; the other has a red skull on the handle. Which will you try?

The white-skull handle? (entry 364)
Or the red-skull handle? (entry 110)


You decide to take a look at the machines. You step over a mass of wires with a grim look, hoping the Dwarves will be bluffed and believe that you are a Dæmon. The trick seems to be working as several Dwarves bow and then scurry way as you approach.

Walking onwards, you stop by to a huge computer screen which links to a keyboard. The keys have strange writing instead of numbers. Aegisean code. When you are engaged in Dimensional Travel, the laws of time and space are rendered obsolete as Dimensional Travel automatically reconfigures it. So, if you travelled to Aegis, it would seem as though you have lived in Aegis the day you were born. So when Aegiseans enter Earth, they gain the knowledge of Earth, such as English or technology.

However, they still retain their original knowledge. So they have decided to use modern Earth technology for their own purposes. But for what? You tap the computer system and suddenly a whole database of information written in Common Tongue, the language of Aegis.

With no idea how to read Common Tongue, what will you do now?

Ask a Dwarf to give a translation? (entry 349)
Or perhaps download it all into a disk and keep it for later use? (entry 306)


You decide to enter the entrance in the walls. The moment you enter the path, a door behind you shuts and you are now stuck in a pathway that resembles the room, mirrors everywhere.

You realize that you could be lost here for quite some time, and the steady stream of reflections disturb you a little. What will you do now?

Attempt to break past the door behind you? (entry 319)
Or keep moving forward? (entry 179)


With the monster handled with, you push aside the tomb-like door and what do you find? A tomb.

A crack in the ceiling lets a silent glimmer of moonlight drift in. In the center of the cold, marble room lies a giant coffin, or rather, what seems like a coffin. On the other side of the room lies a door.

Clearly Ancient and covered in spider webs and a rather thick layer of dust, the coffin has no carvings on it but a single one, the image of a Medusa on top. You may choose to examine the insides of the coffin on entry 369 or move on to the door to entry 346.


You yell as you drop from the high ceiling and towards the burning lake of lava. Roll a die, if it is an odd number, turn to entry 137. If not, turn to entry 156.


You try the pattern but to no avail. You may now try again:

YAO? (entry 48)
YOA? (entry 131)
AOY? (entry 161)
AYO? (entry 195)
OAY? (entry 224)


You decide to check out the stony walls. You search for any secret passages or clues when you find a Lawful Scanner! It glows in a blue light, signifying your right to read the hidden message and the secret is revealed:


‘It seems many agents died on this oneâ?¦’ you note to yourself, but what could the message mean? You are about to check something else when the wall suddenly bursts open! Turn to entry 218.


You decide that you should check out the small swamp. Exotic plants of all colors fill the yellow water landscape while mangrove trees hang in the distance. You walk into the muddy water, which is ankle-deep and sink your hand in the water to feel for buried treasure. You feel two things. One is a rough-like structure, while the other is a handle. Which will you go for?

The rough structure? (entry 53)
Or the handle? ( entry 172)


The thump of the dragon’s body caught the attention of some Dæmon and the ugly creatures in purple robes appear from a door to west. You quickly run away but accidentally drop a shield (if you have any, you also lose the bonuses it gives) as you scramble away to entry 17 but you also receive a red potion labeled “Dæmon Potion” which you can take.


The dead crocodile’s body floats on the surface as you grab its pouch bag. Inside the pouch is an Iron Helmet and a Harpoon. The Iron Helmet takes up the EX slot and grants you +2 HP only when equipped. The Harpoon grants you with +2 AP. You also find two pieces of gold.

Glad with your find, you pull yourself unto dry land and look into the distance. You are really far from the hanging bridge but perhaps there is another way. Walk on to reference 30.


The Bee-Warrior slumps to the ground defeat. Looking at its leg pouches, you find a jar of pure raw honey. You may use this item whenever you wish to. It restores +3 HP and you DO NOT miss a turn when used in battle.

You are disheartened by the many people that have been lost and swear that you will avenge their deaths soon. You walk over pass the monstrous plants and dodge a few.

Do you wish to stay? (entry 258) or exit? (entry 124)


You try the door with the dragon painting on it and are surprised to find that the room is rather bright compared to the others. However, on the floor is an injured man, clearly bruised and in pain. Next to him are shards of green armor.

Will you help this man? (entry 40)
Or are you suspicious of him and return to the crossroads to either go north (entry 15), or west? (entry 155)


You climb into the boat and make yourself comfortable. Suddenly, the boat swerves out of control and attempts to push you overboard. But don’t worry, that’s not the big problem. The BIG problem is a stalactite falling from the top and crushing you to smithereens. Or was it a stalagmite?


The mine cart surges into the air as you grab the edges of the accelerating box. You grit your teeth as the wheels screech resoundingly with the tracks. The force is beyond anything you could ever imagine and tears begin streaming down your eyes. You could have sworn your tongue was waggling out.

Suddenly, abruptly, the cart stops at a stunning screech and your head is thrown forward, smashing onto the cart’s front. Lose 1 HP. You get out, rather pissed off by the sudden movement and numbly get yourself out of the cart. You look around.

The tracks end at a tunnel and when you clamber out of the tunnel, you arrive in a circular room. The floor has a transmutation circle in it. Something only Alchemists use. You wonder what Alchemists have to do with their goal. You exit the circular room to find a crossroads that lead to north, east, and west. Which direction will you choose?

North? (entry 15)
East? (entry 171)
West? (entry 155)


“Sorry, sir” one of them mutters.

You stare at them for a few seconds with “the look” your mother taught you and walk away, treading slowly into the door to entry 362.


“Don’t you trust me?” you question.

“As a matter of factâ?¦I don’tâ?¦” he continues, “You don’t smell like evil. You smellâ?¦humanâ?¦”

And with that, he impales your stomach with his needled claws.


Raising your weapon, you continuously slash at the creature’s jagged mouth. The creature’s tentacles also rip off your skin with small teeth at the tip of them. Lose 2 HP. Eventually, the creature lets loose and you begin to fall. Now turn to entry 291.


You pick up the dice. There is magic surrounding it which passes into your veins. Gain +3 SP. You may now try one of the following:

Drink the potion? (entry 382)
Test the stick? (entry 341)

Or you may ignore the others and select either to:

Enter the door? (entry 290)
Or pick up the club? (entry 415)


The mysterious essence that controlled your mind seems to fade away as you step once again to the asylum. The ethereal plane behind you closes up and you can truly only guess what that dimension was.

You continue down the corridor, stunned, to entry 412.


You look around and pick a scrawny dwarf.

“Hey, you!” you command in a gruff tone, “Download all this information in this hard drive.”

“Y-yes, sirâ?¦” he replies, clearly shaken.

He slides in a black hard drive and begins typing furiously on the keyboard. The loading bar finally finishes and the dwarf, with trembling hands, chug out the hard drive. He hands it over to you and you swipe it from his fingers. You then exit the room and walk towards the western path. (entry 315)


You quickly regain your footing. Feeling a little nauseous, you clamber a little clumsily to the next ledge and walk over to entry 228.


You are now stuck in this spaceless existence, completely unaware of what you should be doing. In other words you have failed the earth from avoiding an impending doom.


A giant and muscular body clothed in black, spiky armor emerges from the rift. Suddenly, a massive shoulder with blades sticking out of it appears. Then a jet black hand with killer claws. Alas, the giant face of Zephirutus, a massive clawed face with shards of teeth.

You cower back, clearly didn’t expecting this.

“Zephirutus, you are mine as I have recreated you!” the Dæmoness commands.

Zephirutus laughs a cruel and evil (oh, that was hard to figure out) chuckle and then from his massive arm, black spikes protrude and strike every Dæmon on the table. The dark yet bright dawn sky glares as the giant King of the Pit roars.

Suddenly, all forms of Dark monsters fly into the air, each one soaring into the gaping mouth of the gigantic creature. Purple energy fizzles and crackles all over Zephirutus’ body and two massive bat-like wings emerge from his back. The cold wind of the morning brushes against your “goosebumped” skin. You tremble and suddenly the evil abomination glances at you with its piercing eyes.

“Get out of my way, human. Or fight me.” he booms.

Will you move away? (entry 322)
Or will you challenge him? (entry 167)


You take out your Maze Key and slot it in the skull. Turning it, the huge door suddenly opens, making way for an ethereal mist to enter. Silently thanking Von Hurst, you make your way through the door and beyond to entry 402.


The Pied Piper’s body crinkles a little and eventually disintegrates. You feel a little sad for the poor man. Then you glance down and notice that his pipe hasn’t vanished. You may add this pipe to your Sachet. If ever you need it, you may deduct it from your Sachet to lower an enemy’s HP by 2. Then, you miss a turn. You now enter the door to entry 372.


The path descends downwards to a huge archway where patterns cover the ceiling. A massive chandelier dangles loosely from the roof and statues of Shinigami, the psychopomps of Aegis cover the walls.

You walk down the massive archway where a giant door stands. On the door are painted images of Hydras. You push the door open and walk in with a grim look. Around the room are people, dead people. All killed in a violent way. Blood splatters the walls and floor in patterns that clearly indicate they were ripped open. The carnage turns you off and you are about to back away when a deep rumble makes you stop.

Suddenly, from a corner in the shadows, a massive furry creature with curled claws appears. With long strands of shaggy hair and blood-laced teeth, you literally stumble to your knees in fear.


CLAWBEAST- A monstrous animal, known for murdering livestock.

HP: 36
AP: d6+5
HR: 0

When you defeat the Clawbeast, turn to entry 354.


You must now fight the creature.

SPIRIT AVATAR- Those who insult the spirits shall face the Spirit Avatar.

HP: 20
AP: d6+3
HR: 3

When you defeat the Spirit Avatar, turn to entry 397.


“The cavalry will soon arrive,” you “muse” coolly, “So you should just surrender.” “Oh,” the Dæmoness replies darkly, “Really? And what cavalry is this?”
“The Secret Order.”
“Well, I have a message for your Secret Order.”
Turn to entry 185.


The silent path of the western one makes your spine quiver slightly. It is dark, and there are no telltale signs of monsters or traps. You can’t even see where you’re going until you accidentally hit your shoulder on the corner turning south. You grimace and move on.

You finally stop at a branch that separates into two paths. The left path leads south-east while the right one leads south-west. Which will you take?

South-west? (entry 192)
South-east? (entry 379)


The two imbeciles hit the ground with a thud as you search their sachets for any useful items. A Stone-studded Mace and a rather rare Orb of Tsunami are all you find. The Stone-studded mace grants you +2 AP and takes up either the LH or RH slot. The Orb of Tsunami is kept in one of the Sachet slots. Gain +3 SP for your find.

Now turn over to entry 301.


Not even considering who can hear you, you raise your shotgun, take aim and fire the wall away to hell. A huge explosion shatters the wall and smoke and dust fly everywhere.

As the dirt clears away, you hear several Ogres and Orcinians shouting and heading towards you. You quickly flee through the hole in the wall but accidentally drop your shotgun. (Deduct the shotgun from your Sachet) Turn to entry 402.


The first thing your head registers is that the Dæmon staring at you is female. Meaning that technically, she would be a Dæmoness. The other Dæmons also stare at you. Finally, the head of the table comments maliciously, “I see that our net sacrifice has arrived. You must be the one causing this entire ruckus.”

What will you reply?
What is going on here? (entry 140)
The cavalry will soon arrive so you should surrender. (entry 314)
Or just attack? (entry 264)


You smash the door but it doesn’t budge. Lose 2 HP for the sore arm. You try to press it with some force but it doesn’t relent.

If you have the RAGE Special Skill, you may use it and turn to entry 254.
Or if you don’t, you may just continue onwards to entry 179.


You draw your weapon. Prepare to engage them in combat in the following order:

DæMON GUARD- Part of the Pit’s Royal Guard.

HP: 8
AP: d6+4
HR: 4

DæMON GUARD- These powerful creatures wear silver armor, have red skin and curved horns.

HP: 7
AP: d6+5
HR: 4

When you defeat these monsters, turn to entry 230.


You are not strong enough and succumb to the power of the Reflector. You must now engage it in combat.

REFLECTOR- A shape-shifter who enjoys taunting humans as entertainment.

HP: 20
AP: d6+1
HR: 5

When you defeat the shape-shifter, turn to entry 330.


You cower in fear and give in to your weakness. But soon the monster will unleash all of Darkness onto both Aegis and Earth. Even though you completed the assigned mission, you will die as the coward who let Zephirutus conquer the universe without a fight.


Gripping the silver handles, you hoist yourself down and look at the sandy bottom below. What you see shocks you a little. Dead skeletons everywhere, littering the whole area. You force yourself to focus and beads of sweat trickle down your skin.

What if there was some kind of giant monster hiding underneath? Will you decide to walk across the sandy pit, or climb across it? Turn to entry 190 to climb across and entry 339 to walk across the sand.


You pull out the shrunken head from your bag. The Pied Piper howls like a WEREWOLF and suddenly a rainbow Soul exits from the body. The dead man’s skin soon crinkles and then eventually breaks into dust. Gain +2 SP for your victory and deduct the Shrunken head from your Sachet as it dilapidates. Now you enter the door and turn over to entry 372.


You try to twist your way out of the grip of the tentacles but the creature merely draws you closer to its hideous jaws. Then you remember that these things will choke from solid a structure which is why they only suck out your fat and flesh and not the bone!

Do you have any Lizardmen bones? (entry 176)
Or if you don’t do you wish to continue to try to crawl out? (entry 209)


HIBERNATING PARASITE- This hideous flea takes domain in a body unsuspectingly and eventually gains complete control over the host.

HP: 4
AP: d6+1
HR: 1

If you manage to deal damage twice in a row consecutively, you have automatically killed the dying creature and may turn to entry 391. Otherwise, continue fighting like normal until you kill it, then turn to entry 391.


You decide to look at the book. You walk over to the column and glance down at the book. It is brown and dirty, clearly it has been here for quite some time. You open the book; all its pages are blank.

You flip through the book and are about to close it when one page catches your eye. A single page with a sentence written in red:


You smell the paint. Smells like metal, which smells like blood. You decide to ignore the message and climb down anyway to entry 323.


The path continues onwards. Once or twice you had to hide as hordes of Aegiseans passed by in search parties. You even spotted a Dæmon or two once. Finally, weak from a lack of food and water, (perhaps the only good thing about no water is the lack of need to answer nature’s call) you stumble to the wall, preparing to pass out.

A few minutes pass by though when you awaken; you find yourself not any better than you were. Luckily, no one was aware of your presence and so you continue down the path.

Alas, there is a turn to the right though in that corner, there is a small stand with a gold-laced casket on it.

Will you open the casket? (entry 395)
Or ignore it and continue? (entry 141)


With practiced agility, you swing yourself past the vicious punch of the monster which snaps the pole. Luckily, your hand grips on the rock and with that, you flip towards the door and into it, with the grace of a gymnast. Now turn to entry 276.


The Reflector vanishes into thin air and you let out a breath of weariness. Looking at the watch hidden in your thigh, you realize that it is night and you only have a few hours left to figure out the truth behind this asylum.

Gain 5 HP for the brief break and turn to entry 222.


Standing on a narrow ridge over the right wall, you grab the pipe with your hands and begin moving forward, one hand at a time. Sweat beads down from your forehead as the lava beneath you rocks like a river.

You distract yourself form the lava by cursing the Dæmons as you clamber across the pole when suddenly a deep rumble comes from the lava below. Turn to entry 246.


The giant colossus breaks down into shards of cinderblock as dust envelopes the air. You cough and wave your arm through the thick fog as you peer down. You spot the item of the Golem’s bewitchment, a Soulbreaker Bracelet. The moment you touch it, you see flashing images of the souls these Golems killed. You may equip this weapon. It grants the user +10 HP, +5 AP, and +3 SP. It takes up your EX slot. You now move on to entry 352.


“Sorryâ?¦: you begin, “I was just skipping search party dutiesâ?¦”

The man pauses for a second as if to contemplate the authenticity of that excuse and then a smile blossoms on his face, “Well, your not the only one!”

He explains he is a VAMPIRE and is running away from his search party for some free time. You claim you are a CHAOS KNIGHT, a betrayer of the Aegisean Knights, and are wearing the prisoner’s uniform as punishment from your senior. (Apparently, this is a common punishment)

He urges you to come closer to show you his prized possession. His hand delves deep into a pouch and produces a bronze key. You peer at it closely and he chuckles at your confused expression.

“It’s a Sealing Key,” he explains, “When I meet my rival, I will ‘seal’ him with this magic item.”

Will you ask him about the key? (entry 376)
Or tell him that you have to rejoin your party?(entry 197)
Or perhaps ask him to follow you to avoid suspicion? (entry 267)
Or even perhaps risk a deadly attack to the vampire? (entry 407)


Feeling tired and sore, you lug your body to another pathway in the confusing mess that makes up the asylum. You begin to wonder where the prisonersâ?¦knowing that most of the people here are “unfortunates” or rather, incurable.

Through this stage of wistful thinking, you do not notice the weak brick floor beneath you which snaps as you walk across it! Turn to entry 221.


You attempt to swing yourself past the punch but your lack of skill results in a gash to your arm. Prepare for combat as the monster swings again:

LAVABEAST- The fire elemental made of lava.

HP: 20
AP: d6+3
HR: 4

When you beat the elemental, you go through the door to entry 276.


You pick up the Fur Cloak and tie it around your neck and shoulders. You stand tall and impressive, quite the role of a hero. But then you notice the fur. Nemean Lion fur, from the Nemean Lion, whose hide is impenetrable. The Drakel must have wasted a lot of money on the black market for this.

When equipped in your EX slot, the cloak itself represents 5 HP. You may use these “extra HP” to reduce the damage on your HP. For example, if a monster deals 5 damage, you can use up 3 of the extra HP to reduce the damage to 2 on your actual HP.

You rise to your feet and now walk away to the door, opening it on entry 126.


A pair of double-sided axes swings from the air. Test your Dodge Ability. If you manage to dodge, turn to entry 71. If you fail in dodging, your mission ends here and now.


You walk over to the still corpses of the Ogres and search their pouches. There is a hollow thigh bone, a shuriken, and a ring with three snake-laced skulls on it. You may take as many of these items as you want.

Now turn to entry 399.


You reason to yourself that nothing is the matter and hoist yourself downwards. Your feet nearly slips for a few moments as you descend down the silver ladder. Your sweat-laced hands nearly slip and you let out a breath of relief as your feet touches the sand.

You look across the pit. It’s a really really long walk to reach the end of the pit and you can clearly spot another ladder there. Perhaps as a means to taunt adventurers. You walk, treading carefully and listening closely for any signs of movement. There is no trace. Halfway across the pit and there has been no Aegisean anywhere.

You begin to wonder if there was an Aegisean in here when an earthquake strikes. Turn to entry 381.


The heavy door slides open as you push it and as you walk in, a shivering and cold breeze waves its air over you. Your breath shows as you stare, bewildered at the room before you.

The whole place seems to be a massive cavern of ice. Ice stalactites dangle from the ceilings while the floor is shiny like that of a crystal lake. Cold wind bellows in the background while huge pillars of icicles spread from the ground and touch the tip of the chilling roof.

You wonder what on earth a place like this is in an asylum when a mysterious chuckle behinds you says, “You got past Mr. Furrs?”

You twist around instinctively to find a tall and skinny creature with a rather languid frame crouching on an ice stone. Its red and devilish eyes stand out from the pale white of the room and his long and blade-like nails resemble icicles. You can only assume that ‘Mr. Furrs’ was his pet Werebear.

What will you do now?

Attack him? (entry 105)
Run away by sliding across him to another door across you? (entry 235)
Or ask him why he is here? (entry 370)


The moment you grab the wooden stick, it begins to tremble and a croaky voice mutters in a strange language:

“Neggsagk faigwsg sdfg’gsg’wg’m!!!!”

The stick suddenly enlarges and pierces out of your hand, transforming into a WOOD DEMON!

WOOD DEMON- A hideous tree-like monster.

HP: 27
AP: d6+3
HR: 2

When you defeat the Wood Demon, you may choose to:

Enter the door? (entry 290)
Or pick up the club? (entry 415)

Or perhaps you may drink the potion on entry 382 or look at the dice on entry 304.


You lean on the right wall and silently move across. And it seems you have chosen the right one! (Right one, right one? Get it? Ok, never mind.) A strange two-headed reptilian humanoid is on guard, standing on the right side of the wall. You stealthily sneak up and disable him. Move on to entry 236.


Prepare for combat:

LAVABEAST- A massive elemental of Fire.

HP: 15
AP: d6+4
HR: 3

When you defeat the fire elemental, turn to entry 276.


With a quick slash of your weapon, you kill the injured man. Nothing happens and a pang of guilt eats away at your heart. Saddened, you continue down the path to entry 380.


The Dæmon Necromancer stares in shock as it tumbles unto the ground, swearing that you will pay. You look completely unremorseful as the blood-red monster slowly fades away from life. ‘Death to those who played with death.’ you comment to yourself.

What will you do now?

Search the Necromancer’s robes for an item? (entry 360)
Look for a secret passage out? (entry 287)
Return through the path that you came from? (entry 177)


You find yourself gazing blankly at what appears to be the path to the revelation of this dark place. Turn to entry 411.


Your blade evenly slashes through the door. Wood splinters everywhere but what appears withinâ?¦a fear creeps up your spine. Turn to entry 394.


“Killgor,” you mutter menacingly and the Chalice of Souls whispers, “Very well.” Gain +10 HP. You pass the curtain of rainbow Souls and move on to entry 150.


You point a firm finger at one of the Dwarves, and he immediately freezes.

“You there, give me a copy of this whole database in English format please.”

“I-If I may, sir,” the dwarf asks carefully, “Why in English?”

You are about to give a no-nonsense reply when one of the dwarves says, “Because he cannot read Common Tongue, thereby meaning he is an Earth human.”

Turn to entry 163.


They turn left and right, the horde never even notices your existence as you tail them. Down the winding corridors, pass the torches, the stone columns, the marble statues, and the distinctly castle-like stone walls.

You pass a wall of crisis stabilization cells where moans of people being experimented on tied with straitjackets moan in pain. A shiver of fear and horror crawl up your spinal cord as you falter behind and eventually lose them.

Looking around, you believe from the noise that they went west and so follow accordingly. Eventually, you encounter a descending staircase that leads below. You walk down only to encounter a massive silver door with a single label on it.


You enter The Maze at entry 368.


The Elder Dæmon lunges into the air and slashes at your guts, leaving a blood mess behind.


You grab the banister and begin ascending up the spiraled staircase. The staircase has no main support beam and so you know it was constructed via magic. A wave of evil lingers in the area and you can sense that something strange is in the area. You gather your courage and arrive at the top floor.

Looking around, you realize that you are on the highest tower. You have arrived in a small medieval like room and there is a giant ebony door decorated with ivory skulls in front of you. Purple mist emerges from beneath the hidden room.

Will you charge in the door, ready for battle? (entry 375)
Or slash at the door with a weapon? (entry 347)
Or would you rather sneak in suspiciously? (entry 279)


Your magical ARMOR Special Skill smashes the Giant Leech’s skull when you ram into it. Subtract Armor’s SP Cost form your SP as the great creature falls to the ground, dead. Now turn to entry 263.


“Wow.” Is all you can mutter as your final slash of triumph brings the beast down. Another trap in another room. Then you realize.

The Clawbeast was placed here to eliminate anyone on foot. It couldn’t possibly reach a flying Dæmon, however. Then you spot a small door in the front wall that can only be accessed through flying. What will you do now?

Use the ACROBAT skill to climb on the ledges? (entry 115)
If you have an Orb of Tsunami, you may use it. Otherwise, you may choose not to. (entry 366)
Or do you wish to stay longer for another solution? (entry 149)


“What is your number?” you query innocently.

He smiles, “Should I tell you?”

Do you have a SPELLBINDING Special Skill? If so, turn to entry 117. If not, roll a die. If it is an even number, turn to entry 145, if not, turn to entry 302.


“I am part of an organization dedicated to the elimination of any Aegiseans that trespass on Earth territory. You should know that Dimensional Travel is illegal by Aegis law.” you declare.

“Bah, Aegis law, we creatures of the Pit never do that,” he cackles, “Our ancestors found this abundant universe and we of the Pit need your kind.”

Prepare to fight on entry 80.


You must now fight the two Hobgoblins:

HOBGOBLIN- Stupid, ugly, and fat. Three adjectives to describe these pudgy creatures.

HP: 4
AP: d6+2
HR: 1

HOBGOBLIN- With yellow skin and a face only a mother could loveâ?¦well, you get the idea.

HP: 3
AP: d6+1
HR: 1

After you defeat them, turn to entry 193.


You decide to choose the right path. It is a winding one, but you press onwards, hoping that nothing horrible awaits you and your fate.

You have been walking for what seems like hours when suddenly you begin feeling dizzy. The mirrors in this path seem to have a purple hue to itâ?¦then it hits you! These mirrors are made of Dark Crystals!

Aegisean crystals and minerals have powerful properties and Dark Crystals are the worse of them all. Uncontrollable as Light and as potent as Fire, Dark Crystals are usually only used for dark arts such as necromancy or alchemy. But in this case, its being used to keep people like you away fromâ?¦something.

Are you strong enough to resist the darkness? Roll two die and if your AP is higher than that, turn to entry 169. If not, turn to entry 223.


You walk onwards and see a metallic door with a ruby ahead. Beside the door, you see a spindly old man wearing a jester costume. He has a pipe in his hand. His eyes are a malevolent blue, clearly showing he is being possessed by a Soul. Will you attack him? (entry 386) or ignore the spindly old man and walk through the door? (entry 280)


You decide to search his robes and begin by looking through his pocket. You find two items. A Black Knuckle handguard+ knuckleduster and a Healing Potion. The Black Knuckle grants you +3 HP when equipped and +2 AP and takes up your RH or LH slot. The Healing Potion can be used at any time and grants you +5 HP. When used in battle, you DO NOT miss a turn. You may now either search for any passages, (entry 287) or return through the way you came. (entry 177)


Both of you stop to meet a tall and slender figure with a pale, grey face. The figure’s hair strands down like the tendrils of a plant and through his parched lips you can make out a pair of vampiric fangs.

“Von Hurstâ?¦” the vampire mutters.

“Isaldorâ?¦” your ‘ally’ replies, pronouncing the name in a menacingly dangerous tone.

Clearly, you conclude, that this ‘Isaldor’ must be Von Hurst’s rival. The uneasy hand of Von Hurst reaches for the key in his pouch only determines it.

But as he pulls out the key, Isaldor moves in a lightning flash and nabs the key from Hurst’s hand! Von Hurst turns around in shock and fear as Isaldor lands on the other side.

“This key belongs to the Mazeâ?¦” Isaldor says in a hushed tone, “And the number written on it shall be the key to the exitâ?¦”

Will you aid Hurst in his battle?
If so, turn to entry 392.
If not, turn to entry 255.


You push the door open and enter the room. It is completely silent. In the room, there are mirrors everywhere. Mirrors in the ceiling, mirrors on the walls, and even mirrors on the floor. A hooded figure stands in the center of the room and you spot a fanged smile within the hood.

Do you have the CHARM Special Skill? If so, turn to entry 152. If not, turn to entry 208.


What appeared from within the coffin you have no idea? Perhaps it was some morbid and twisted creation of alchemists or necromancers but a hideous string of red tentacles with yellow fat tubes sticking out of it pour from the oblong box.

You must now face the UNSPEAKABLE HORROR.

UNSPEAKABLE HORROR- A twisted group of fat tentacles.

HP: 38
AP: d6+9
HR: 4

If you even manage to defeat the Unspeakable Horror, you continue through the door anguished in entry 346.


You pull the white skull handle. Suddenly, a door slides open in the north wall. You look into the door. It is a rectangular room with a giant twirled staircase leading to somewhere unknown. There is another door in the eastern section. Around the twirled staircase are statues of STONE GOLEMS, clearly placed to guard the staircase.

Will you charge at the Golems? (entry 270)
Or jump for the staircase? (entry 377)
Or return to pull the red lever? (entry 110)


You push open the metal door frantically, attempting to clear away from the fumes when suddenly a cloud of smoke exits the opened door and rushes through your face. Wheezing and thoroughly pissed, you move on into the room and wave the fumes away.

Inside, several DWARVES are busily clanking away with hammers and wrenches. The whole room looks like a laboratory, with giant computer screens, gears, and robotic limbs everywhere.

Cables extend from the rows of keyboards in different languages while the sweating Dwarves tap away at them. You are a little stunned at first by this spectacle. What will you do now?

Attempt to talk to the Dwarves? (entry 237)
Look around at the machines? (entry 288)
Or leave the room and take the western path? (entry 315)


You take the mysterious Orb of Tsunami and command it to release water. Nothing happens for a while, leaving you to feel rather stupid. Suddenly, it begins to bubble and a jet stream of H2O blows you into the air and onto a ledge next to the door right before the tiles below start exuding fire. Now turn to entry 91.


Your skill is impressive as you knock the creature out in a matter of minutes. Gain +3 SP for this impressive display of talent. When you performed your swift smash, you ripped open an internal pouch on the Hunchback that was revealed to have a Healing Potion which restores +4 HP when taken. It takes up one Sachet slot.

You may now turn to entry 383.


The air is thick and horrible and you can hear the distant chuckling and conversation of the horde you were tailing. As you enter the door, you gaze at the stunning visage ahead of you. A massive maze with pathways that must be a failsafe measure against wandering prisoners like you.

You enter the first pathway which eventually leads to seven paths. Which will you try?

Pathway 1 (entry 374)
Pathway 2 (entry 414)
Pathway 3 (entry 409)
Pathway 4 (entry 253)
Pathway 5 (entry 118)
Pathway 6 (entry 248)
Pathway 7 (entry 401)


You use all your reserves of strength to push aside the top of the coffin. Puffs of ancient dust appear in the moonlight while streams of vermin crawl out. The lid eventually falls off; creating a deafening sound that makes you wince.

But what lays inside makes your teeth chatter and fingers tremble in horror. Turn to entry 363.


You ask him why he lives here. A sly smile grows on his lips.

“Simpleâ?¦ratherâ?¦” the Ice Devil begins, “I, the Ice Devil, am a solitary creature that needs only the continuous essence of evil to keep going. What better reason than to live here? A gate to the Pit.”

You stare, shocked at his answer. The Pit is where the creatures of Darkness were imprisoned years ago.

He flashes his devilish smile again and continues, “The Dæmoness, the ‘ruler’ of the asylum has agreed to allow me if I aid her in herâ?¦warâ?¦”

You correlate this information and may now choose to attack him at entry 105 or escape through the opposite door at entry 235.


The Nighthawk pistol takes up either the LH or RH slot and deals only +1 damage. However, it will never miss and so when equipped, neither will you. You may now turn to entry 199.


Inside the circular room, there are four floating candles at every corner. ‘Bewitchement, you tell yourself. Giving inanimate objects human qualities.’ The room is dark and you cannot see anything. The only thing you can smell is the scent of burning incense.

You are about to walk forward when a voice softly and menacingly commands, “Stop.” You immediately halt and look around to see where the voice is coming from. Suddenly, a torch is lit with Ghost Fire and the person holding the torch stands in the center of the room. A Dæmon.

He smiles as he notes that you know what he is. He whispers, “You are amazing. Look at the weapon you are holding. The uniform you stole.” He pauses for a moment then resumes, “You are no ordinary prisoner. Not to have made it this far, you’re not. The Pied Piper gave me this warning and I’m supposed to dispatch you.”

“Soâ?¦what are you?”

Will you tell him? (entry 356)
Will you ask him what is going on? (entry 134)
Or will you simply charge at him? (entry 216)


You may fight them in any order.

DRAKEL- Dragon-like humanoids that always hunt in pairs.

HP: 13
AP: d6+3
HR: 3

DRAKEL- They have a sixth sense and are able to see through illusions.

HP: 15
AP: d6+2
HR: 3

When you defeat these reptilians, turn to entry 260.


You select the first pathway which windingly leads to a dead end. Frustrated, you may now select another pathway.

Pathway 2 (entry 414)
Pathway 3 (entry 409)
Pathway 4 (entry 253)
Pathway 5 (entry 118)
Pathway 6 (entry 248)
Pathway 7 (entry 401)


You smash the door open and draw your weapon, ready for a fight. Lose 2 HP for the charge at the hard door. What you see inside shocks you to no end. What is going on? Turn to entry 394.


“Ehâ?¦what exactly does it do?” you wonder aloud.

“When I impale it into somebody, it automatically seals that person in a key and a number is then engraved onto the key. My special number.” He smiles smugly.

Do you want to ask him regarding his ‘special number?’ (entry 355)
Or would you rather explain that you should rejoin your party? (entry 197) or ask him to follow you? (entry 293)


You pull yourself back and then lunge yourself forth for the staircase. Your right arm grabs the banister but you are hit back by a fist of one Stone Golem. You crash on the floor and a sharp pain jets through your face. Lose 1 HP for the sudden assault. You may now either return to pull the red lever, (entry 110) or fight the Stone Golems. (entry 270)


The once small leech begins to grow into a massive tubular creature that takes up literally the whole room space. It bares its menacing teeth at you, salivating yellow liquid everywhere. You must now fight Yabaru, the Giant Leech:

YABARU, THE GIANT LEECH- A normal Wyrm that was enlarged via a Grow Spell.

HP: 27
AP: d6+6
HR: 1

If you have the ARMOR Special Skill, turn to entry 353. When you defeat the Leech, turn to entry 263.


You take the south-east path which leads to a small room. The door is made of smooth wood with a bronze handle. ‘Clearly the owner of this place made it look like a dungeon to appear more at homeâ?¦’ you comment.

You grab the bronze handle and push open the door. Inside, two HALF-ORCINIANS stare at you, a little caught off guard. With the spears in their hands and with each standing on the other side of a tunnel, you can tell they were clearly here to guard something.

Luckily, with the uniform that you stole, these idiots have no idea that you are a human and let you throughâ?¦untilâ?¦

“HEY!” one of them shouts.

You give your darkest glare at the Half-Orcinian and ask in a harsh voice, “What?”

“You, human.” He concludes.

What will you reply?

Me, a human, are you challenging a Dæmon? (entry 93)
Prove it, (entry 205)
Or simply attack them? (entry 277)
Shaddup and get to work! (entry 285)


The walk ends at a dead end with another huge brown door. You test it to find that it is clearly not locked and push it aside.

Within, there is a massive green triangle that glows strangely and spreads throughout the whole room.

Will you walk across the triangle? (entry 284)
Or perhaps around it? (entry 393)


The sand begins to shift and you fall facedown into the sand. The strange earthquake suddenly grows stronger. ‘This is at least an 8 on the Richter Scale,” you comment sarcastically. Your humor is cut short when a pair of bony legs protrude from the sand. Then a colossal abdomen. You can only let out a ‘meep’ sound as the giant bulbous head with four eyes emerges. Prepare for combat.

ARACHFIEND- The final evolution of the Arachnoids, Arachfiends are colossal spider humanoids that live in sand dunes.

HP: 10
AP: d6+6
HR: 2

When you defeat the Arachfiend, turn to entry 396.


You grab the potion and drink it. A strange feeling surrounds you. Suddenly, a sharp pain finds itself in your gut. It is a poison, but luckily, a weak one. Lose 2 HP.

If you have not done so, you may:

Test the wood? (entry 341)
Or look at the dice. (entry 304)

Alternatively, you may:

Enter the door? (entry 290)
Or pick up the club? (entry 415)


The hunchback cries out in pain as its blood splatters everywhere and its life is extinguished right before your eyes. You may now choose to do one of the following:

Enter the door? (entry 290)
Search his pouches? (entry 404)
Or pick up the club? (entry 415)


You bend down and pick up both sachets. Opening them, you find Lizardmen bones (trophies from their rivals, the Lizardmen), pipe horns,(lucky charms) a black pouch, and a fur cloak. You may take only one item:

Lizardmen bones? (entry 198)
Pipe horns? (entry 232)
Black pouch? (entry 388)
Fur cloak? (entry 336)


You instinctively grab the ink pen and scribble the codes listed on the golden tiles. Some form of strange control has implanted its claws over your brain but your mouth gapes in shock as the door slides open and leads once again to a brighter corridor to the asylum.

You take a step onwards to entry 305.


You draw your weapon and lunge at the PIED PIPER. Suddenly, he begins playing his pipe and hundreds of rats gather together in a pile. A strange purple aura begins to wave around them and then a transmutation circle hovers on top of them. ‘Alchemy,’ you tell yourself as a purple flash envelope them.

The purple energy fades away and soon an ALCHEMIST RAT appears in its place. Prepare to engage in combat.

ALCHEMIST RAT- A chimera manifestation of hundreds of rats through alchemy.

HP: 10
AP: d6+3
HR: 3

When you defeat the rat, turn to entry 240.


Your feet strike back in a balancing posture and you lunge forward at the man. His hand swiftly moves and before you can land a blow, the barrel of the weapon is at your stomach. The last sound you hear is a crack and the clinking of a bullet.


You select the Black Pouch. Congratulations, you have found a Spaceless Void which can hold any amount of items by transporting them into a pocket dimension. Now, you have no limit on how many items you can store in the Sachet.

Satisfied with your find, you get up to the door and silently open it to entry 126.


You grab the Golden Mace. No strange sensations or feeling fly over you. You equip this weapon to your LH slot and may now continue to entry 199.


The Undead crumble to the floor and the Dæmon is about to re-summon them when you whack his glowing purple hand. Now he is mad and he begins chanting a strange mantra. Suddenly, from within his robe, a sword with a hilt shaped like that of a skull emerges and the Dæmon grabs it with his red and scaly hand. Turn to entry 211.


You continue down the corridor after that battle and proceed to the left. The winding corridor sends shivers up your spine and from the evil presence, you can sense that something is lurking.

Finally, you arrive at a gigantic cage of iron. On its metal are thick engravings of strange symbols, clearly a dialect of the Common Tongue of Aegis. There are no coded prints whatsoever anywhere and you are about to turn away when the cage shatters open!

Turn to entry 132.


You must now fight against the rival of Hurst. Since it’s a two-on-one, you can deal two attacks each turn, one for you and the other for Von Hurst. Von Hurst has a HP of 15 and an AP of d6+3. If Von Hurst dies before the battle ends, you automatically lose the game.

ISALDOR- The rival of Von Hurst.

HP: 20
AP: d6+4
HR: 3

When you do defeat Isaldor, turn to entry 268.


You step cautiously around the triangle and to the end of the room. Nothing happens. Suddenly, a huge booming voice shouts, “YOU HAVE PASS THE TEST OF COMMON SENSE” and a door opens up in the other side of the room. You walk through it and turn to entry 158.


The first thing you see is the purple smoke. Then a massive wooden table with Dæmons surrounding it, each one exuding strange purple energy from their fingertips. The energy is blazing all over a few men and women in the center of the table. The people are clearly frightened with no idea what was happening to them.

Dark Crystals surround them, a source of evil energy. Suddenly, a rip appears in the ceiling of the building. And a black, armored and clawed hand grabs he humans. A harsh and cruel chuckle is heard along with the wailing of those who have been devoured by this mysterious monstrosity. What is it? The purple smoke fades away and so do the Dark Crystals. You suddenly realize that you are rather obvious as the Dæmon sitting at the head of the table stares at you. Turn to entry 318.


You open the casket. Inside, a soft velvet cushion surrounds a large and magnificent diamond, more beautiful than any you have ever witnessed.

Will you reach out to grab the crystal? (entry 173)
Or smash the crystal? (entry 128)
Or would you rather continue on your mission? (entry 141)


The giant spider tumbles on the ground, creating a massive shockwave of sand. You close your eyes as the sand fills your clothing. Spitting out some grains, you move forward to the giant (and dead, you note) Arachfiend and mentally make a note to remind the Director to give you a bonus on this one.

Gain +5 HP for your brave encounter and move on to entry 228.


The Spirit Avatar fades into nothingness and you trudge out through the wooden door on entry 206.


You are at a junction with one heading east and one heading west. Both eventually turn south. The eastern junction seems to release fumes from within while the one to the west is creepingly silent. Which will you take?

The east one? (entry 184)
Or the west one? (entry 315)


As you are about to leave, a sudden pale and orange tentacle spiral itself around you. Before the tentacles can increase their grip, you whip them aside and turn around to face the enemy.

From one of the ogre’s dead body, its chest has been ripped open by a protoplasmic and bubbly creature with a massive jaw filled with maws and several lashing tentacles. It is a PARASITE that must have taken refuge in the Ogre as its host body.

With its life support gone, it now seeks to destroy you before it runs out of energy. Turn to entry 326.


Zephirutus, the Lord of the Pit falls off the crumbling roof of the asylum. A group of Elves and Dwarves who have been evacuated are down below, cheering you on. The whole asylum’s magic seems to evaporate into the air as the ancient structure begins to come down.

Stone and dust envelope the island as shards of the asylum pelt down like a meteor shower.

You twist and turn, attempting to get out of the gigantic and falling structure but are unable to find a way out. The ocean looks so beautiful from the morning sun, you note, as you gaze upon the beautiful visage above you, right before you die.

Until a strong and muscular arm grabs yours and lugs you high into the air.

You are paralyzed in shock for several seconds as the man pulls you inside the speeding helicopter. Wails and cries from the evil creatures can be heard from the air while the rotting human prisoners smile and cry as they welcome their end and the beginning to paradise.

You stare at the tumbling structure. Smoke covers the island and dust hails everywhere. Tired, exhausted, and yet filled with an uncanny calmness, you close your eyes and drifts off to sleep as the helicopter flies back to the mainland.

One week later, you walk into your home, still wearing several bandages and one rather obvious one on your head. According to the news, the ancient Blackheart Asylum was ‘dismantled’ for an environmental project which would begin next year once all the debris was cleared away.

Standard return program was performed as all surviving Aegiseans were placed through a portal leading to Aegis. The only survivor was a criminal listed as ‘Jane Brown.’ Sighing, you open the door, and walk in to find an envelope on the table.

With a smile, you open it.

Inside was a check that listed seven million USD.


The final and seventh pathway branches off into two different paths. Which will you take? The left one on entry 166 or the right one on entry 417?


You find yourself in a deeper and darker corridor. This time, there are no torches. A gloomy atmosphere hangs over the shadowy section of the asylum. As you continue in an uncertain direction, you check your watch to realize that midnight was approaching.

A row of silent cages pile up to your left and you rip one open to reveal a skinny old man crouching in a corner, his beard and hair hideously entangled. His bones protrude from the skinny layer of flabby skin and a revolting smell fills the cell.

Will you attempt to communicate with the stationary man? (entry 410)
Or perhaps continue on your way? (entry 416)


When you stumble back unknowingly, the BEE WARRIOR charges at you and impales your heart with its stinging spear. You have failed your mission.


You walk over to the dead body of the Hunchback and rip off the pouches from its belt. There are three items in there. A dice, a potion bottle, and a wooden stick. Which would you like to examine first?

The dice? (entry 304)
Drink the potion? (entry 382)
Test the stick? (entry 341)

Alternatively, you may also choose to try something else that you have not done before:

Enter the door? (entry 290)
Or pick up the club? (entry 415)


The piece of paper states the following:


The rest of the word is smudged off. You soon hear footsteps approaching. Turn to entry 108.


When you have finished clambering out of the pit, you continue down yet another winding corridor. Streams of excited Ogres, Hobgoblins, Goblins, and Trolls huddle as if something big was happening.

From your hiding spot behind a seemingly Corinthian column, you observe as a group of Elven surgeons dressed in surgical clothing carry several human bodies to somewhere unknown.

So that’s what happened to the prisonersâ?¦

You decide to follow them, turn to entry 350.


Before you can react, the vampire lashes out at you, clearly sensing your betrayal. Your last vision is that of spurting blood.


SKULL CENTIPEDE-Hideous centipedes with skull faces.

HP: 8
AP: d6+2
HR: 1

SKULL CENTIPEDE-They are believed to be the ghosts of Giant Centipedes

HP: 8
AP: d6+2
HR: 1

SKULL CENTIPEDE-Considered by many to be a unique breed of undead.

HP: 8
AP: d6+2
HR: 1

When you defeat these multi-legged ghosts, turn to entry 227.


The third pathway brings an unearthly red mist of darkness. You may turn back now and choose another pathway:

Pathway 1 (entry 374)
Pathway 2 (entry 414)
Pathway 4 (entry 253)
Pathway 5 (entry 118)
Pathway 6 (entry 248)
Pathway 7 (entry 401)

Otherwise, you may continue to entry 420.


You attempt to communicate with him but all the man does is pull aside his beard weakly to reveal a small plate like object. His pleading eyes beg you to take it. You may do so (Takes up a Sachet Slot) and on it is inscribed:

Z 2

The remaining spark of the old man’s life vanishes and he dies, yet another victim in the asylum’s cold trap. You now continue on your way, gripping the golden tile. Turn to entry 416.


A single spiraling staircase that leads above is guarded by four colossal STONE GOLEMS ready to pound the hell out of you. There is another door at the northern wall. What will you do?

Will you charge at the Golems? (entry 270)
Or jump for the staircase? (entry 377)


Several conclusions already buzzed your mind�humans are being taken as experiments�though for what reason? You think about calling the support helicopters and you are certain that Dæmons run the place.

And yet, a nagging thought that something deeper lurks continues to gnaw through you and so you continue onwards towards the final and last room of the winding corridor.

The huge circular door is guarded by a disgusting HUNCHBACK who immediately charges at you with a swinging club!

Since he is wielding a club, he does an extra 1 damage each turn if you are not wielding any form of shield.

HUNCHBACK- A hideously deformed human.

HP: 25
AP: d6+4
HR: 1

Turn to 367 if you kill the Hunchback in 5 turns. When you beat this deformed monster, turn to entry 383.


“Don’tâ?¦” the man wheezes, “Open the coffinâ?¦”

And with that, his body fades into dust and all that is left is a ragged cloak and caked blood. You note his advice and sadly walk on to entry 380.


The second path brings your frustration up a notch as the winding path leads you down and deeper into the maze. As you walk, you hear a shuffling of the mossy stone and the clinking of something that seems like metal.

You wheel around to find yourself stalked by a NINE-TAILED MANTICORE that lunges on you.

You barely evade though you lose 1 HP. You must now face the Manticore in battle:

NINE-TAILED MANTICORE- A Manticore with nine scorpion tails lashing.

HP: 20
AP: d6+4
HR: 3

When you defeat the Nine-Tailed Manticore, you walk back and may select another pathway:

Pathway 1 (entry 374)
Pathway 3 (entry 409)
Pathway 4 (entry 253)
Pathway 5 (entry 118)
Pathway 6 (entry 248)
Pathway 7 (entry 401)


The club is a good solid weapon. You may choose to equip it in either the LH or RH slot and it deals an extra 1 damage. You may now choose to do something you have not done before:

Enter the door? (entry 290)
Search his pouches? (entry 404)
Or pick up the club? (entry 415)


Pass the row of cells, you find a man with a stake through his stomach and unto the wall. The man’s black cloak is ragged and his face, sweaty and in pure agony. Blood has already caked the wall beneath him and in a weak voice, he beckons you to approach.

Will you listen to what he has to say? (entry 413)
Or will you attack him? (entry 344)
Or do you perhaps think it is a trap and choose to continue? (entry 380)


You select the right path which leads to a massive altar resting in a dead end. Irritated, you are about to return before you encounter one of the most disgusting vermin from the face of Aegis, the CONQUEROR WYRM!

CONQUEROR WYRM- A hideously huge conglomeration of bubbles shaped like a worm.

HP: 35
AP: d6+8
HR: 2

When you defeat the great Wyrm, you return and take the left path to entry 166.


You grab the ring from your sachet and aim it towards the centipedes. Immediately they scatter, as if the ring had some form of anti-undead power. Now turn to entry 227.


The magic holding the undead together shatters with one final blow and soon the creature tumbles to the sinking pit, the Ghost Fire rising to the air. You may take his Cutlass, which grants you a +2 AP advantage though it takes up 2 Sachet Slots for its cumbersome size. It can be equipped in either the LH or RH slot.

Alternatively, you may choose not to take the Cutlass but rather his Skeleton Shield which will cancel out -1 damage in exchange for not being able to attack that turn. This takes up either the LH or RH slot too.

You also discover a silver tile with the letters inscribed:

A 3
Now turn to entry 406.


You venture deeper into the maze path, only to find yourself engulfed by the deathly breath of a spectral horror. You have failed the mission and now, a greater evil shall be unleashed upon the Earth.